Maria and Guadalupe Stay Virgins-Chapter 4-Final

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Maria and Guadalupe Stay Virgins
Chapter 4--Final

Despite the nice playful shower we all enjoyed after yesterday’s threesome, I could sense that Lupe was not entirely happy with Maria. Maria had held her down and licked her pussy while I had rammed my cock deep into her rectum. And Maria had done it gleefully, despite Lupe’s embarrassment and anger. Even though Lupe eventually erupted into a huge orgasm, she did not like the feeling of being trapped and humiliated, especially by her cousin. So I knew that, eventually, Lupe would ask me to help her give Maria some payback. When I returned for my siesta and lunch, Maria was folding clothes in the laundry room and Lupe was fixing the lunches. Both were singing softly and the house felt happy. 

As I was putting my things down on the table in the den, Lupe came in smiling and said she wanted to talk. I told her to have a seat. She sat down gingerly. I asked her how she felt after yesterday and she said she was still a little sore. I asked her if she had any bleeding and she said no. I then told her to come over to my chair and let me have a look. She went over and closed the door first and then came over to my chair. I turned her around so her back was toward me and I put the ottoman in front of her. Then, I told her to put her knees and hands on the corners of the ottoman. She did this with no complaints at all. I first began to massage her thighs and slowly lifted her skirt up over her back and rested it on top of her back. 

While doing this, I asked her what she had on her mind that she wanted to talk to me about. She said that even though she enjoyed working here and was OK with our ‘sex’ games, she wasn’t happy that she had been held down. In fact, she was very embarrassed that Maria had done this to her. She said that ever since she was a little girl, she had been afraid of being held down. Her older male cousins had held her down repeatedly and tickled her when she was 4 years old and she still gets really scared when she can’t move. She wanted me to promise that I’d never hold her down again. I told her I would. I was gently massaging her ass through her panties and then I stuck my finger under the waistband and began to spread the material out and down over her cheeks, stopping when the panties were just below the swell of her bottom. 

She took a deep breath. I then asked her to rest her head down on the ottoman and to reach around with her hands and spread her ass cheeks open so I could look at her little asshole. While she was spreading her cheeks open, I asked her if I could do something that would make her feel better about yesterday and she said she wanted to watch me fuck Maria in her ass so that Maria might get a dose of her own medicine and feel how scary it was. Then, I instructed her to spread her cheeks open wider and I began to lick around her little assbud, very gently, caressing the redness with my tongue. Expanding my tongue-circles, I was licking her whole ass crack. I heard a soft moan and her knees wobbled once and I noticed her weight shifted to her head resting on the ottoman. I sat down and continued to medicate her red little sore assbud with my tongue. In between licks, I asked her how we might get Maria to let this happen. She told me that Maria always wanted to be a model and maybe I could offer to take some photos and gradually work her into a position where she might be vulnerable. She thought that Maria would be most vulnerable if we both pretended it was nothing more that taking some photos. 

So, I agreed that we could try it after they finished their afternoon work. I asked her if her asshole felt better and she said it did but still hurt a little. And so, I reached over and grabbed a small bottle of aloe cream and spread it over her crack. Then, I probed the skin around the hole and gently pushed my index finger inside, pushing some of the aloe cream inside. Slowly moving back and forth only as far as the first knuckle, I kissed her ass cheeks and leaned down so I could taste the juices that had started to appear on her pussy hairs. Her moans got louder and her hips adjusted to my finger movements. I decided that it was time to quit. I wanted her hungry and frustrated for later when we would seduce Maria’s little assbud.

At 4:30, my two little sex toys, finished work and took a shower. Lupe had primed Maria with courage to ask me if I thought she was pretty enough to be a model and would I help her get someone to do some photos so she could send them to a model agency she had seen in the newspaper. I began my spiel.

I asked her to come over and stand in front of me. I stood up. When she was face to face with me, I held both sides of her face and stared intently describing her bone structure, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, lashes, etc. In summary, I told her that any agency would be lucky to have her work for them. I also added that posing for photos was not easy and that maybe we could practice so that when she went to a real photographer, she wouldn’t be nervous. I told her that some photographers would want her to pose for sexy photos. She smiled and said that was OK. She said she knew very well how to play at being sexy. So, I took my camera out of my desk drawer and asked Lupe to bring the lamp over closer in front of Maria to get more light on our excited subject. I told Maria to pretend she was trying to seduce the camera. 

She turned different ways, tousled her hair, used her eyes coyly and smiled through about 20 shots. I told her that I liked what she was doing, but the real photographers would want her to show them a little more of her body. She opened the top two buttons and began to go through some more flirty poses. I told her that she needed to be a lot braver than that. I told Lupe to show her how. Lupe moved in front of the light and moved like a snake, undulating slowly while her buttons came undone and slowly exposed her bra. Slithering down to the floor, she rested her head flat and looked into the lens. With her eyes intently on the lens, she reached around and pulled her skirt up over her naked ass. I yelled, STOP. GREAT. Then I went over to the closet and got out all my bondage paraphernalia. I turned to Maria and told her to let Lupe help her put on the leather panties and bra. Actually, the panties were really nothing more than a garter belt with a pull-away diaper that served as the panty material. I explained that this would be just the thing to get the attention of any model agency.

So, I dimmed the lighting and put some soft music on to help Maria get into the mood. I got a bottle of wine out of the small fridge in the den and gave Maria and Lupe a large glass. Maria was now dressed in leather. I then gave Lupe leather bands for Maria’s wrists, knees, ankles and neck. I explained that these would all make the photos more ‘real’. I then told Maria that I was going to put an eye-mask on her and wanted her to just let go, not to worry about us in the room, to just let herself ‘feel’ sexy. With the eye-mask in place, I spoke very softly, asking her to keep moving her hips and to rub her hands over her breasts to get herself feeling ‘sexy’. She was gradually warming up. Then, I pulled the rug on the floor away, revealing strategically placed hooks built into the floor. Maria could not see the hooks.

I then asked Maria to kneel down on the floor while Lupe would attach a chain link from her hands and feet into the hooks on the floor. I took several shots of Maria in this pose. Lupe was clearly smiling and excited now that Maria was becoming more and more immovable. Then, I told Lupe to help Maria spread her knees wider and to put a chain from her leather kneepads to another set of hooks in the floor. I then went around to the back of Maria and pulled the panty-diaper snaps quickly which revealed Maria’s naked ass; spread open very wide for Lupe’s and my eyes. Maria was now angry and embarrassed. I told her to relax and I snapped several pictures of her little assbud. 

With no movement in her knees and ankles, she was really unable to clench her ass cheeks closed. Then I went around and took off her eye-mask and snapped several shots of an angry and clearly struggling face. I leaned over and unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor. Maria’s full pert tits were now hanging down and vulnerable. I shot several more photos. Then, I lifted one leg over her back and reached around and felt the heft of her fleshy globes, pinching her nipples while Maria yelled NOOOOOOOO and screamed for us to stop. I then reached around while pressing her head down and hooked her leather neck-collar into the floor hook so that she now had no movement with her head either.

Instructing Lupe to stand over Maria with her back toward the front end of Maria, I told her to gently rub some oil into Maria’s crack and to soften up her little assbud with small short strokes inside her rectum only down to her first and then second joint of her finger. Lupe worked very slowly while Maria bellowed in extremely loud and angry moans. I continued to shoot several photos. I could tell that Lupe’s finger was sliding in and out with ease now. I told Lupe to remove all of her clothes. She stepped off of Maria and shed every stitch of clothing. 

I then gave her a ‘beginner’s’ butt plug. Lupe’s eyes glistened and I told her to move around and kneel in between Maria’s legs and, very gently, insert the butt plug in slowly until it was locked in place. Lupe loved this more than anything. Maria continued to wail and low moans from way down in her gut, came out of her mouth. Her hips rocked only slightly trying to get away from the butt plug being inserted into her rectum. I went to the side of Maria so that she could see me and I dropped my pants and began stroking my cock with oil. Maria watched as it got bigger and bigger. Her wails got louder and louder and she was yelling, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I WON’T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT. IT’LL REALLY REALLY HURT, PLEASE MR. DANTLEY, PLEASE…….

Lupe had the plug in place and I moved around and knelt in between Maria’s legs. Her screams grew louder and louder. I told Lupe to stand on the side, kneel down and rest her head sideways on top of Maria’s ass cheeks, so that her mouth was just above Maria’s asshole. I then, pushed my cock into Lupe’s mouth and my balls pushed the butt plug inside Maria’s asshole at the same time as I felt the back of Lupe’s throat. I kept this up for several minutes staying in the back of Lupe’s throat longer with each stroke. I told her to breathe through her nose and to let her throat convulse against my cockhead. When Maria’s wails quieted a little, I gently pulled the butt plug out and set the head of my cock against her assbud. Lupe was ecstatic now. I let Lupe watch as I made my first probes; opening Maria’s asshole just enough until the head of my cock was inside. 

Maria’s moans and yells to stop were very loud and her hips were moving as fast as they could to get away. But, she was only able to move inches with her knees spread out very far. She was truly defenseless. Then, I told Lupe to go around and spread my cheeks open and lick my asshole while I was fucking Maria’s ass. I told her to lick my whole ass crack with passion and I wanted her to push her face completely into my crack. I said that this would help me to fuck Maria good and hard. When I felt Lupe’s tongue licking up and down my crack, my passion began to take over and I became more forceful and rapid with moving my cock in and out of Maria’s asshole. Maria was screaming and bellowing deep low moans. I stopped when my cock was about three-fourths of the way in and allowed Maria to take a deep breath in between her screams. 

When I heard the full exhale, I pushed the full length of my cock inside as Lupe was pushing me forward with her face fully pushed into my asscrack; her tongue about 1 inch inside my rectum. I stayed inside Maria; leaned over her back and held her tits and squeezed her nipples; all the time while Lupe was rapidly flicking her tongue in and out of my asshole and licking my crack. Finally after a full minute, my cock exploded its semen deep into Maria and my quakes and spasms took a full minute to settle down. I lay on top of Maria’s back and Lupe was still softly licking away on my asshole. I reached back and indicated to Lupe to stop and I rolled off, pulling out of Maria with a ‘pop’. Lupe then began to slowly massage Maria’s asshole with her tongue, telling her that she wanted to make it feel better. 

Epilogue: My sessions with Maria and Lupe went on for another 6 months. Maria had found a boyfriend during that time and, with my coaching, she had kept his advances at bay until he finally asked her to get married. On her wedding night, Maria had played the innocent naďve newly wed virgin. But, when her new young macho husband (from Oaxaca) had fallen asleep, she had tied him to the corner posts of the bed on his stomach. When he awoke, he was ranting angry and wondered what in the hell Maria was doing. She went to the door and let Lupe in. Now, he was really embarrassed. His manhood started to get hard and his new wife and her cousin were in control of him. He knew they could see his cock getting hard. He was very embarrassed. Lupe loosened the ropes just enough and prodded him up on his hands and knees. 

She laid down underneath him and began to suck his cock. Maria put on a strap-on 8” cock around her waist, went to the side of the bed so he could see her (he was now both full of rage toward Maria and his cock was fully engorged inside Lupe’s mouth). Then Maria moved around and knelt in between his legs. He was still not sure if Maria was going to fuck Lupe or what the hell she was doing with that huge strap-on cock. Maria then began to oil up his crack and pushed her finger into his rectum. He was now struggling violently to get away from Maria’s finger. Finally, Maria was able to push her plastic cock inside, inch by inch. He came in seconds and Lupe sucked every drop of sperm out of him. Neither Maria nor Lupe let up. Staying inside him, Maria started again and slowly his cock once again was hard. Lupe sucked him dry once more. This happened 4 times before he was finally spent.

I heard a year later that Maria was in full control of her husband who was no longer a macho dominating husband. If he became angry or tried to control her, all she had to do was mention to him that she might have to cancel their regular Saturday dinner with Lupe. He came around very quickly to see things Maria’s way.

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