Mom Gets Hers

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When Lee was eight he saw her fucking a man that wasn't his father. School let out early and when he came into the apartment, a stranger was sitting on a chair and his mother was sitting on the stranger. Her dress was hiked up but he really couldn't see anything. She was laughing and when she saw him she told him to wait in the kitchen for her. He heard her come but it wasn't until years later that he realized what those sounds were.

Some people shouldn't be parents. Donna was a prime example. She never missed an opportunity to criticize Lee or tell him how dumb and worthless he was. If he had a dime for every time he heard that he would never amount to anything - just like his father, he could have bought a boat. The only times she laughed was at their expense.

Some women shouldn't be wives: Donna again. Lee had so many 'uncles' he wasn't supposed to tell his father about you might think Donna came from a soccer team rather than a family. It was probably best that she left before he turned ten but he still thought about her and missed having a mother.

In the following ten years she became a stranger to him and he probably never would have seen her again had hid father not died. He needed her to sign some papers that had inadvertently been left in both their names. She agreed to meet him.

"Hello Donna." Lee recognized her right away. She was busty now where she had been slim and dirty blonde instead of brunette but there was no mistaking the black mascara eyes and full lips. She couldn't have picked him out of a crowd if her life depended on it.

"Lee?" She cocked her head and smiled. "God, you're a good looker." She looked him up and down and said, "You grew up good, kid." Fishing for compliments she asked, "What do think of your old mom?"

"You look fine Donna." He wasn't about to fawn all over her or call her 'mom' but she still had now what she had then. Now he was old enough to recognize it. She oozed sexuality. It had nothing to do with beauty. She looked nice enough but it's what the looks say that matters. Hers said, "Come fuck me, I love to fuck."

He laughed to himself thinking about her this way and realized he was attracted to her and repelled at the same time. He explained the paperwork to her and she saw an opportunity to squeeze something out of the situation for herself.

"I'll sign", she said with a smile "but isn't it my autograph worth a few grand babe?"

It probably wasn't if he fought her on it but he figured it was easier just to be done with it. "All right, two thousand and that's the end of it – period."

"Sure sweetie, your momma's a reasonable woman." She was almost baby talking. "Why don't you bring it around to my place tomorrow night? We can have a drink and catch up on old times."

"Fine" Lee took her address and figured he'd drop off the money and never see her again.

When he got there, Donna was wearing a tight dress that showed her tits off to their best advantage. She stuck them in his chest as she hugged him hello. She offered Lee a drink and had obviously had a few before he'd arrived. He declined.

"Come on, don't be such a wimp: you drink, I sign and everybody's happy." He wanted to avoid a confrontation, so he had a drink and then another. She finally signed the papers.

"Now give me a kiss to seal the bargain" she said as he got up to leave. She was kissing him before he could react. Her tongue was in his mouth and her hand on his cock. As he got hard, she pulled her mouth from his and said, "what the hell do you have in your pants?"

What Lee had in his pants was what his friends in high school had dubbed "The Rod" since the first time someone saw it in the showers. It was a massive cock. The widest, longest thing any of them had ever seen. No one else's came close. It was eleven inches long and thick as a wrist.

It wasn't without its drawbacks. Not every woman wanted something that huge shoved into her. Of course it turned on a good number and he'd gotten laid lots of times with women who went out with him because they'd heard about "The Rod" but it cost him Jenny Cray who he really liked. The first time she saw it she said "no way."

He told her they could do other things but she was a slim girl and told him, "I know what will happen if we get involved, at some point your gonna want to put that thing in me and I'm telling you now - no way, no how."

That's why Donna couldn't believe what her hand was telling her. She opened his pants and gaped at the bulge. Lee was going to stop her but part of him wanted her to see it. He took off his briefs and "The Rod" pointed at her as he stood with his hands on his hips.

"My God" she said, "… if that isn't the biggest damn dick…where did that come from? Your father sure didn't have anything like that." She was on of the ones it turned on.

"Let momma taste that thing" she said as she kneeled and attempted to get her mouth around it. Donna lips stretched as her sons huge cock throbbed at the sight of his mother on her knees before him. She got hotter as she sucked on it. She wanted him to fuck her with it and he knew it.

"Take off your dress, and get on the floor." It wasn't a request.

When she had her clothes off, he could see that she had taken care of her body. Nothing about it said over forty. Her tits and ass still rode high enough to stiffen any twenty year old cock – even her son's.

She got down on the rug and spread her legs. "Come give it to momma" she leered.

Lee thought "I'll give it to you momma; I'll give to you good." His lust and anger made his cock an iron pole. He put some saliva on the head but he didn't have to. She was creamed and ready.

As soon as he penetrated the opening he gave a hard shove into her cunt. "How's that you fucking slut?" She responded with a yelp that was a combination oh and ow!

"Easy baby" she said, "that's the biggest cock I ever had in me…oh…I feel all filled up."

"That's only half of it 'mom' he said sarcastically: "there's a lot more where that came from."

He gave her more than she bargained for and fucked her with his cock as a weapon; giving it to her higher and harder than he'd given it to anyone.

He was surprised how well she took it. There were as many sounds of pleasure coming from her as sounds of pain.

"Let's see how you like it in the ass, mom" he said.

He turned her over and figured he'd have trouble getting into to her ass without lubing it but his cock was so slick from his mother's juices he was able to enter. "Oh God" she yelled, as he drove the monster into her tight channel. "It's so big…I can't…ohh… you're too big…" He kept on fucking her.

"You wanted it you cock sucking whore didn't you? Now you got it so shut up and take it." She did.

Lee couldn't believe it; his massive cock was in almost to the hilt but soon she was moaning and saying "…yes…fuck me…fuck me in the ass… fuck your whore mother in the ass…" She came with a screaming multiple orgasm.

Lee was wild. He turned her again and fucked his mother's mouth. He wanted to punish her with his cock but she sucked it so good he started to come. The first jet filled her mouth and she took the rest on her face and tits spreading the cum with her hands. She was smiling.

"Oh baby" she said, you were great. We have to get together more often."

"Don't count on it" he said getting dressed. As he closed the door he thought, " I fucked her but more to the point, she fucked me – again!"

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