I get caught by a Hotel Guest and have to Pay the Price

(Part 1 from 1)

> > The year is 2169. The two of you are on a trip, the woman's attire will be a dark pair of sheer pantyhose, nothing on underneath, a skirt that shows some nice leg and a pair of dark sandal pumps. Her clothing on the upper region will be a blouse that shows just enough to attract attention but not so much that anything beyond acceptability is visible. Her perfume light and her sensuality totally addictive. In short, she is dressed to capture the attention of anyone and everyone.
> >
> > It was the end of my shift at the hotel. You where having problem with your shower head and being part of hotel maintenance I was initially dispatched to your room to check on your problem. As I entered your room nothing was out of place. I make my way to the bathroom and on the floor rolled up in a nice ball are a pair of your worn panties and dark sheer pantyhose that you obviously where wearing the day before. As I gaze down at them, thoughts run through my mind, as I have an addiction for woman in sheer lingerie and often find myself drawn to woman's undergarments, especially those that have just been worn by a woman. I bend down and pick up the ball raising it to my face. I begin to fall under the trance of your scent as I inhale deeply as the ball gets closer and closer to my face. With each inch that closes the gap, the scent becomes more captivating. I place it firmly against my nose and breath deeply. Your scent is now part of my being, engraved deeply in my memory for all time. Your scent now is the only thing on my mind. I unroll the pantyhose and am greeted with your dark sheer panties. I unfold them and see that they where worn the day before and clinging to the crotch of your dark, sheer, captivating panties is your scent. So distinctively yours and totally entrancing. I turn them inside out and bring them to my nose as I inhale even deeper than before. My other hand is now massaging my cock as it begins to spring to life beneath my work clothes. I unzip the front giving me easier access and with that, I bring your pantyhose to my cock and start rubbing back and forth. The sheer fabric adds to the sensuality of the moment and my cock springs to attention. As I begin to get into the moment, I look up and in the mirror, I see the two of you standing behind me watching my actions. I now find myself holding your panties to my nose and your pantyhose to my now quite stimulated cock. I pull them away and begin to hand them back to you, when I am told, "We don't want them now"
> >
> > Oh, my god, I have been caught, how did I ever forget to lock the door and put the safety bar on. I'm going to be humiliated, I'm going to lose my job, I'm going to be the laughing stock of the town if word gets out. As I turn around attempting to pull up my pants, I hear you say, don't bother. I attempt to say something and nothing comes out of my mouth but a mere babble as the two of you look at one another in a way that I am unable to read. You don't seam upset, you don't appear angry, instead you appear interested and wanting more. Initially unknown to me, the two of you are Dominant and submissive and this is something that you both see as an opportunity to Dominate someone else, something that you have talked about before. You ask me what my work schedule is for the day, I reply that you where my last stop before leaving. for the day. You ask me if anyone will follow up on my initial call, I say no, not unless you call the desk and complain again. The two of you smile at one another and in unison tell me to strip.
> >
> > I can't believe what I have just heard. As I stand before the two of you, I hear the following. "We won't say it again, STRIP". With that demand, I drop the panties and pantyhose to the floor and begin removing my clothes as I do this the master gets behind his submissive and begins to fondle her beautiful breasts first, She leans back against him and his hands work there way down her body until he is met by her skirt. He follows that down and than raises it to allow his hand access to the waistband of his wife's pantyhose. He pulls the waistband away and slips his hand beneath it as he continues his journey to her beautiful and now dripping pussy. He inserts a finger and as she gasps in appreciation for his actions, I hear her say, we always wanted a submissive slut like you. I can't believe what I have just heard and as I am about to speak, she repeats it again. "We always wanted a submissive slut like you" I look at her and say, I'm not a submissive slut. She smiles back at me and says, you are if you want to keep your job, or do I call Hotel management. I'm stuck, I'm there's for however long they want.
> >
> > Master makes his way over to a chair and his lady sits on his lap as she continues to become more and more aroused at what is possibly beginning to unfold. Now standing before the two of you stripped, I am told how things are going to be. I am told that since I obviously enjoy your lingerie, I will be able to enjoy it but not as I had initially thought. I am told that I am to be submissive to the two of you, I am told that things will ultimately change me from your bad little male maintenance guy to your slutty little female slave. I have already given into the thought of possibly being able to save this and now am just going with the initial requests. Once you see that I have become submissive to your desires, the lovely lady gets up and goes to the refrigerator where she removes from it what appears to be OJ. She brings it to me and tells me to drink it. I bring it to my lips and do as requested and find myself drinking it down with huger. The two of you smile for you know that from now on, the change is inevitable.
> >
> > You have me sit on the bed nude and I do as requested. The lady gets up and sits next to me, crossing her beautiful stockinged legs and making herself visible to me. I look down and you see me observing your legs as you run your hand back and forth over it. Knowing that I am now captivated you proceed to inform me that the OJ was actually a drug, it is a drug that will initially boost my interest in what ever you two may want me to partake in and ultimately, when I climax inside of a woman, I will be changed into a slutty little submissive girl for ever. I can't believe what I have just heard but I am not moving, instead, you reach forward and grasp my hand as you place it on your stockinged thigh. I feel the sheerness of your pantyhose, the heat coming from you, you look at me and say, you want this don't you.
> >
> > I attempt to refuse but the drug has already begun to take effect, I can't and with that, you bend down and we kiss passionately. You are handed a pair of pantyhose and a bra. You move around the back of me and help me put on the bra and once on and adjusted, you move away and look at it. You shape the breasts like yours and have me caress first yours than mine and you ask me how I like and if they appear the same. I answer that they are close and you smile. Next you raise your skirt and show me your dripping pussy. I look on in amazement and you tell me to feel you. I do as requested and my hand becomes saturated, you tell me to taste you. Taste the nectar that is so uniquely yours. I do as requested and find myself more addicted and even more captivated by your scent and taste, wanting even more. You smile because now the drug is in full swing. You get up and help me to put on the pantyhose and once they are on, you have me stand up. I do and you stand beside me, telling Master how slutty I look. I smile because I am yours.
> >
> > You now lay down on the bed and have me service you while dressed in matching lingerie, first I am made to kiss your stockinged feet, next massage your leg, up your body over your beautiful pussy lips and of course your beautiful rosebud. You see me stopping at these two places and ask me if I like. I say yes and with that, you raise yourself up lower the pantyhose and lay on your stomach. You reach back and pull apart your beautiful cheeks , showing me your rosebud. You look over at me and say, to kiss it. I slowly begin to bend down and am soon tracing the outer rim, followed by the inner rim and without any hesitation, soon have my tongue berried deep inside of your rosebud. Once my tongue penetrates your hole, you let go of your cheeks, blocking all light as your beautiful but cheeks pull me in even deeper as I dive my tongue deep inside of your rosebud. The captivation of me and the pleasure received by you is evident that we are on the right path.
> >
> > You turn over and ask me if I am a slut and I respond yes I am. You ask me if I am your slut, again I respond, yes I am. The drug has taken full control of me now. You ask me if I want to be a slut to you. Without hesitation, I respond yes and only you. You both smile because it is at this point that the fun begins.
> >
> > You position me on the bed, laying down face up, all dressed like a little slut.. You climb on the bed, your sheer pantyhose encasing your beautiful legs you bring one foot to one side of my head and than the other one to the other side. As I gaze up your stocking covered legs, into your dripping pussy, I see you lowering yourself onto me. Closer and closer your lips come as you lower yourself and finally I am licking at the puffiness of your beautiful lips. I have not moved and simply gaze into your beauty. You like what you see don't you slut? I respond yes and with that you tell me that you are going to have me lick your dripping pussy until you cum. I can't believe my ears and you grant me one more look before your beautiful pussy blocks out all light, air and sound. I'm too drawn to your scent to want anything else but to have your pussy lips available to me so I dive in with my extended tongue as you settle your beautiful lips over my face. As I probe deep inside of you with my tongue, you moan in pleasure as you move back and forth, in short humping my face. When you have become stimulated enough and are at a new peak, Master comes over and slides his cock into your dripping pussy, as I lick beneath. He pumps in and out while I lick at the point of union making your stimulation even more intense. You rub back and forth on my now quite enlarged cock and suck on it lightly as you tell me that ultimately, I will become your female slut lover I dive my tongue deep inside you, along side of Masters piston driving cock. The waves of pleasure race through you as you enjoy yourself. As Master gets ready to cum, I am informed that I can stay and enjoy your mixed cum or I can move. I am too drawn to your scent to do anything else but keep licking. As Master fills you with his cum, I'm there to make sure that you are cleaned out.

Once spent you roll over and call me up to you, we move close and you tell me that I have been a total slut. I can't believe what I am hearing and you follow up with the statement that this is fine providing that we all enjoy the transformation. You begin to tell me about the toys that bad little boys that want to become slutty little girls have to play with. We discuss panties, pantyhose, bra's, lingerie, perfume and a couple of others, all of which I have partaken in and enjoyed. Than you tell me about the anal probe. You tell me that bad little boys that are going to become slutty little girls have to partake in anal entry with the use of a device while eating out a woman's dripping pussy, rimming her or if the slutty little boy wants the woman to use a strap on, has to suck on the Master. I can't believe it, am I hearing what I think I am hearing. With that last statement you lay down and say, honey there is some more that you also have to do.

I look on as you lay down and spread your legs wide open. your stockinged legs, shimmering in the light. You tell me it is time. Time for what I say. You inform me that it is time for me to make my decision. You inform me that I have been a slutty little girl today and than you follow it up by saying that now the decision is ultimately mine. What decisioni I ask. You inform me that the drug that I took, will ultimately change me from a man into a woman if I climax inside of a woman. You inform me that you will attempt to do everything in your power to encourage me on once I begin and than you stop. You look at me and say that I have been such a good partner that while you shouldn't be telling me this, if I leave now, I can be saved and remain a man, however if I continue, and climax inside of you, the drug will ultimately change me into a female slut, a slut slave who has hunger for only the two of you. I can't believe what I am hearing and it is at that moment that the Master walks up to me and from behind whispers to me. She's so hot isn't she. Just look at those beautiful legs, look at that sweet pussy you enjoyed, look at those beautiful breasts that you are going to suck on as you slide into her. That beautiful body that you will be able to have when ever you want. You are willing to give that all away, you are willing to walk away from that because if you don't continue, there will be no further involvement and the drug will ultimately become inactive. The drug only lasts 24 hours and it is within that time that you have to complete the task. You said that you wanted to be our little slut, you seamed to enjoy pleasuring the both of us, you appeared to enjoy having her sit on your face while you licked her pussy and rimmed her beautiful rosebud. You're not going to give that up are you?

I waited a second and than looking into your eyes and ask you the following question. Do you want me to become your little slutty Marie? You answer yes and it is with that answer that I move forward and slide my cock into your pussy. The heat, the sensation, the stimulation all in anticipation for the final decision I will make as a man before I turn into a slutty little girl, your slutty little slave girl Marie.

As I enter you, you encourage me on, you begin to tell me how much I'm going to enjoy being your little slut, how much I'm going to enjoy being a total slutty little girl. As I approach, you look at me and say, it's still time, you can change your mind. If you kiss me, I will not let go and you will have to become my little slut slave girl for ever. With that statement, I bend down and kiss you passionately as you hold on to me wrapping your stockinged legs around me drawing me even further inside of your warm depths of your sexuality. I erupt deep inside of you and you look at me and say, you Marie are now our total slut.

As I get up, you tell me, now as a slut, I have to do more for you. I look at you and listen as you tell me that I now have to work my hand inside of the pussy that I just exploded in. You inform me that one of the things that you truly enjoy is being fisted and with that, you tell me that bad little girls always have to fist fuck the dominant submissive woman, especially if they are more mature than the individual. I slide my hand back at your pussy and it is very slimy from the massive orgasms that I have provided to you. As I push the lips aside, I get the front of my fingers deep inside. I move from side to side as I get over the thumb and knuckle and than once in, it's just a little further on the push and now my whole hand is inside of your warm depths. You are enjoying yourself immensely as wave after wave of climactic bliss race over and through your body. You climax with an intensity like never before. As you cum down from your orgasm, I remove my hand and you grasp onto my wrist and pull it up to your face. I watch as you begin to lick the tips of your fingers. The juices are wonderful and you simply have to enjoy them. As I look on, I lick the other side and you say to me, you are truly a little slutty girl, aren't you. I reply yes and we both continue licking before passionately kissing.

At this time, I have to get up as I have to go pay my respects to the rest room and as you see me getting up, you say wait. I freeze in place and you race toward the bathroom, your sheer stockings covered in cum that has dripped down from your quite pleased pussy lips. You get into the bath tub and tell me to pee on you. I can't believe what I have heard and you say, bad little girls always piss on the older woman, that is just the way it is. Now that I was a slutty little girl, I knew that it had to be done.

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