Lori, Becoming a HotWife

(Part 1 from 2)

“Look, this is what you are going to wear, he really wants to see you in it, I mean you asked for it and he bought it for you, you have to.” Jim was sitting in the room as Lori was looking over the package that had come that afternoon. As soon as it arrived, Jim called Lori at her office and said that it had arrived and it was in a nice discreet black wrapping, not a cheap package that screamed out sex or anything like that Jim explained to her over the phone. It was here and it was in the front room. Jim pleaded with her to open it but Lori was adamant, don’t open it. “And don’t jack off Jim, I mean it.” With that Lori slammed the phone down in her husband’s ear.

Now three hours later Lori had come home and walked up with the package in hand and saw Jim laying on the bed, his cock obviously hard and rubbing up in his pants. Lori ignored that as she pulled off her silk jacket and eased herself on the edge of the bed, her skirt rising and her legs crossing as her heels clicked together as she undid the package. She had remembered picking out the outfit from the catalog and clicking the mouse to charge it to his account that he had set up for her, five hundred dollars and she was to get what she wanted but it had to be something she’d not wear normally. She remembered having a bit of wine before she went online and started looking at selections as she read his emails spread out before her. She realized that here at home with Jim she was dominant but even the first of his emails told her that he was going to be the dominant one between them, and she remembered getting amazingly wet at the first words, and then every time after that. Every time she got up, dressed in her business attire for the office downtown, if she logged on and there was even a note there from him, she was dripping wet, no soaked, as she printed it out and vowed to not read it until she got to work. Still as she got into her BMW and swung her legs in, she’d just glance and scan the email and sense some words, “cunt”, “used”, “precious”, “hole”, “perfect slut”, she’d yank her skirt up and lay the note folded on the passenger seat and slowly rub herself as she ventured into the traffic, knowing that she’d cum before the day was out; hating herself for it, but she knew she’d have to get off. To his words and the thought that soon they would meet and she, Lori, would be his to use, his to play with.

His emails were some of the filthiest vile words she’d ever had written to her, and at first she thought what a asshole, who would even write back to a egotistical pervert like him, he made the most degrading comments about her photo that she had sent, treated her as if she was made to be his “hole” as he put it, his imagination was no better, calling her his “cum bucket” and then his bald “suck socket”. Lori shuddered, at that point he didn’t even have an idea that she had a hairy or a hairless pussy, he was just a disgusting pervert that probably never even had a girlfriend or even lived on his own. She laughed it off, probably lived with his mom. Still the picture of his cock, while not big but decent, did intrigue her as she imagined it in her mind after a few days. Lori shrugged it off, after all, she had an important position in a huge company downtown and she was crazy for having gotten into this with Jim in the first place.

They placed an ad online with this site Jim found, it said it dealt with what he called Hot Wives. Granted their sex life had dwindled after two years, and Jim was not much of a package down there, but it seemed really sick when he brought it up one night in bed. Jim again had started off strong but something about it was awkward with him and after a good fifteen minutes of dildo play by Jim ultimately ramming the phallus in and out of her to get her wet, he jumped on and started to use the same technique with his hard shaft; that recently had not been all that hard. For months Lori went along and feigned her orgasm and let him lumber over and fall away until she sensed he was asleep and then would conjure up the memory of some stranger, a copy boy, a client in a meeting, a construction worker downtown, to fantasize about as she fingered off against her clit and then her pussy. Trouble was, more times than not she found herself not even enjoying that. One night as she again lay there, next to Jim, after he had attempted and failed to get her off, she started imagining about a man who she had seen at lunch. He was a business man and was having lunch with a woman much younger than him and there was no mistaking that he was in control. When he leaned into her and whispered to her, she’d blush and then move her hand under the table cloth and it became obvious that she was rubbing him, then as he kissed her in full view of the other diners, the girl let him feel her breasts up her shirt, allowing him to squeeze and play with her. As Lori thought about that, she imagined herself as the girl, letting her legs part and letting the man yank aside her panties, letting him finger her as she was fingering herself. She felt the man’s kiss, hard and deep in her mouth as she felt his fingers spreading wide her wet pussy, felt him stuff his fingers in and out as the sound of her wetness filled the restaurant and soon saw that the others were aware and were blatantly watching as she kissed the man and stroked his cock and let him finger while kissing her and pulling her hard firm tits out on display for everyone. Lori was by now, ramming two fingers in herself as she panted in and out, anxious to be quiet but just as needy to get off. She saw the other men rise from their chairs and step up and pull their cocks out jacking off as they watched her get mauled by this older man, lovingly watching as the other cocks were applauding her performance, she slid a third finger in and as the men around her in the dream were starting to spurt cum out, her man started to release his cum out and over her hand, and then Lori came on her fingers and she groaned out as the climax thrust through her.

Jim was leaning up on his elbow, watching. Lori looked astonished, embarrassed but spent from her cum. After she settled back, they spoke in the dark, and Lori told him what had gotten her so hot and as she fell to sleep she knew, sensed that Jim was jacking his cock to a huge cum and as she reached back and felt the large amount of cum and the rigidness of his cock she sensed something was about to change.

Over the next few weeks Jim prodded her to relive a scene or make one up with a strange man, and as Lori started to do it as a primer to real sex, masturbating together, before long, Jim was only jacking off to her stories, and no longer much interested in having sex all that much. Occasionally he would use the dildo on her while she fantasized about someone she saw and fancied or made up, while she teased her clit. Not long after that Jim started leaving web sites up and leave when she arrived home, saying he had to run to the store or something. There on the screen were men and women like them who were experimenting, doing things and while Lori thought that the most perverted thing she would do is to fantasize about some strange man fucking her while she was in bed with Jim, fact was Jim was no longer fucking her and she was a gorgeous woman, a powerful businesswoman and she hadn’t worked to get where she was to just be satisfied. As Jim each time stayed out longer before coming back home, Lori began to look at the sites and it wasn’t long before she was fingering herself to the pictures and stories and chats she had online. Then in bed she would replay a scene that she saw online and gradually they became raunchier and much nastier than she even realized. One night her story involved a black man with a thick hard cock that worked as a janitor at the building she worked at and failing to knock, came into her office when she was still there. She worked up the story to Jim until she was on her knees with torn stockings and her lace panties torn down her leg, her blouse ripped open and her tits on display, as she sucked his long shaft in her mouth and let him cum a thick load on her face and tongue. Jim had been stuffing the new dildo she had gotten, a round veined gelled cock, into her and stretching her out and stroking up when he yanked it out and started to crawl up on her to pound her and she threw him back angrily, yelling for him to shove the dildo back in and to never ever try that again, “Never ever try and fuck me Jim, you had your chance for more than two years and now you think you can just come back in and fuck me now. Get that fake fucking cock back in me, I am almost ready to cum; hurry; honey, get it in there…God yes…” As soon as she came she rolled over and could hear Jim whacking his cock and was certain she felt some of his cum splash on her ass. Disgusted she pulled the comforter up and wiped the jizz off and snorted a nasty disgust under her breath. “Jim, next time you jack off, I want you to get up and use the bathroom, OK?” She barely heard him say yes in compliance.

Within a month, Lori was completely in charge of what happened and did not happen in the house and the bedroom. She stayed online for hours after work and set up accounts to chat and post pictures and to share experiences with other men and women and hot wives and often with men who considered themselves dominant. Jim was quiet and mainly stayed to certain areas of the house but Lori would sometimes catch him in the living room or his office stroking his cock off to either porn or online movies. In those times she merely would watch, maybe lifting her skirt so that he could see her covered pussy or playfully kneel down as if she were going to give him head or let him squirt off in her mouth, then she would let him sometime, cum in her palm. That was the extend of their sex now, him whacking off and her delivering stories while Jim either fucked her with a dildo or licked her to a cum as she closed her eyes imagining some perverted act she was letting happen.

As time went on, she would do new things, things that she got from her Internet sites.

Later that night was when she got the first email from him. Lori was immediately wet thinking back on that moment. She had been advertising and testing the waters with the sites she had been visiting, more often than not finding the men were simply playing at being cuckolds or Dom’s. The more she perused the subject and did research the more she found that most, if not all, were not fully in the lifestyle and were out to get a quick piece outside their own marriage. She would tease and placate them, but she often got little response after she tried to confirm anything they said. She had in the past few months had become adroit at sensing what she wanted and knowing that she had pretty much consigned her husband Jim to the mere wretched role of useless, she wanted to see how far she was willing to go with this new role. She hadn’t all that much to lose at this point, she thought, sexually, at least.

She still went to work and appeared to be the consummate professional, always poised and dressed elegantly and charmingly unabashed towards everyone. Still, she looked at every male with an eye to him being something to her, a part of her hidden world, her secretive alter ego. She didn’t do it often, but sometime she would lock herself in her office and think of a colleague or a man she saw at lunch and think of him in part of her fantasy role play she would play out at home. Maybe a bike messenger, sweaty and foul from riding all over and delivering her a package and when she opened it, it was a sluttish outfit he had her wear as he used her, or a vendor who happened to be out on business and invited her back to his hotel room, wanting her to debase herself for him as he jacked off, not wanting to cheat on his wife but wanting her to perform for him while he watched. She would then open her legs and pull off her panties and masturbate herself, looking at her fingers going in and out her bald pussy, as she kept completely shaved now, watching as her quim crčme drooled onto her fingers. She bit down onto a pen so as to not scream out, she only groaned a hard full moan as she came and then let herself feel her orgasm tingle out her nerve ends, exhausted and drained. One day she had not even been thinking or even distracted by anyone, and she went in her office to work an account. At one point Lori thought, she would look at her account on one of her sites. No one was really around as if was the end of the fiscal period and most people had finished their numbers and were out shopping for the upcoming Christmas season.

That was when his email popped up. The title was “Load Whore”. Lori nearly deleted it without opening it. It seemed so disgusting, so childish that someone would expect an answer to that type of blatant vulgarity. Still she was playing with the idea of just looking at it and then deleting it.

“Lorena (her online name) I saw your profile online at HotWXXXX, and knew that you and I had a commonality between us. You can find me on the site as DomHard. You are obviously a cunt hole that needs to be serviced by cock, your greedy mouth, fuck hole cunt and hungry asshole were made to be worshipped by a hard thick shaft being rammed in your holes, there is no question of that fact. You see yourself as a piece of fuck meat, you imagine yourself being used and degraded. I know you the way I know the fullness of my cock when I look at your pictures and read your profile. Your husband is a wimp, his idea of sex with you is to lick you quickly and let loose his puny load on you and you know that you have never been fully satisfied, have never fully felt a cum hole slut like you has ever been fully appreciated and properly fucked and humiliated completely, that you deserve to have your perversions fulfilled. Your pink wet cunt would be better served by cock than the fingers or toys you try to enjoy now, only empty promise of what you really crave and hope and need. No one knows better than you that you are a hole and a load whore whose only station in life is to be some man’s cum sucking jizz dump; knowing that your relief lies in being allowed that pleasure.

Hoping to hear from your mouth that is better used in service;


Lori was stunned by what she read, filthy and lewd and disgusting and degrading words that she abhorred. She deleted the message as soon as she closed it. She spent the rest of the afternoon checking the details of the account and tried to put the message out of her mind.

The next time she was online two days later, she again logged in to her Lorena profile and there was the note, saved to her incoming mail. She flashed by it and began to look at others online but soon she looked up the profile on a Search. There was his profile; DomHard. She didn’t want to look; but she felt maybe, maybe she owed it to at least look so as to respond that he was a vile jerk for sending such a nasty note and that she had no intention of responding but still she wanted to thank him for his time…then the profile and his picture was there open before her.


“I am a Dominant man looking for hot wives that are interested in fully realizing an experience that your marriage will not bring you. That you are looking for a sexual release beyond the normal boundaries of matrimony is a testament to your wanting to fully open yourself to new heights and needs, imagination and desire that will allow you to see what lies inside you. Please, I am not looking for a vanilla relationship between us; you should understand that I seek to develop you fully.”

Below that gave his stats and his background, education and experience. Even Lori found them impressive, Ivy League and cultured, a few years older than her and she admitted to herself, handsome in a cruel way, his face or his eyes, she wasn’t sure. She did a search of his posts on the site and they all seemed to be genuine, from his participation with others to his demeanor that he wrote to others. Something complex was the word she felt from him. She saved his profile to her Favorites and went to bed, Jim expecting her usual show of depravity but instead she merely climbed in, kissed him on the cheek and fell out almost immediately. The pictures of him on the site were the last thought she had that night.

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