Louisiana Lessons : Part 1

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100% fiction!

It had been a long bus ride but I was now in Louisiana. The Greyhound bus was slowing at it approached my destination bus station. Looking out of the window I could see Cousin Lee Anne waiting for. My word she had grown since I had last seen her. She was a girl then and now a well endowed young teen girl with tits that were just bursting to escape the confines of her low cut blouse. She had long black hair that hung loose to her almighty breasts. As I stepped down from the bus she ran to hug me and kiss me, much more passionate than I had expected from a girl cousin.

“Hello cousin Charlie” she said with her southern drawl “It’s been a long time since we have seen each other. My word you have grown into a handsome young man. Just look at your upper torso, to die for.” she rambled on. I grabbed my bag and Lee Anne grabbed my hand.
“Come, my boyfriend, Gary is waiting in the car”
“Gary this is my cousin Charlie, Charlie Gary.”

Gray was tall and good looking and ticked all the boxes for an ideal boyfriend. I guessed that he was the same age as Lee Anne who had just turned sweet sixteen.
“We should be at the plantation house in twenty minutes. I bet you must be tied and thirsty after your bus trip” Lee Anne said.

Now let me explain. My Aunt Delia, my mother’s younger sister, had invited me to come stay with them at the plantation house in Louisiana for an extended holiday. Aunt Delia who was now 34 had a teen pregnancy with a man who was twice her age. He honourably married Aunt Delia and Lee Anne, my cousin, now 16 is their daughter. The elderly husband/father had recently died under suspicious circumstances. Aunt Delia had inherited the Plantation House in Louisiana. At the inquest into his death Aunt Delia gave testimony that her husband had died while they were fucking. The judge requested that she used the term “making love”.

“Tell us how this came about.” The judge asked.
“Well I was fucking, sorry your honour, making love to my husband. He was kneeling on the bed and I was arse................, sorry anal fucking him with my large strap on dildo and wanking his cock at the same time when he had this seizure heart attack and collapsed on the bed before I could reach orgasm” Aunt Delia testified.

“What time was this?” asked the judge.
“Only two o’clock in the afternoon, and we had only made love eleven times that day!” Aunt Delia replied.
“Died of natural causes” the judge declared and so Aunt Delia inherited the Plantation house and estate.
All the detail, which I had read with fascination, was available in the court records.

“Do you remember how our mothers used to bath us together when we were small?” Lee Anne asked as we drove along. It was an embarrassing question to be asked in front of her boyfriend Gary.
“Yes” I said hoping to end this conversation.
“And how I, as a small girl, was always enchanted with your little willie and wanted to play with it all the time and how your mother used to get so cross at me playing and pulling your little willie and getting so excited when it grew big.” I was really blushing now.
“And how I used to cry because I did not have a willie of my own just a little hole as I used to call it.” She went on.

We arrived at the Plantation House, a historic old white home surrounded with extensive lawns and gardens with old oak tress dripping with moss. I was allocated a bedroom upstairs to share with Gray. Lee Anne told us the staff were off duty and we would have a casual dinner and drinks at 6:30 that evening. I dumped my luggage claiming the window bed, freshened up and came down for dinner.

Aunt Delia was in the dining room, her tall statuesque back towards me as I came in. She wore a full length light weight summer gown with inch wide gold strips alternating with total see through strips. She turned when she heard me. It seem in slow motion for her long black hair swung, her shoulders turned revealing her front. The gown had a plunging neckline exposing her magnificent breasts (they must have been at least 38C in size) which her firm and unsupported by a bra. The gown was buttoned by a single button at her navel and then was cut away in a large inverted V to the floor putting her shaved cunt and long legs on display for all to see.

“So Charlie, are you happy to be here?” Aunt Delia asked.
I was at a loss for words as I could not avert my eyes from her classic marble statue like body shown off to perfection with the revealing see through gown.

“We dress casually for dinner when the staff are off duty” she said putting me at ease. “How was your trip and great to have you come and visit at Plantation House. Twenty years old, imagine that, you have become a man since I last saw you. Look at those well developed upper body muscles. The girls must all just love you” she said giving me a very close hug against her near naked body.

At that point Lee Ann and her boyfriend Gray came into the dining room. Lee Ann had changed now wearing a full short mini skirt and a light white blouse pulled up to expose her tanned midriff and tied loosely in a knot between her equally impressive tanned 16 year old tits. I was certainly developing an appetite. It was a picture to watch Gary’s face as he saw Aunt Delia’s revealing gown. He was mesmerized and I could see him adjusting his sudden hard on in his jeans.

“We have a gumbo sea food chowder soup, fresh baguettes and plenty of red wine.” said Aunt Delia “So please help yourselves.” We never sat at the large dining table but at a more intimate circular table in the bay window which made for close contact.
We seem to consume more red wine than soup as we caught up with conversation. As the wine flowed the libidos showed. By now, Aunt Delia with wine glass in hand was holding forth with Gary, her see through gown was wide open, her voluptuous breasts on full display for all to see and enjoy. Gary and I were totally enjoying the meal the wine and the erotic sensual display being put on by my young aunt.

Gray on the pretext of paying full attention to Aunt Delia’s conversation was transfixed by the size, swing and thrust of her two mammaries, making the mistake of turning his back on Lee Anne. Although Lee Anne was totally unphased by her mother’s breasts being on dinner display she was not amused by being ignored by her boyfriend. She had consumed a lot of red wine and was drinking heavily now. Surreptitiously I watched in fascination as she undid the knot holding her blouse together freeing her tits. With a shake of her equally impressive tits the blouse fell to either side putting her younger tits on dinner display as well. Only I had noticed her seductive actions. Looking my cousin in the eyes I raised my eyebrows at her slutty actions.

In response she put her tongue out at me as she had done when we were kids together, took a large sip of red wine and deliberately let the red wine spill from her mouth and cascade down the valley between her naked tits. The red wine seemed to move in slow motion enjoying the traverse over and between her tits as much as I was watching this spectacle.

I remember this intimate welcoming dinner ended about then with Aunt Delia getting up from the table and turning to me saying
“Well Charlie I hope to see a lot more of you during your stay with us.”

With that she floated from the room her full length gown flowing and trailing behind trying to keep up with her lithe naked body. Gary and Lee Anne, her blouse still hanging wide open, went out onto the porch for a “goodnight” kiss which I’m sure would begin and end with a dam good fucking for both of them. I took the opportunity to go upstairs and settle down for my first night at Aunt Delia’s Plantation house in Louisiana.

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