My Sex Adventure with two girls

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“Number of abortions rise in Gujarat a couple of months after Navratri” A statement made by Gujarat state's women & child welfare Minister comes in India's leading newspapers during Navratri festival. The entire Gujarat was agog with celebrations all over. Why Gujarat, every part of India celebrated Navratri festival in their own way. Goddess Durga Pooja in West Bengal is their national festival. In Tamilnadu they display Kolu in each home. In Andhra, Karnataka and in Kerala, all nine days and nights are full of cultural celebrations. But in Gujarat it is something special. All the girls come out in the streets to sing and dance. Dance items like Garba, Ras are famous. Girls especially teen age girls and women in their twenties and thirties move around to various dance sites and participate. This goes on for the whole night for 9 nights during Navratri.

Nobody can keep a watch on any girl to know where she is going and what she is doing. Immediately after Navratri, hundreds of teen age abortions are done privately in hospitals. Some husbands and parents even engage private detectives to know whether these girls/women go astray in the name of garba dance. Most of them do go astray, but they enjoy life. They may have sex with boy friends, with bosses, colleagues, servants, or even strangers. Most of them do have sex. Girls & housewives even boast about the number of people they had sex with during the navratri.

Once I happened to be in Mumbai on my way to Delhi and for overnight stay I went to a hotel which was in a Gujarati locality. I just forgot that it was Navratri season and a great surprise was in store for me. I had to catch the early morning flight and hence I went to bed very early so that I may a few winks of sleep. Suddenly at 10 pm I had loud sounds of drum beatings and I sprang in may bed wondering what happened. I came out and saw the preparations for the dance. They were forming groups and singers were getting ready and drummer was just beating the drum to attract attention and to call people to come. Then the song started and the dance also started. It was a wonderful spectacle. I thought let me just watch it because this kind of visuals are rarely available.

Very beautiful 18yo young girls, with cheerful faces were dancing with sticks in their hands in a rhythm. I just stood at the gate and watched. I waved at some of the very nice girls and threw flying kisses at them. Two or three girls were thrilled and responded enthusiastically. It was a slow number and it took more than an hour to complete. When it was over new groups were being formed.

Suddenly one of the girls who responded to my flying kiss came running and asked me in Gujarati something which I could not understand. I asked her in Hindi what she wants. She asked whether I stay in this hotel, I said yes, can I come to your room for some water, she asked, certainly, I said and I moved towards my room in the first floor. I was moving fast and the girl was practically running after me. When I reached my room, I opened the door and took the water jug and offered her a filled glass. But she was not there to accept my glass. She was lying in my bed and said she was tired and just wanted to lie down for some time. Me bahoot thuggayi hoom, thoda let javoon.

I sat near her. I noticed she was a buxom girl in her early twenties, big boobs, flat navel, nice make up, Her blouse which was specially made for the dance with lot of shining materials was pinching her and she just unhooked her blouse and her boobs which were in the bra were projecting up. I asked her whether I may help her to unhook the bra. She just looked at me and smiled and said ok and turned to her side opposite to me. I lifted blouse bottom, found her bra hooks and unhooked them. She came back to lie on her back and was looking at me with expectations. My a/c was in full blast and the room was very cool. I ran my hand over her boobs in circulatory motion. She semi closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. Her nipples were erect. What more invitation I wanted. She was lying diagonally on my bed. It was convenient for me.

I came in front of her and just leaned forward and held both of her boobs in my hand and sucked her nipples. She was moaning loudly and extended her hand searching for my cock. She caught my pyjama strings untied the knot, pulled down my brief and caught my erect cock in her hand. I was surprised. I just lifted her ornamental skirt, and a petticoat below and her beautiful thighs were visible. I lifted her dress further up and her panty was already wet. Without waiting for her permission, I pulled down her panty and saw her clean shaven pussy, a golden colored pussy. I lifted her knees and kept it wide in preparation of my next move. Juldi karo, log dundthe honge, she said. Do it fast, they may be searching for me. I just took my cock at the entrance of her cunt and pushed forward. She was tight, but not a virgin. Her tightness was very enjoyable.

She also started to moan loudly. I gave her in long slow strokes, rubbing her clit with one hand. She was quivering with pleasure and moaning as I plunged into her. It took more than ten minutes for me to come to an orgasm. By that time she came to orgasm twice. She trembled each time she met orgasmic stroke. Finally I sprayed my semen inside her. When I pulled out she got up hurriedly and asked for the bathroom went inside, cleaned herself up, steadied her dress and rushed out and thanked me and gave me a kiss on my mouth and rushed out running. I was watching she was moving under shadow and got mixed up with the crowd in no time. I did not even ask her name.

I waited for another hour for the second number to conclude. For passing time I start surfing on my laptop. I searched google, yahoo with words ‘navratri abortions’, ’navratri condoms’ (some websites spell navratri as navaratri) and learn many new dimensions of Gujarati culture. Then after few minutes I saw another girl coming towards my room. I wondered how they make a beeline to my room. Perhaps she may be a friend of the girl who came earlier. I waited at my door. She too asked for some water. I said ok, come in. This girl of the same age group came rushing in and went straight to my bed and stretched herself diatonically. I gave her a glass of water which she drank fast. I placed my hand on her navel. She looked up at me and smiled. I told her whether your friend told you to come her for water. She smiled and said yes. Ok, then turn so that I may unhook your bra.

With protest she turned and I unhooked her bra and turned her up and lifted her bra and blouse ends and revealed her boobs. Her nipples were already erect and was waiting for me to massage them. I just leaned forward and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked them. I lifted her skirt etc and pulled down her wet panty. This girl was very hot and was very cooperative in fucking. She guided my cock into her hole and suggested that I lie down and she would ride me. I said ok, for a change it is ok. The girl, whose name was Rati, got on me and took my cock inside her cunt in one jerk and started to fuck me. She was an expert and did it perfectly positioning her crotch appropriately to make my cock rub her clit. I was squeezing her nipples and boobs. She was contorting her face and giving out wild sounds and finally when she came to orgasm, she banged her crotch on me. Very hot girl indeed. When one fuck was over, I asked her for the second fuck. She said not now, people are waiting for me. I will come later.

She just jumped down, rushed to the bathroom and cleaned herself and came back gave me a kiss and rushed back to join the crowd. Time was already 1 am and I cannot have any more females for the day, because I had to catch the early morning flight. I was wondering the luck I had with these two girls. I switched off my lights and went to the bed with planning to spend all future years Navratri in the same hotel.

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