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This is a story about how I fulfilled a fantasy of mine without struggling a little bit. I am a 19-year-old student studying in a reputed university in Bangalore city. Even though I lived in a hep city like Bangalore I never ever asked any girl out. I was living a lonely life and just masturbating to fulfill my sexual needs. I lived in a small 1-bedroom house that I had taken it for rent from a lady who lived just below my house. She lived there with her daughter. Her husband was a military man who was posted to the border and had been there for seven years. She also had a son who was studying in a military school somewhere in the northern part of India. From the time I had met this lady I had started to fantasize about her. She had huge boobs, which were big enough to knock me down to the ground. After shifting to the house I had only one thing in my mind while masturbating and that was my landlady. She was about 40 years old. Her daughter who was 18 years old was also beautiful but her figure wasn’t as volumptuos as her mom’s. Even with a young girl staying right under my house and many more in the area and my college, my fantasies were only about the landlady.

After about two months of my stay I noticed that the lady had started wearing half and tight blouses with her saris and she started wearing almost transparent nightdresses through which I could almost clearly see her boobs jumping up and down when she climbed down the stairs. All these totally freaked me out and I was losing control. One fine winter morning the landlady’s daughter came up to my room and asked me if I could help her since she was having some trouble with her computer. I agreed and went down with her to her room and started working on the computer. A little while later the landlady came into the room wearing one of those transparent nightdresses. My penis was already bulging up and as if that wasn’t enough she bent over towards me trying to get a better look at the computer and when she did that, her huge assets touched my right arm, we were in this position for about 20 seconds. I started sweating but tried to hide my desperation. I finished with the comp and got up to go, once again scrubbing my hand over her boobs. I quickly moved away and while on my way back to my house I just peeped through the window and to my shock I saw the landlady and her daughter kissing each other, that was when I found out that mother and daughter shared a lesbian life.

After six days of this incident, one morning when I was getting ready to go to my college, the landlady came into my room and said she wanted to talk to me and asked me to come down. I agreed and went down to her house. She started telling me about how she was very lonely without her husband and that she had started suffering from depression. She then said she wanted my help, I asked her how. She said that after her children grew up nobody would drink her breast milk and that she was feeling uncomfortable with that. And she said she wanted me to drink her breast milk. Though this was one of my fantasies I first disagreed to make myself look good but later I agreed to it. That evening I went to her house, and found that both mom and daughter were waiting for me. The landlady was wearing a sari with a half blouse and her daughter was wearing a low cut skirt and a top with a plunging neckline. They took me inside their room and then the fun began. The landlady started undressing her sari, and then she removed her blouse to reveal her assets. Her enormous boobs were right in front of me and only a bra was between my eyes and her boobs. She then turned her back towards me and told me unhook her bra. My dreams coming true before my eyes I slowly unhooked her bra, I removed it completely, and then she turned around to treat my eyes. She then sat on the bed. I got onto the bed and lay down on her lap. She then held me in her arms and lifted me to take me closer to her boobs. Without wasting much time I sucked into one of them. And all this while her daughter was watching sitting on the bed. I sucked for a very long time but the milk just wouldn’t get over. When I had enough I got up and her daughter took my place. She thanked me and said we could do it again.

We continued this two more times. But only half my fantasy was fulfilled, but again I didn’t have to wait for long. I went for the fourth time to her and this time she was wearing one of those almost transparent dresses. She removed the dress and her bra. Now she was wearing only a panty. She then said, “let’s make it interesting this time” I asked “how do we do that”. She told me to wear a diaper instead of my clothes. I instantly agreed this time. She gave me a diaper, it was small so I had to pin it up with pieces of cloth for it to fit. Even after all the adjustment the tip of my bulging penis was seen. She then told me to sit on her with my legs wrapped around her hip. I went into position, my penis was dying to tear apart that panty. Then just as I was about to suck her boobs she fell onto the bed with me on top of her. In an instant she removed her panty, I couldn’t believe what was happening, my penis was now rock hard and it felt like my penis would rip of the diapers I was wearing, I then felt a rubing sensation on my ass, it was the landaldy's hand on my ass, she was rubbing it vigourously, and my ass was heating up. I then wasted no time and started kissing her all over. she then started to talk dirty saying "fuck me you son of a bitch, fuck the hell out of me". All the dirty talking made me more horny. Then with one huge burst of strength the landlady ripped off my diaper. I then knelt on my knees and placed a pillow under her ass. and I started fucking her, moving forwards and backwards vigorously. she started moaning, she was having an orgasm. and then I could not hold on any more and a big burst of cum flowed into her cunt. it filled her up and was flowing out onto the bed. i then took my penis and thrust it into her mouth she licked my penis clean and in the process gave it a gloosy look. Her daughter then came inside, she was naked, and she lied down on the bed virtually asking me to fuck her. I shifted from her mom onto her and inserted my prick into her small slit. She started moaning loudly but I continued. she turned over and exposed her beuatiful ass to my penis i pricked it in and shaked it up and down, her ass was really tight just like her cunt and I knew that she was a virgin and that i was the only one who has fucked her. i then put a load of my cum into her ass the landlady then started licking the crack of my ass and the daughter started giving me a blowjob. we then took photographs of ourselves fucking each other. The rest of the night I was shifting from mom to daughter and back again. My fantasies were fulfilled. As a matter of fact I am still continuing it. We still fuck each other. We do lot of fun stuff too. Our favorite is the 69 position and. I enjoy fucking both mother and daughter together. The landlady and her daughter too enjoy this orgy and they still do not regret it. I guess seven years of staying away from her husband and sex was just too much for her to handle.

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