A Letter of Explination

(Part 1 from 1)

Dear Terrance; 

Well now you asked me to write you a letter explaining how you scared me the first and second time we fucked. And you also wanted me to include into this letter any fantasy I may have had while it was happening. 

Well first we went downtown to my apartment on Palmer Rd and went into my room. At first we were talking about your job as a councilor for the Jerry’s Housing Projects kids. Then I questioned your role in that private organization you belonged to. Getting hornier and hornier by the moment I started messin’ with you sexually. Touching your arm and rubbing my fingers across your tattoos, I sent a message. I’m guessing you picked up on it and brought the subject up. We began to kiss. As our kiss grew more and more passionate, our touching tongues sent S.O.S’s of our desires to be laid. You raised my shirt and started kissin’ my titties. Your wet tongue left spit trails around my titties and nipples. Ooohhh and when you started suckin’ on ‘em… I got so hot so fast, my pussy flooded with coochie dew. Ready to fuck and excited to see what you was working’ with, I put my hands down your pants. Excepting the simple pleasures of my hand job you moved to the edge of the couch and leaned back. I stroked, rubbed, and pulled on your steadily rising dick until it was ready.

I guess you wanted to fuck me just as much as I did you, and you snatched my hand out of your pants and spun me around hard. You bent me over and push me face down on the bed. You squeezed my ass cheek tight, then dropped your pants to your ankles. You held me down with one hand and with the other pull my jeans down far enough under my ass to give you all out access. I needed you in me so I figured, why fight, and I allowed your dick entry. With each stroke your supreme majesty forced, rammed, and caressed the sugary walls of my sanctuary. Harder and harder you humped, wetter and wetter I got, and better and better it felt. Just the sound of yo’ shit swishing, splashing, and sliding around in my drippin’ pussy made me steamin’ hot. You sent chills through my body with every thrust. Your grip on my hips tighten as your speed increased. As hard as you were digging and slamming your third leg in my coochie, I was afraid you were going to either rip my insides out or slip into my ass hard. Not wanting you to go in my ass I started pushing you away. You held me down strong with one hand, with the other pushing and pulling my hip back and forth, ramming my ass hard when you pulled me. You were not going to let me up until you were done that’s fa show. The more I fought the harder you pressed. 

I guess you got pissed with me fightin’ an’ shit so you pulled your dick out my pussy and stabbed it in my ass. As wet as I was, it took no effort. I turned back to look at your face and it was dripping with sweat. It was balled up in a frown, anxious to relieve the stress of holding a load. The harder you rammed, the further you went inside my shit hole. The pain was so intense the tears jumped out my eyes before I started crying. You was fuckin’ me like you were after the Deep Up the Asshole in One golden medal in the Olympics or somethin’. Vengeance was yours up in my ass hole with all fury and there was no stopping it but victory. With every jab you placed up in my ass, you moaned and I screamed. It didn’t take long after you started fucking me up my dookie shoot for you to cum. Just before you came, you pulled your dick out of my ass and unloaded about 6or 7 squirts. With yo dick in hand, you spreaded your wad across my ass cheeks like jam. I didn’t know what to think, it almost felt good. You just ripped my asshole inside out and I almost enjoyed every agonizingly excruciating stroke. I was grateful it was over though, ‘cause it hurt like hell, and, yet fuckin’ pissed when you left that hot, wet shit spread across my ass. I found a towel, wipe it off, and threw it to you to wipe up yourself. You got dressed and stood by the door, staring at me as if I were your worst enemy you just killed. Fists all balled up with a half ass smile ’cross yo’ grill. Scared of what you would do to me next I just said “you shouldn’t hurt people like that” and you said “I can’t help it, it’s what I do” . It‘s who I am. So…” and you left it at that. And then we talked some more about a minute or two after that then you left, left me wet and sore. I wasn’t sure if you liked me at that point in time in our relationship, or you were just establishing domain and superiority. I tell you, you surely left a mark on me not only on my ass but etched in my head. 

To tell you the truth I liked it when you were forced me, but not the anal shit though. I wanted to Gut yo’ ass with a knife deep in your stomach when you did that shit. Ooohh such violence huh? I really enjoyed the times when I said no to sex, no didn’t stop you. You still cracked open my legs and fucked my pussy anyway. Although I didn’t cum ‘cause you just tryin’ to get yours, bein’ greedy and selfish and shit, the penetrating part was scrumptiously appetizing and oh so welcomed. It was so good I could have stood up and gave you a golden shower just for the fun of it, or just in spite of it. I would’ve too if I wasn‘t afraid you’d kick the shit out my ass for doin’ it. Why do you think I said no so often and fought you? J I loved the force you used and the power it took, it was truly delicious. I just wished I was able to get mine off too. That was the only thing I was mad about. Not the fact you took it ‘cause I really wanted you to have it. Rape me baby…. Only you though. Ha ha ha (laugh nigga).

Now can you understand why I said I could never forget you. You opened up some feelings that I thought would never open. I like getting’ fucked!!!! Wow who knew? Never had nor enjoyed it like I did with you. I’m crazy, for you baby!!! 

Know what else? I also enjoyed it when right before we started our sexcapades you’d sucked my pussy so that I can bust one in your face. I loved how your oh so soft tongue circled and massaged my clit and how oh so wet your face would be with coochie dew after I came on it. And man, when you sucked my pussy, you were exuberantly exhilarating to the second no to the fifth power. It was kind of funny though when I was getting ready to cum and started fucking yo’ face how your head would struggle to keep up with my motions. You want to know what else I enjoyed? When I would suck your dick, how you would rub my clit with your fingers. I couldn’t help it, when I came, I’d cum so good and hard I would squirt on your hand. Eeeeeeeuuuuu K I guess when it was that damn good you lose control of that kinda shit. I did tried to move away, but you held tight my leg, and continued fingering me until I exploded. I wanted to do you just as good as you did me. I wanted you to tell me how to I bow down before yo’ superior dick and blow its brains out. I wanted you to grab a fist full of my hair and move my head back and forth as you saw fit. Telling me to “suck it… yeah bitch suck my dick… swallow it whole,” with no regards to me gaggin’ on yo’ shit. Then I wanted you to grab my hair with both hands and hold my head still while you fucked my mouth. Then when you cum, you pull out and bust one on my face. Still holding my head back, spreading your wad, with your dick, like hot butter across my face. And oh after we were done how I wanted you to tell me, “Now go wash yo face and yo ass ‘cus I’m ready for sum mo’.” I also liked it when you came on my clit. It gave me that oh so marvelous warmth after I came I could not help but to enjoy. 

Now I bet you want to know about the second scariest time we fucked huh? Well here I go again. We were uptown at your house on the Sixth Street. We went to your room and started kissing. We sat upon your bed so I guess you took it as though I wanted to have sex. You were going to fuck me whether I wanted to or not. The more I said no the more adamantly you asked “can I get it?” You pushed me back on the bed and undid my pants. I didn’t fight you, just laid there limp so you could struggle to get them down. I wanted you fuckin’ my pussy so bad I could taste it. Shit, fuck the damn foreplay, let’s get it on. 

When you finally got them down and pulled me onto my stomach I knew then what’s the dilly yo ( I think I said that right). I laid flat on the bed on my stomach and you said “don‘t move.” Motionless, naked, and afraid I obeyed. Hoping like hell you were not going to do what I thought you were going to do. I wanted you to hit it from the back but you had other plans. You got out the vaseline and prepped me for my punishment. With a finger full of grease, you spreaded it between my ass cheeks. You lathered my ass well and put the remaining grease on your already hard knob. You kneeled down behind me and began your excavation. I fought you ‘cause I knew the pain of your dick bussin’ in my asshole was next to come. I kicked and bit and scratched you and I guess that pissed you off more. You rammed yo’ majesty so hard in my ass I thought you busted it. Yo’ dick exceeded the maximum occupancy of 0 in my ass, yet, that didn’t stop you from bussin’ through my ass walls. My kicking, scratching and head butting only aided in the furious fight you had goin’ on up in my ass. You yelled “BITCH stop scratching me” then “BITCH you bite me one more time…” and you slammed your fist down on the bed next to my face. I thought for sure you were going to hit me next time. You pushed my face into the pillows to muzzle my screams of distress and pain, and through clenched teeth you said “Shut the fuck up girl I‘m finna cum!” My continued opposition only fueled your aggression. I tried to clench my butt cheeks together tight to slow your deep diving dig, but you broke down that barrier with powerful force. The only thing I could do was close my eyes, pray for you to finish this torture up in my ass. I

t hurt so bad I was so sure I felt blood come out from up in my asshole. You said something along the lines of “there I’m done,” after you loaded up my ass with yo’ nut. When you got up you looked at your arms and saw all the bite and scratch marks on them. Mad at me, I guess, you picked up a bat. All I could think about at that time, as you gripped the bat and raised it to your shoulder to swing it, was what would my baby do without me. If he hit me with that bat I’m dead fa show. Those oh so powerful arms can surely knock my head clean off my body in one swing. So I picked up my baby off the bed, held him close, and shut my eyes tight. I could hear you breathing in and out deeply through yo’ nose. Scared and not knowing if I’m going to live, I opened my eyes. You were still standing there with the bat raised and both hands still gripping the handle. You stared down at me furiously, and I was too scared meet you eye to eye after that. The only thing I could look at was your dick and how it still was a bit hard. As you stood there in front of me in all your glory the only thing I thought about was how damn sexy you looked, and how all I just wanted to do was crawl on my knees over to you and suck blood out yo’ shit. I wanted you to grab my hair with both hands and hold my head still while you fuck my mouth and cum down my throat. I just felt like devouring you, like you did my shit hole just moments before. I loved that bad boy in you. I was sore but I wasn’t mad with you. Why do you think I kept coming back. Crazy huh? Then someone knocked at the front door and I guess that is what saved my live. Or maybe you were just trying to scare me. If you were, you did a good job that day…

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