It happened one sunny afternoon : Part 4.

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Tom woke next morning, Untangled himself from Mary who was wrapped around him almost suffocating him, she opened her eyeís and said.

Morning lover boy, I'm ready for round two.

Not so fast young lady said Tom, We need to stoke the boiler, that means eat and is Saturday there are things to do. Pleasure has to go on the back burner for now and we have to prepare for our visitor tonight.

Oh I forgot about that she said, Okay lets do it, what can I do?

Make a pot of tea while I wake Jackie and get things moving.

Jackie is awake said a voice from somewhere under the covers, I will be there in a moment just get my eyes to open.

So from then on things started to get done, at the breakfast table the talk was about what happened the night before and what was hoped would happen later in the day.

Jackie and Mary went next door, made sure the place was Okay then went into town together to do the chores of the day.

Tom busied himself around the house did all necessary cleaning and tidying and rang George to make sure everything was on for later that day, It was decided he would be there for seven, and was told about Mary and that she would be there too.

No problem there said George, if she wants servicing I can do that too.

Hey greedy said Tom, what about me, no doubt you will get the chance to have her but not tonight.

So the day progressed on, the girls came home washing was put on and lunch was served.
After that was cleared away Mary and Jackie made a few cakes and unpacked a few things for a finger buffet ready for entertaining that evening.
A throw was put over the sofa unit And another over the bed.

Thatís for you and Mary said Jackie indicating the sofa, George and I will have the bed.

No problem said Tom we will be fine thank you he laughed.

The rest of the day was passed in front of the TV and back and fore the washer and drier,
By six o'clock everything was ready the girls had showered Tom had bathed and they were all in dressing gowns ready for George to come along.
Wine and beer glasses were on the kitchen table food and drink was there too.

Seven sharp, the doorbell rang and Mary ran to let him in.

You must be Mary said George pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you too handsome flirted Mary.

They came in sat down, Tom threw George a dressing gown and said.

I expect you are all washed and polished, if not you know where the bathroom is get yourself undressed and put on a gown then we are all equal.

Yes boss chuckled George and off he went.

Now we poured drinks and a little soft music was playing while we all relaxed prior to our fun night.

From then on till about nine it was a few drinks and small talk while everyone got to know each other and settled in.
then about ten Tom looked to Jackie and got the nod so said.

Right you lot, laughing letís get to the action, George you got the bed with Jackie Mary and I are banished to the sofa, laughing while he said it.

George laughed and said, and if thatís not good enough there is always; the floor.

So everyone started Kissing and it was not long before all dressing gowns were discarded and there were four naked bodies doing all sorts of things.
Jackie and George were laid there in 69 position and along with the slurping there was quite a bit of cooing and awing from Jackie she was obviously enjoying the cunningness no doubt George was enjoying his cock being sucked as it was once again like a thick shiny black truncheon about eleven or twelve inches long.
Tom caught Mary staring at it and said.

Whatís so interesting Mary.

She replied, look at that cock, he is built like a horse, Nice.

Why do you fancy a bit of that then, I know he would not hurt you, he is the gentle giant.

Yes I do said Mary, and if you recommend his being gentle I can go for a bit of that.

Okay said Tom that will be another time we got no worries now no one will question your coming here so soon you will get your wish, but tonight you are mine.
They continued to kiss and cuddle and Tom was quickly into his stride his prick was as hard as steel and his lips and fingers were working overtime, his fingers were up in Maryís pussy and they were circling around her G spot, she was in heaven had already had a couple of orgasms before Tom offered his prick to her entrance and pushed in,

God she is a tight fit he thought as only his knob was in and once again he was thinking he was a dog and was knotted, as before he waited till she relaxed before pushing in then stroked out and in slowly at first until she had her second orgasm then speeded up to finish her again as he emptied his balls firing rope after rope of hot spunk into her love tube.

Tom eased out and Mary was so worked up she was still convulsing on the sofa obviously having a great orgasm.
After she calmed she Held Tom tight and said

"That was great, the best ever, wow!!". They laid there for a few minutes listening to Jackie and George.

George had Worked Jackie Up not that she had needed much, she had been on cloud nine all day.
But George was thorough and they 69íd at first then he went to work mostly with his tongue, he brought her off several times. Then at the end when it was his turn to unload, he had her at her peak before releasing his seed twelve inches into her body, as he fired the first spurt he pushed all the way in and kept pushing hard till his balls were empty.

They collapsed in a heap and lay there for a few moments regaining their breath and composure.

Well, Tom asked Jackie?

Great she said just as I knew it would be.

We got a problem now said Tom, after Mary saw Georges Truncheon she wants to try it.

Thatís not a problem said George but not tonight, I plan to plough Jackie one more time tonight then I will need twenty four hours to fill my balls again he laughed..

At this moment Toms door was being knocked. He quickly put on his dressing gown and went to see who it was. It was Jill, Maryís sister. she had had a row with the boyfriend and come home. Tom brought her to the Kitchen and said.

Donít worry about what you see talk to Mary then say Okay you understand and as long as you can join the club you will keep stump.
Tom went in whispered to Mary who went to the Kitchen spoke to Jill Then brought her to the bedroom and said.

Hi everybody a new member, she is Okay as long as she can get a fuck and I said she can Borrow Tom when he is ready.

Everybody laughed and heaved sighs of relief. It had all worked out Okay after all, but was a scary moment.

So Jackie found another gown, threw it to Jill and said

Mary will show you the bathroom, get your clothes off as a club member no clothes aloud.

Everyone laughed. After a few drinks and a bit of recovery time the fucking started again, Mary became a spectator at the bed watching George and Jackie while Tom Seduced Jill again and gave her a few orgasms before he fucked her, probably a bit harder than he meant to, but at the end all was well everyone was happy and well fucked.

As Jill was home the girls went home to bed and the other three shared the bed, a great time had been had by all.

So now there were five in the club and one too many girls so they were going to need a fifth but not till after the next time so They could see how things worked out with George and Jill and Mary. Maybe one of Georges friends who knows.

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