Van full of Hooligans

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"Is Rob around?" My young next door neighbour asked.
"No, he's working away for a few days. Why?" I told him.
"I'm waiting for some mates and we've got a spare ticket for the match at Burnley, I thought that he might want to come." 
"Why not ask me?" I smiled.
"Are you serious?" he said, with a look of amazement on his face.
"Why not?" I laughed. "I used to go home and away, before I was married."
"Really?" He still didn't believe me, "It's a transit van, full of lads."
"Mmmmm, all the better!" I teased.

"I'm serious, Andrea. I've got a ticket and a place in the van, if you want to come!" He was nearly pleading with me now.

Freddie's face was a picture. He was 18, and had lived next door to my husband and me since we were married 6 years ago. I knew that he had a crush on me. I'd regularly spot him peeking through his bedroom curtains, watching me sunbathe or cleaning the car. I'm sure that it was him who stole some knickers and a bra off the washing line earlier in the year. 
I had played up to it, of course! 
"What time do you leave?" I asked.
Beep! Beep! Beep! I heard a car horn.

"That's them now!" He gasped, glancing furtively at a white van.
"Won't your friends mind you bringing an old woman along?" I grinned. (I'm hardly old –26, but I guessed that his friends would be 18 or 19 too).
"Shit no!" Freddie gasped, "They'll be over the moon, honest!"
"What the Hell!" I thought, "I haven't been to a football match for nearly a year; it'll be laugh."
I grabbed my denim jacket, and told him, "What are we waiting for?"
"Excellent!" he hissed and clenched his fist in a celebratory manner.

At the van, Freddie leant into the driver's window, "Is it okay if I bring……. my friend…Andrea. She supports the Town, and." 
Before he could finish his sentence, the driver told him, "Shut the fuck up, and get in!"
Freddie opened the back door and ushered me in.

I froze for a moment. Sitting, squashed like sardines, in the back of the van were 14 or 18 yearsung men. 
"Oy-oy! Freddie's brought us some sport!" Someone shouted. A hand was held out and I was virtually dragged in with them. I was trying to make my way between their legs and feet when the van suddenly accelerated, making me stumble and fall onto two or three of them.
"You're keen!" A pasty faced youth laughed, as my face landed in his groin. He playfully grabbed my head and rubbed my face along his crotch, oohing and ahhing at the same time, making his friends laugh out loud.

I wriggled free, and slapped his thigh. "That wasn't funny!" I told him, as I sat closely between him and Freddie.
"Beer?" The boy opposite asked, waving a can in my direction.
"Thanks," I told him as I took it. 

As the van sped down the motorway, the lads talked about the upcoming game, and shared their beers with me. I took stock of my fellow passengers as Freddie introduced them.

There were actually 10 others in the back, 2 more in the front and the driver.
Occasionally someone would make fun of me when I tried to make myself comfortable, which was virtually impossible, even if Eyes did give me his smelly sofa cushion to sit on.

I was right; they all seemed to be about 18 or 19 and were dressed very casual. I'd seen a couple of them before when they had visited Freddie. 'Eyes' was tall, muscular and quiet. Cowans was dark haired and very pretty. Tiler was as tall as he was wide with blonde hair. He was the joker, keeping everyone in fits of laughter with his jokes and stories. Heehaw was smaller than the others, mixed race and had a brooding stare. The other names passed me by.
It soon became obvious that they weren't ordinary football fans but were hooligans on their way to cause trouble with a rival gang.

As I gulped down my third can of beer I wondered what Freddie had led me into.

Their mood was relaxed and because of Tiler's fooling around I didn't feel as frightened as I should have. 
After an hour or so we turned off the motorway and had to go across country for another 80 or so miles.

"Where's your husband?" Eyes asked.
"Working in London until Thursday." I innocently told him.
"Been away long?" he continued.
"Wednesday morning." 
He looked at Heehaw who raised his eyebrows and grinned.
"Won't he mind you coming with us?" Heehaw asked.
I swigged from the can and laughed, "What he doesn't know won't hurt him!"
They giggled and laughed.

"So you haven't had your leg over since Tuesday, then?" Eyes butted in.
I looked around the van, which had fell silent, then at Freddie who nodded that I should answer.
"Sunday, actually!" I blurted out then swigged some more beer.
"You should do something about that. It might heal over!" Tiler shouted. The others laughed out loud as I stuck my tongue out.
"I bet she's got a dildo, though!" Someone whispered. I blushed and smiled.
"A week without a fuck! I'd rather die!" Cowans laughed, "My balls would explode."
"Come here, " Tiler grabbed me by the arm, "I'll sort you out, with my bat!" His other hand was unbuttoning his jeans.
"Fucking Hell Tiler, don't show her that thing. She'll shit herself!" Eyes laughed.
I looked at Freddie, as Tiler let go and fell over holding his side he was laughing so much.
Freddie looked embarrassed; "He's hung like a horse. I'm sorry about all this." He stammered, his voice a barely audible whisper, "We can get the train home after the match."

I squeezed his arm and smiled reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'm having a great time, they're a laugh!"
"Another beer?" Tiler asked.
I held my hand out, "Please."
"What's it worth?" he laughed. The others joined in.

The earlier beer was taking its effect on me and I was feeling a bit cheeky, "What have you got in mind? £1? ! 1.50?" 
"More than that," he cackled, "you've already had 4 cans. What do you think lads? Should she show us her tits?"
The others howled. I looked at Freddie who was now grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
"No touching though!" I smiled, as the little Devil on my shoulder took over.
With a face of pure innocence he put his hands behind his back, "Would we? As if? What sort of boys do you think we are?"
The others all nodded agreement.
I moved onto my knees and began lifting the hem of my blue t-shirt, "just a quick flash, then you'll give me a beer?" I asked him.
The Devil was really doing his stuff on my shoulder.
I lifted my shirt and jiggled my 32b tits. The van cheered.
Tiler was shaking his head as I covered myself up.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I said show us your tits, and you kept your bra on. Sorry a deal's a deal." He put my can back into the bag.
"Okay smartarse!" I chided him, as I instantly whipped my shirt off and unclipped my small white bra, "Good enough for you?" I stared into his eyes as I made my tits bounce up and down.

"I suppose so." He grinned as he passed me the can.
I stayed on my knees flashing my bare breasts as I opened the ring pull. 
WHOOSH! Beer sprayed all over me. Splashing all over my face and tits.
"Oh yes!" Tiler howled as he dived on top of me licking the cold beer from my chest. I fell backwards onto Freddie's lap. My head collided with something solid – he had a hard-on!

Tiler was sucking on my stiff nipple as I tried to steady myself.
"Stop it! Stop it now!" I screamed as I hit him on top of his shaven head.
"Fuck off!" Eyes shouted as he tugged at my jeans.
"No, no, no," I squealed, "I need the toilet or you'll hurt me!" 
Tiler was now flicking his tongue over both nipples, which were tingling.
"Ed, Ed! Stop the van." Eyes shouted to the driver.
The van screeched to a halt in a lay-by.

My head and stomach were spinning as I staggered out of the back doors.
As I made my way to some bushes I heard a car toot it's horn, I looked up to see some lads waving at me. I suddenly realised that I was topless and showing my small tits to the world. The Little Devil made me shake them at my new audience. Once behind the bush I dropped my jeans and cotton knickers to my ankles as quickly as possible.

"Fuck me! Did you see that?" Cowans chuckled as a string of my love-juice clung to my pants; "She IS gagging for it!"
I turned my back to them and squatted. I was now a little bit drunk, and didn't care that my next- door neighbour and his friends were going to watch me urinate. In fact the thought was beginning to make me feel very randy. With an amazing sense of relief I closed my eyes as the piss gushed out of me splashing my blue felt pumps. I was shaking, as it seemed to be never ending, a puddle quickly forming around my feet.

When it finally ended I spotted the boys pissing into the bushes. I grinned when I realised that they all had hard or semi-hard cocks! I looked along the line checking out the shapes and sizes. Freddie was right about Tiler; he was hung like a horse!

I didn't bother to fasten my jeans, pulling them up as I ran back to the van keeping them up by clinging onto my belt.
As I climbed back into the van, several pairs of hands decided to help me by grabbing my tits and arse.
Once inside I was thrown down onto the cushions and my jeans and knickers were immediately hauled off me as Heehaw dangled his stiff cock across my face. I automatically opened my mouth and he poked his knob straight in. "Oh God! Yes!" I thought as I gobbled his sweaty knob, "This is going to be fantastic."
I swung my shoulders towards him and grabbed his balls, forcing more cock into my mouth.

Someone lifted my left leg into the air so the van - load of young men could see my gaping cunt. Whoever had hold of my ankle pressed his cock against my flapping labia then swiftly slid his length into my welcoming hole.
"Oooohhhh yeeessss!" I groaned through a mouthful of sweaty cock.

Whoever was fucking me wasn't going to last long. His thrusts were fast and furious. Heehaw was holding onto the side of the van, as I sucked and gobbled on his fat knob. My tongue was working overtime as the anonymous cock in my love hole was fucking the life out of me.
I sensed the others undressing next to us, as hands pored over my tits and legs.

"Yesss, yesss!" the one in my cunt grunted as he brutally jammed his cock into my belly. Then with my knee nearly touching my face he ejaculated deep inside my pussy. Seconds later Heehaws' balls began twitching and he quickly pulled out of my mouth, spraying his seed all over my tiny tits, catching the back of one lads' hand. I adjusted my position, so that I was lying on my back as both holes (mouth and cunt) were immediately filled with two more young cocks. I looked down to see Eyes' muscular body doing press-ups, making his cock fill my already spunk filled cunt. He knew what he was doing, rolling his hips making his cock touch all of my internal erogenous zones. I was gasping for air as Freddie fed his long slim cock past my lips and deep into my throat.

Their motions quickly had me at ease and I started breathing through my nose. Eyes held my hips as he forced his cock as far into my hairy cunt as possible. His face was contorted as he attempted to stop himself cumming. It was no use, he grunted like a pig as he squirted more 'man juice' into my hole. 
"Suck me, suck me!" Freddie hissed. I grabbed his hairy balls and shaft. Rubbing them like crazy as I sucked his knob. "That's better!" He grinned as he neared his own orgasm, "I'm cumming, let go!" he shouted.

"No way!" I thought, as I increased the speed of my rubbing. "Aaaaaggghh" he gurgled as his hot jism filled my mouth. He sagged back onto his ankles spraying the last of his seed onto my face. 
Trembling I turned onto my side, spunk dribbling from my well-fucked cunt.
"My turn now," I heard Tiler say as he pushed me onto my knees. 

"Fucking Hell, Freddie," I heard someone say, "She loves being spit-roasted, doesn't she?"
Freddie was open mouthed in astonishment as he watched Tiler ease my legs apart and nudge my pussy lips apart with his massive cock.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes!" I sighed as inch after inch after inch of fat cock filled my love tube, "don't hurt me, oh, oh, oh!" I continued. He was stretching my cunt in every direction. I had to close my eyes and bite my lip as he began humping my like the donkey his cock reminded me of.
Someone had slid between us and was rubbing his cock against my tits. 

"Is this good? Is it what you wanted?" Tiler asked as he continued fucking my stretched pussy.
"Yessss, yes, Yessss." I moaned as he kept banging his huge cock into my tiny hole, "Yesssss!"
I thought that I might faint when he neared his orgasm, his fucking was becoming frantic.
"Mmmmmmmm!" he sighed as his body tensed and more scalding spunk filled my love tube.
A couple of short strokes later, when he had made sure that every drop was inside me, he slowly withdrew.
"Jesus H Christ!" It felt fucking wonderful as inch by inch his massive cock left my body.
When the knob popped out, spunk immediately poured out and ran down my legs.
I fell forward totally exhausted.

As another young thug began fucking me and sucking on my swollen tits I heard the others discussing whether or not to continue to the match. There was some disagreement, but they finally decided football had to come first.
I lost track of how many times I got fucked in the next hour; one after another rampant cocks filled my cunt and mouth or wanked onto my face or tits.
The Devil on my Shoulder was having a great laugh at my expense as these young lads sent me into sexual Heaven.

When we finally arrived in Burnley for the game the van stunk of beer, sweat and raw sex.
I decided to miss the match and have a short sleep to recover from my exertions.
Two hours later the lads returned in a jubilant mood as our team had won 3-1! Two or three of the lads had cuts and bruises from fights that they had with rival fans. 

On the way home we stopped at a country pub and had a few more drinks.
Before we set off for home I got spit-roasted by Freddie and Eyes then finally Cowans made me suck him while Tiler fucked me with his monster cock one last time. 

As I hobbled from the van with Freddie helping me up my garden path, Cowans made it very clear that he wanted a repeat performance as soon as possible, especially after I told him that my husband was going to work in Qatar at the end of the month!

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