Lois likes pain

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Lois heard noises coming from the bedroom. Her mom was undressed with two naked men lying on the bed sucking her fat breasts.

"Mom, you slut!" giggled Lois.

The surprised men looked at Lois and ask if she wanted to join them.

She took off her clothes and lay next to her mom.

"Fuck me" she demanded.

One man mounted Lois while the other mounted her mom. Lois loved to screw her mom's boyfriends. When she was a little girl her mother let her watch all kinds of perverted sexual acts. When she was nine her mom broke her cherry with her fingers. Then she encouraged her lover to fuck her bloody hole. Lois was hooked on painful sex from then on. She would do any thing that was ask of her. Lois heard her mother moan in climax and knew she was close to one herself. When the men were done they put on their clothes and left. Lois snuggled up to her mom and said.

"Let's go to a lesbian bar"

"That's a good idea honey, I'm still horny" smiled Kathy. Lois and Kathy got dressed. They both put on short skirts and didn't wear undergarments. They drove to a seedy part of town and went into a gay bar. The dykes whistled at them and made lewd remarks. Lois and her mom sat at a table and ordered drinks. Two large women joined them.

"Do you know where you're at sweetly?" ask a fat blond.

"My daughter and I want our pussy's sucked" said Kathy.

Lois unbuttoned her blouse so they could see her breasts. The women were surprised. This mother and daughter were evidently nasty sluts. The blond dyke called Lucy grabbed a tit and squeezed it so hard it hurt. Lois moaned and said.

"I love pain with sex"

"I'll give you what you want bitch" snarled Lucy.

The other woman called big Bertha stuck her hand under Kathy's skirt and felt her hairy cunt. Kathy spread her legs and said.

"Come home with us and we will be your sex slaves"

The women gladly went home with Kathy and her daughter. When they got in the house they undressed and kissed and groped each other.

"Did you mean it when you said you liked painful sex?" ask Lucy.

"Yes" replied Lois.

The blond slapped her in the face and made her nose bleed. Lois smiled and ask for more.

"Hit her in the belly" said Kathy laughing.

Lucy hit the girl so hard the wind was knocked out of her. Then Kathy got a thick wooden stick and said.

"Use this"

The blond assaulted Lois with vigor. She beat the sobbing girl with all her strength. Red bloody welts appeared on her breasts and ass. Then Kathy lay on the floor and spread her legs so Bertha could eat her cunt while she watched. Lucy continued beating Lois until she was exhausted. Then she took the weeping girl in her arms and kissed her.

"Was I too harsh?" she ask.

"You made me climax" said Lois wiping away her tears.

Kathy and Bertha went to the bedroom and fell asleep. Lois and her lover had sex until dawn. Neither one wanted to waste time sleeping. Lois lay her head on Lucy's lap and let her stroke her hair.

"I love you" she whispered.

"You're sweet" said Kathy.

The next morning Kathy woke up Bertha and ask.

"Hi honey, do you want me to eat your cunt again?"

"Oh god yes" smiled the big woman.

Her pussy tasted musky and sweet. Finally Bertha climaxed on Kathy's face. It was wonderful! They did each other until they heard Lois and Lucy downstairs. Kathy and Bertha went to see what they were doing. Lucy was beating her daughter with the stick again. The girl was a bloody mess. She had welts all over her body.

"I think she has had enough" said Kathy.

"Please mom, I love what she is doing" sobbed the girl.

Kathy and Bertha sat on the couch and watched. Bertha got excited seeing the young girl dancing around in pain and finger fucked Kathy like mad.

"UUUNnnhh" moaned Kathy in climax.

Suddenly Lucy pushed Lois to the floor and licked her asshole. She climaxed so hard she trembled. Kathy and Lois were tired so the lesbians got dressed and went back to the bar. Kathy felt the welts on her daughter's body.

"She beat the hell out of you"

"I loved it"

"You're a freak" laughed her mom.

"You made me that way" giggled Kathy.

Lois kissed her daughter passionately and said.

"I'm glad I did"

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