Little Girls are Curious

(Part 2 from 2)

After school that day she came in and I asked how school was. She told me that it was okay. I then asked her if she learned anything new in sex Ed?

"Today we discussed oral sex between a man and a women. They said it was taboo"

"That depends,” I said

"What do you mean?"

"Well some people think its taboo but others enjoy having oral sex"

"Do you and mom have oral sex?"

"Yes we do, we both enjoy the feel of it. It can be a wonderful experience if it’s done right"

"Can you teach me daddy?"

Hearing her ask me that sent chills down my spine as I took her by the hand and led her over to the couch. I then sat her down on the couch and knelt down in front of her. I reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off.

Then I propped her legs up on the edge of the couch. I looked down between them at her exposed virgin pussy; I could see the creamy white juices flowing from it. I lowered my face between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs. I slowly made my way down to her waiting pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned as my tongue touched her outer lips.

I lightly ran my tongue up and down her tiny slit and over her now swollen clit. As I did she became more excited and she spread her legs even further apart letting me lick her deeper. I looked down and saw her little bud sticking out from under its hood so I touched my tongue to it; she let out a gasp. Her juices were flowing like mad by now and were running down the crack of her ass so I ran my tongue up her crack licking up the juices.

The juices from her virgin pussy tasted so sweet and my face was now covered with it. As I continued to lick her she began to move her pussy up and down and moan. I then moved my tongue down to her little love hole and slid it in as far as I could. I began to wiggle my tongue around inside of her hole, this drove her wild and I felt her hands clasp behind my head as she pulled my face tight into her pussy.

I could tell she was fixing to climax so I put my mouth over her entire pussy and began to suck as I tongue fucked her. Then she raised her little ass and her whole body began to buck and shake as she let go with a powerful orgasm. I then sat back up and just watched her sitting there quivering. I looked down at her pussy and I could see her cum oozing from her little love hole. I just had to taste her cum some more so I leaned back over and licked the cum from her pussy.

After she calmed down I stood up and unzipped my pants and pulled them down letting my rock hard cock free. I got on the couch and straddled her so that my cock was even with her mouth. I started to jack myself off in front of her while she watched. Then I ran my cock across her warm moist lips, as I did she parted her lips and I slipped the head of my cock into her waiting mouth.

I felt her tongue slide over the head of my cock as she sucked it. My balls were tight and aching by now and I knew it wouldn't take much to make me cum. I took her one hand and placed them on my balls and she began to play with them as she continued to suck my cock. The feel of this drove me over the edge and I exploded shooting my cum deep into her throat. She sucked even harder draining me of all my cum.

For the rest of the day I thought about what we had done and I had to stop what I was doing a go relieve myself. As I laid there in bed that night thinking, I decided that in the morning I was going to take my daughter and make her a woman. I kept thinking about her tender body and how it would feel to slip my cock in and fuck her little pussy.

In the morning as my wife got ready for work I laid there playing with my cock. I knew what I was about to do was wrong but I didn't care all I want was to fuck my little girl. I listened as she left the house and drove off. I got up and put on nothing but my robe. I made my way down the hall to my daughter’s room; I stepped in and closed the door.

The dawn was just starting to break and the morning light shined through her window. I stood there looking upon her beautiful body lying there on the bed. She was wearing only her pajama top. Through the thin material I could see she didn't have a bra on and I could see her nipples poking up. I then looked down at her slender legs, they were slightly parted and I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties, this made me want her even more.

I walked over to the foot of her bed and gently parted her legs till she was spread eagle. I then slowly knelt down on the bed between them. Still sleeping I reached up and undid the buttons of her pajama top and opened in up revealing her small firm breasts. I was amazed at how big her nipples were for a girl of her age. Quietly I leaned over and licked my tongue across one of her nipples, then across the other one.

I heard her moan as I licked them. Then I took and started to lightly suck on them and as I did she started to moan. Slowly I began to lightly kiss a path down over her belly to her sweet little pussy. As I reached her slit I noticed that her pussy lips were open wide and her tiny love button was sticking out. I started to lick my tongue up and down over her swollen clit.

Her breathing became heavy and I knew she was aroused. I looked up and saw she was awake now. I sat back up and she watched as I undid my robe and removed it. My cock was rock hard and she just laid there looking at it.

"What are you doing daddy?"

"I'm going to give you your last lesson in sex education"

"What’s that?"

"Daddy’s going to fuck your little pussy"

I then lowered myself between her legs, and as the head of my cock entered her little hole she gasped. Her pussy was tight so I only inched a little at a time into her, stopping every now and then so that her pussy could adjust to its size. Soon I had my cock fully embedded in her pussy. I just laid there letting her pussy become accustom to it.

"Oh daddy, it feels so big and so gooood"

Then as I started to slowly withdraw it she cried, "No daddy, please don't take it out, keep it in me". I told her to just relax and let me take care of everything. I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her throbbing pussy.

I could feel her pussy contracting hard around my cock and she began to moan with delight. So I started pumping her a little faster. I knew if I kept this up I would lose control and explode so I slid my cock all the way in and just held it their hoping my cock would settle down. By now she was so aroused that she started to wiggle her pussy around on my cock trying to get me to fuck her more.

It felt so wonderful that I just let her wiggle all she wanted. It must have felt good to her too because she started going wild bucking her pussy hard on my cock. She was panting hard by now and I knew she was on the verge of having and orgasm, so I began ramming my cock in and out of her.

She wrapped her arms around me and lifted her legs in the air as I fucked her hard. Then I felt her whole body shake and I knew she was cumming this drove me crazy and I exploded sending my cum deep inside of her pussy. As she felt my cum squirting into her she let out a cry and had another orgasm.

Afterwards we lay there with my cock still inside her pussy. Finally I got up and went out to the kitchen and made us breakfast. After doing the dish's I went into the bathroom in our room and took a shower. When I walked out of the bathroom I found my daughter lying on the bed naked with her legs spread wide.

"Come FUCK me again daddy, I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me again"

I dropped the towel that was around my waist and walked over to the bed and lay down beside her. She reached out and put her hand around my cock and started to play with it, then she went down and took it into her mouth and sucked on it. It didn't take long till my cock was hard again.

I reached out and took her in my arms and pulled her on top of me. I positioned her on her knees straddling my cock, and then I took my cock and guided it into her hot pussy. Being the first time she ever rode a man she was kind of awkward, but she soon caught on and began to ride my cock hard.

I watched as she closed her eyes and started to moan with delight at the feel of my cock going deep in her tiny pussy. I leaned forward a sucked on her breast; this made her ride me even faster. I laid back and watched her as she slid her pussy up and down the long hard shaft of my cock. Her love juices were flowing down over my balls and I could feel my cock enlarging inside her pussy. I knew I was about to explode.

"OHHH GODDDD baby, that’s it fuck daddy, you’re going to make daddy cum"

"Oh yes daddy its so big and hard, do it, cum in me"

With that I shot my load. As I did she let out a loud moan and started shaking, I knew she was going to climax so I thrust my cock deep in her pussy as she started to cum. I felt spasm after spasm from her pussy as she let go. She then collapsed onto my chest trying to catch her breath. She then gave me a deep kiss and said,

"I love you daddy, and you can fuck me anytime you want cause now I'm YOUR little slut"

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug.

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