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This happen few years ago when I and my cousin were 20 yrs old and her hot mom was 36. Hard to believe she got pregnant with my cousin while in highschool. My uncle almost got in trouble since she was a minor but for some reason their marriage worked out. Diane's parents were rich and my grandpa as well. She is a very beautiful blonde woman with super gorgeous body. If she didn't get pregnant and marry she would have been a super model. Even at 36 she is always mistaken as her son's girl friend when they go together. Her tits were perfect not huge or small just proportionate to her very firm body and soft skin. She is tall at 5'8" and has a very strong sex appeal. My cousin is Jake and her mom Diane.

I just arrived from Germany that year on student visa and My uncle invited me to their planned summer week end trip at a beach in California. When the day came my uncle couldn't go and just Jake, her mom and myself has to go. I don't know nothing about boats specially big ones and Diane and Jake were working to stuff it for a 2 day get away. As we left dock Diane started taking off her clothes and so did Jake and so I also followed. Diane's body was really super hot in a 2 piece bikini. She was stiring the wheels with Jake while I was seated at the bow looking at them. I immidiately had an erection on my oversized swiming trunk.

We arrived at a secluded area were there were no other boaters. Diane and Jake went to swim. Funny but I didn't know how to swim so I pretended to read some novels but I can't take my eyes off from Diane her body so visible in the clear water.

"OK boys if you swim go that way and I'll go this way, don't get near me because I'm taking off my tops." She said as she throw her bra to the ice box.

Another boat was approaching which was unexpected. Jake and Diane and their Dad thought before that they were the only ones who knew that area but those guy just knew that place too. They were overloaded with heavily tatoed big guys who looked scary to me and to Jake. They came within about 6 yards from us and they were drinking clearly in violation of rules. Jake and Diane hurried back to the boat. Diane signaled me but I didn't understand that she wants me to throw her bra to her. The guys came close and 3 boarded us before Diane could come up while the others were in their boat loudly mumbling and laughing. There were 7 of them in a smaller boat. They look Greek to me. Diane came on board with her bare breast exposed as she climb the boat. She looked for her bra but for some reason it wasn't in the ice box.

Diane stood there covering her breast with her hands. The guys started talking and asked Diane her name and introduced themselves to be vacationing business men though they looked more like escaped convicts than business men. They were looking lustfully at Diane and and you could clearly see the bulge in their croach as they stared on Diane's naked body. They started flirting with Diane saying she was so beautiful and asked her if she has a boy friend. Diane got scared and to discourage them said that I am her boy friend. The guy responded saying what a lucky bastard I am. "No wonder you're skinny dude, if I have a girl friend like her I wouldn't be doing anything in a day but fuck her all the time". Another guy on the boat shouted half jokingly "if this is my country I would have taken her already by hook or by crook" to the laughter of the rest. They were drunk and incoherent in their conversation.

Diane tried to be nice to them so they won't hurt us even offering them some food. After a few minuites the rest of the guys wanted to leave. But three of them who boarded our boat seems to be so horny and refused to leave. They told their companion to leave them there and just pick them up later. Their friends said they won't be back this way. Diane told them nicely to go with their friends because we can't take any more passengers. They wouldn't go and they tried to take a closer look on Diane's breast which she covers with her hands. They looked at her from head to toe and stared at her thong like a very hungry dog.

Their friends were calling them to leave. But they just drunkily froze in their. One looked at me and said 'damn have a very nice fuck tonight kid, fuck her hard for me will you'. Then he started touching Diane's shoulders. Jake stepped forward ready for a fight. I was scared but got prepared too in a stance I saw in the movie.

We were outnumbered and Diane wisely intervened. "Easy guys. Let's talk this out no need to fight" as she tried to push Jake away from the guys. Now Diane is not mindful that she is no longer covering her breast and as she was pacifying us gesturing with her hands we are all glued at her super perfect boobs with pink sharp nipples. Even Jake his own son was stunned for a while.

The other guys in the boat reacted but the three told them that it's ok they had the situation under control. We were all to afraid to radio for police and we didn't know what to do. Finally Diane went to the three guys and told me and Jake to back off at the corner. She begged them to leave. Diane was now talking to them without covering her boobs. "I know you've been sexually aroused. I'll make you a deal so we can all go peacefully, I'll let you touch my boobs if you will leave." The three agreed.

My fears disappear as my cock stood in erection looking at Diane while the three guys took turns fondling her boobs and nipple. Jake couldn't watch and turn around.

They finally left and when our ordeal was over Jake wanted to report it to authority. But Diane was concerned that it will become a big story and her husband is a General manager of a big company. So we had a meeting and we agreed to keep it our secret.

That night we docked but stayed in the boat. After dinner we had two inflatable bed at the bow while Diane stayed in the master bed in the gully. She asked Jake and me to join her there for chitchat and drinks. We all three aren't drinkers but the incident probably stimulated us and we consumed too many hard liquor. We didn't want beer but hard liquor. I could tell Diane was drunk when she started talking about her frustration with my uncle being so busy and couldn't give her time. Jake didn't want to hear it and went up to the bow to sleep.

I continued listening to Diane's talking. Then we talked about the incident earlier and I said how lucky those guys to have touched her. I said that now uncle Calvin isn't the only one who touched her. I was stunned when she responded that actually there was someone else who touched her. She became sentimental and confessed that 3 years ago she had a one night affair with their accountant. I got so horny and I could tell that she was horny too.

As she continued talking I started to masturbate underneath the table. She noticed it. "Hey what are you doing" she said. Forgive me Diane But I just feel so horny with you talking about your affair plus the image of your boobs beeing fondled by those drunk earlier". She stood up and handed me a tissue paper. "Here" she said as she stood up. "I need to swim". She took off her shirt and she was not wearing shorts. In her two piece bikini she jumped into the water by the dock. I couldn't resist my feelings and I jumped into the water too forgeting that I barely know how to swim. I held onto the ladder in the back of the boat. Diane came to me. I couldn't control myself and I put my arms around her and started kissing her and fondling her boobs. "No not here gene, Jake might be awake." "Please Diane" I begged. She whispered to me. "See that structure over there, it's an empty tool area, since you can't swim climb up the boat and go by the dock. I'll wait for you there" She said with some nervousness in her voice.

I slowly climbed up and Jake was snoring in the bow. When I arrived at the structure I went inside the fence. Diane was there in her bikini ever gorgoues super beautiful and superhot. "Oh Gene I'm not sure if we should do this." But before she can finish talking I throw myself at her kissing her and touching her. I pulled her bra off and I sucked her nipples alternately while my hands was running underneath her thong. She was shaking and moaning. She was very nervous saying "stop Gene" "stop Gene" in a weakening voice. I licked her all over her body and then I lifted her butt and sat her at a working table. I have fucked a prostitute before but I never tried fucking while standing up. It went well anyways when I shoved my cock inside her. We were both shaking. I tried my mind to control myself so I won't cum first and there she went just as when she moan in extreme pleasure I couldn't hold my own and I cumed too. She said "pull it off I could still get pregnant" but I was too stiff and my whole body vibrated as I shoot all my load inside her. When we finished I wanted another round but her conscience took over his drunkiness and she firmly told me that we go back to the boat.

No word was spoken about that and I went to sleep in the bow. In the morning I was aching. Diane had some marks in her thigh with the table that night and she always wrap with a towel. Jake didn't notice and no one knew of what happened between us that night. It felt a little odd though when I eat dinner with Jake Diane and Uncle Bob after that.

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