Lost bet

(Part 2 from 4)

Pippa had tears in her eyes as she began to lick the young stud's rapidly hardening pole. I watched fascinated as she began to swallow his now rampant member; her head bobbing up and down, like a piston head. Lisa and I began kissing, deeply turned on by the turn of events, our hands roaming freely over each other's bodies. The lad looked as if he was nearing his limit as he grabbed Pippa's head in both hands and, started pumping his rod deep into her throat. Nearly gagging, Pippa redoubled her efforts as he gushed wads of cum into her mouth. She tried valiantly to drink it all down but, try as she might trickles of it gushed out over her lips and onto her stockings below. As soon as he'd finished, the lad got nervous and muttering something about his job, he quickly dressed and flew out of the house.

"You didn't drink it all Pippa! Look at those stains on your legs. You know that we have to punish you now, don't you?" I said coldly.

Lisa looked at me and winked wickedly.

"Tidy yourself up Pippa. We're going to drive to a friend's house near here. They're a nice couple, they enjoy little surprises and, they're swingers, very open-minded people. This'll tickle them pink!" She looked at me for approval and, I just was carried away with it all.

Pippa was horrified and started to protest when; Lisa grabbed her and put her over her lap in one swift motion.

"Spank her Helen and, make sure she remembers it. Do it hard and fast."

I complied without thinking, slapping her arse with all my might. I gave her twelve before stopping and, by then she was crying openly.

"Make sure you redo your make-up Pippa. I want you looking your best for my friends. I'm going to lend you to them for a couple of hours, while your lovely wife and I make love to each other and watch what happens." Lisa slapped my bottom playfully and kissed my full on the lips.

I smiled broadly, as Pippa tottered off to redo her make-up and tidy her clothing. Lisa and I dressed in only our short dresses, leaving off all of underwear but, keeping the heels and called a cab to come and pick us up. We made Pippa sit next to the driver and, as we drove away, we began stroking each other openly. The driver kept staring at Pippa's legs and her exposed stocking tops. We decided to play a little so, I said:

"Driver, if Lisa and I put on a little show for you and, Pippa sucks you lovingly, do we get the fare for free?"

"You betcha girls! Just let me pull over for a while, eh?" He said excitedly.

Lisa and I pulled off our dresses and went at each other like hammer and tongs, licking each other all over and, kissing each other's sensitive bits. Pippa was obviously nervous of being asked to strip too so, her head went straight to the drivers lap for the second blowjob in less than an hour! I felt a real bitch, using him like this but I was also beginning to enjoy the feeling of power that we both had over him like this. I didn't doubt for a second that he'd comply fully with whatever we said, you see it was a matter of honour with him and, he always paid up, without fail. Not to do so would be too much for him to bear, his honour was sacrosanct to him, which meant that tonight, I could push it as far as I liked! The driver leant over his seat to watch, while holding the back of Pippa's head, as he rhythmically pumped his huge dick into her mouth. Lisa and I spun around as we 69'ed each other’s sopping pussy lips, stopping occasionally to nibble each other's throbbing little love buds. We couldn't see Pippa's head anymore as our faces were full of each other's sticky gashes but, we could hear the slurping and slopping of her working away at his cock and, the occasional gagging sound as the driver rammed it home into her throat. Before either of us could cum, the driver let out a deep moan and jerked his lower body, pumping his seed deep into Pippa's semi-willing mouth. Try as she might, she still couldn't swallow it in its entirety, letting little trickles fall out of the side of her mouth, slipping over her glossy red lips and finally dripping off her chin and onto the apron of her maid's outfit, leaving little tell tale marks there and, making it obvious what she'd been up to.

"Thanks girls," the driver said, obviously chuffed with what had happened, "it's only another couple of minutes till we get to your destination now so, you better get yourselves together." He laughed quietly to himself as he drove us away, watching as we scrambled back into our clothes.

As we pulled up in front of Lisa's friend's house, he leant over and kissed Pippa full on the mouth, slapping her thigh as she rushed to get out of the cab.

"I finish at 10 PM tonight, my call sign is 64, ask for me if you like and we'll do the same on the way back!" He grinned as he pulled away and gave us all a little wave.

It was time to go to stage two of this lovely situation that we'd unknowingly pulled off over 'Phil/Pippa'.

"Now Pippa, you must be on your best behaviour for us while we are here. I don't want you to do anything to embarrass us while we're visiting Lisa's friends. If you do, we will have no option but to embarrass you too so, beware that if you don't do exactly as you are told, you will be made to walk home!" I said gleaming.

My now feminised husband looked shocked at what I'd just told him. The only way home from here took him straight through the centre of town and, the only way around it would take him through the roughest estate in the county!

"Yes Mistress, I will obey your every command… I am your servant Miss, I am your slave." Pippa looked abashed by what had just come out of her mouth, almost unbelieving of how things had turned out and, of how cruel I was being.

"Not only will you obey Lisa and I Pippa but you will do exactly as you are told by anyone within the walls of this building. Do you understand that?"

I winked at Lisa who nodded back at me, pleased that I was getting so involved in the whole scenario. Looking straight into my eyes, she said:

"Helen, I've seen a different you today, one that I like very much and one that I'd like to see more often. Do you think that we might do this again from time to time?"

Pippa's face looked ashen as I replied:

"I must admit that this has really excited me, turning the tables on Phil's arrogant male ego and, having total control over him/her is something that I'm loathe to give up easily. We'll talk later, after we get home. Let's see how Pippa gets on with your friends, okay?"

We hugged lovingly, brushing our lips together sensually and ordered Pippa to straighten her dress and her stockings before making her ring the doorbell.

Jacky and Jerry was a lovely couple. They were very good looking, she being quite small but perfectly proportioned and stunningly beautiful, he being very well built and athletic. Lisa had told me a little about them. As far as most people knew, they were both upstanding and respectable members of the community. She was a professional singer with the voice of an angel, while he was a broker by day and, a professional drummer by night often working with his wife. What only a select few knew about them was that, when it came to their sex lives, they had a penchant for the unusual and the unexpected...

"Well hello there," were the first words out of Jacky's mouth, as she opened the door to see Pippa standing there, a French maid in all her glory... then she noticed Lisa and I standing behind her, "I should have known you'd be involved in this somehow Lisa. Come in and, let me call Jerry. He's still in bed, it is only 11:30 in the morning you know!" She giggled out loud, as she herded us into the living room. She shouted up the stairs, telling Jerry to pull on a robe and to come and see the surprise that Lisa had brought for them.

Jacky was even hornier looking than Lisa had described, standing there in an aerobics outfit made of Lycra that hugged the contours of her sexy torso and perfectly formed legs. She was about 5'1" tall with a gymnast's body and perfectly proportioned 34B-21-34 figure. She had long jet-black hair and bright emerald green eyes. Her high cheekbones formed the basis of a truly beautiful face, with perfectly trimmed eyebrows and long dark lashes, a cute little slightly upturned nose and lips that were to die for, full and moist with a definite pout to them. She wore no underwear beneath the Lycra outfit and the outline of her shaven Mons was clearly visible through her leggings, as were her pert hard little nipples poking through her top.

"Jacky meet Helen, a good friend of mine and Pippa, her maidservant and slave. Pippa is Helen's husband, Phil but he gambled for some serious stakes with us, in the belief that he'd be able to have us both in his bed, submissive to his every whim... and he lost! His transformation and enslavement was his forfeit. I must admit though, Pippa has surprised me so far by holding up her end of the bargain to the letter. Apparently, Phil has a bee in his bonnet about the honour of any 'gambling debt' he incurs. He always pays up in full, no matter what and, he has agreed to become Pippa and to obey any order that we give him. Which reminds me, Helen has instructed him to obey any order given in this house, no matter whom by?" Lisa grinned an evil grin at Jacky and winked naughtily at me.

"Yes, that's right," I agreed, "so, feel free to use her in any way you wish. By the way, allow me to say hello, Jacky. You look absolutely fantastic!" I leant over and gave her a friendly hug, brushing my erect nipples against hers in an openly sexual gesture.

"Why thank you Helen," said Jacky playfully, gently brushing her lips against mine, gently and tentatively stroking her tongue over them.

She looked directly at Pippa and said:

"Okay Pippa, you may begin by washing my feet. They're tired after my morning exercise routine." Pippa started to run the tap at the kitchen sink but Jacky stopped her. "No Pippa, get on all fours and clean them with your tongue. Don't forget to clean between the toes too and, don't stop until Lisa, your wife and I have finished getting to know one another a little better.”

Pippa looked shocked but obeyed without objection, kneeling down and beginning to lick Jacky's feet all over. Just then, Jerry walked into the room; he didn't bat an eyelid at the scene before him. He greeted us all and walked over to Pippa's backside, raising her skirt and slip and spanking her bum with three hard slaps.

"You'd better make sure you clean them properly." He said: "Or there'll be plenty more where that came from. Now will someone tell me what's going on here?"

Jacky and Lisa quickly explained the scenario while my eyes roamed over Jerry's hard lean body. He was about 5'10" tall, hard muscle from tip to toe and by the looks of the bulge that was forming in the front of his robe, he had a prick to match! He was a handsome man too with very dark hair and eyes to match; he complemented Jacky's looks really well making them a most enticing and sexy couple. I could hardly wait to see how this little episode panned out.

"Well that's a turn up for the books." Jerry commented, having had the whole thing put into perspective for him. "And so early in the day too. I do believe today is going to be an experience to remember. Pippa, you should know that I am a Dom Master on a regular basis, I have a lot of experience in the role and I will brook no refusal to any order I give. Jacky and I have a fully stocked and equipped 'Dungeon' area downstairs in the cellar and, if necessary, I will take you there for punishment. Is this clear?"

"Yes Sir, it is very clear." Replied Pippa, very nervous now.

Jerry slapped her face very hard, leaving a big red handprint on her cheek and, making her sob.

"You will address me as Master from now on, or I will punish you. You will address all of the ladies as Mistress and, should any other person enter these premises, you will wait until I instruct you how they should be addressed. Is this clear, slave?" Jerry said sternly.

"Yes Master, as you instruct so shall it be." Replied Pippa as submissively as she could be.

I was really enjoying having my husband in this predicament and, already I had plans vaguely forming in my mind as to how I might make this situation more permanent in our lives.

"How do you fancy brunch?" asked Jerry. "Pippa can make it and serve it, then while we're eating she will be ordered to service each of us from under the table."

I grinned joyfully and said:

"That sounds like fun, then after food, she can wash up while the rest of us get better acquainted."

We all agreed and Pippa was told to stop licking Jacky's feet and get on with the preparations. While she was preparing the food for us Lisa, Jacky, Jerry and I retired to the dungeon, where we decided how best to use Pippa to the advantage of all. Jacky and Jerry were fascinated by how we had managed to make Pippa so subservient. I admitted that even I was surprised by how malleable Phil had allowed himself to become in the guise of Pippa the maid. I explained carefully that Phil was extremely proud of never having reneged on a gambling debt and, that to him it would be as bad as him allowing harm to come to the family or, deliberately hitting a woman or child, a thing he would never do, under any circumstances. Jacky and Jerry smiled broadly at that information and asked:

"So you really don't mind us doing whatever we feel like with the little tramp then?" Nodding knowingly to each other.

I thought carefully before answering but decided to play along fully.

"No, you have my permission to do anything you feel like to him/her, just as long as I can be there to see it and maybe take part. Is that a deal?"

"Absolutely, you'll enjoy every last bit of it with us, we promise" Replied Jerry, with a nod from Jacky and a laugh from Lisa.

Therefore, the scene was set, little did I know what I'd just condemned my poor husband to!

The dungeon area was home built but very well equipped, with lots of different bits that would restrict the 'user' in bonds of various kinds. There were other pieces of equipment that I was totally unfamiliar with too, but they all looked very interesting.

"I think we ought to start her off gently." Said Jacky looking at Jerry and then smiling at Lisa and I. "Let's go and eat. We'll see how good a servant she makes, then we'll take things from there."

We all made our way upstairs and sat ourselves down at the kitchen table.

"You will serve us with our food now Pippa, then you will retire to our bathroom and redo your make-up. You look a state and, we all like our playthings to look pretty, wanton and sexy."

Pippa obeyed without so much as a mutter, things were going well, I thought. When she returned, she looked great, having tidied up her outfit and redone her make-up perfectly. We'd just about finished eating by then too and instructed Pippa to wash up and, then to follow us into the front lounge. Jacky asked me if I thought we should 'Dress' for the occasion, unsure of what she meant I asked her to show me what she had in mind. She showed me upstairs to the main bedroom and opened a large closet in the corner of the room. Before my eyes were a selection of leather and PVC outfits, most of them very revealing yet equally sexy!

"I think that there are some items here that'll fit you." Jacky stated. "Do you like the idea of dressing as a Mistress?" She asked.

"Will you help me find something? I've never tried anything on like this before and, I'd like to look really sexy and powerful."

My head was reeling at the thought of being dressed in all this sexy fetish gear.

"Will you ask Lisa to join us too, I'd like all 3 of us to make the impact, if you don't mind.”

Plus the fact that I'd love to feel your sexy bodies through it, I thought to myself, imagining the scene. The next thing I knew, the three of us were naked in the bedroom and, helping each other into various sexy bits of gear. The feel of Lisa and Jacky's hands over my body was almost too much to take and, I could feel my pussy juicing up rapidly. Jacky was the one to bring me back to earth, by unexpectedly saying:

"Helen. Lisa. I think were revved up enough by now and, we all look the part so, let's get started with our little toy downstairs. Jerry can get changed too that way, not having to keep an eye on the little vamp anymore."

Therefore, so it was, we tidied ourselves up a little and headed for the lounge looking absolutely stunning in our leather fetish gear. All three of us were sopping wet and horny as hell! We found Pippa in what was becoming an all too familiar position, kneeling in front of Jerry, with her glossy red lips firmly around his cock.

"Is she naturally this talented or has the little slut been practicing?" asked Jerry, the expression on his face showing how good the 'head' was that Pippa was attacking with gusto.

"We've introduced her to it a couple of times, so far. She seems to have a talent for it though it would seem." I replied, smiling broadly at the scene before me. Jerry continued controlling Pippa's head while all the time setting the pace and rhythm.

As the pace increased and his breathing became more erratic, Jerry started ramming his throbbing missile deep into Pippa's throat. A deep moan escaped from his taught neck, as he pumped seemingly endless gushes of sticky fluid into her face. We all watched fascinated by how hard Pippa was trying to swallow every last drop of it. She very nearly managed too, with only a few droplets escaping over her juicy red lips and, onto her top. Jerry released her head and looked down at her.

"Well done Pippa, if you continue like this, you might even enjoy yourself!" He said, licking his lips as he did so. "I'm off for a shower," he said to we three bitches on heat, "Why don't you get her 'properly' dressed love? In the full kit I think." He said to Jacky as he left the room.

"What did he mean by that?" I asked casually.

Jacky explained that her gear included a full M/F transformation kit, leaving the wearer as a completely submissive and very sexy looking TV slut. We decided to get Pippa to perform a little striptease for us; she did so awkwardly enhancing her humiliation. When she was fully naked Jacky had Lisa help her tie Pippa hand and foot, over what looked like a leather massage table. She nodded approvingly at how well we had done. She fetched some lubricating jelly and generously applied it to Pippa's arse, then she fetched a leather strap and as I realised what it was, she slipped a 4" butt plug all the way in there. She strapped a leather device over it and around her waist, securing it tightly in position. Next, she decided to stick silicon 'falsies' over her chest, making Pippa's breasts look almost real. The couch that she was secured to rose up vertically, allowing us to put a really tight leather corset on her, which narrowed her waist to a remarkable 22"! A harness was now attached to Pippa's penis, holding it up between her legs making it look like a closed up pussy. A leather studded bra held her new tits in place, it was time to release her and finish the job. Fishnet stockings attached to the corset, and led to 6" calf length boots that we were making Pippa wear. The French maid outfit slid over the top, giving Pippa a strangely futuristic look. We spent the next thirty minutes laughing, as we tormented Pippa into learning to walk in those heels, with her plug inside her. Jerry looked at the three girls fully equipped as the 'Dom' Mistress' they intended to play and said:

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