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Posted by r shoupe
you forgot to brake her chrrey
Posted by Joe Shmo
Great story. Would have been better if she was nervous, and she said stop or something like that. But then later on she got into it. Also some anal later on would have been great.
Posted by L
I agree with Joe but it was a good story
Posted by Jim
OMG that was an awesome story. Made me think of my Daughter at that age and now. Made me cum real hard. Thank you.
Posted by Joe
The same thing happend to me but my daughter was 9
Posted by Big daddy
I got to teach my 7yo how to give a blow job. She can take al 7in in her throat and her ass and loves for me to cun on her face. She also liker to let my friends plax with her when she sits in their laps during our poker game. She gets 4 moutheul of cun each time
Posted by Daniel Doggett
I've always wanted one of my daughters to cum ask me things like this and that I may be able to teach them as well
Posted by Mrcuminyou
Loved the storie wish i had a daughter who was willing to let me teach her aboyt sex would love to slide her panties to the side and slip my Dick deep n her little tight wet pussy till she came allover herself
Posted by Virgil
An extremely interesting story, though the girl was a little old for the question sessions. It would have been a little better if she was, say about 12 or younger. I'd say nine would probably be the best as that is the age most dad's get the treatment and a chance to fuck their little girls.
Posted by coolio
Great story. Ive fantasized over my daughter. Sweet juices
Posted by baldsbest
big daddy, she is 7 can I come and play poker and make it 5 mouthfuls of cum, love my hand inside her knickers too
Posted by mike
oh damm that was suck a great story i even started cumming i could picture it in my mine damm wish i had a little girl
Posted by luvemunda12
agreed 18 is too old I like em before they get hair on the pussy, especially if they want to f-ck
Posted by Mark Elliott
Great story
Posted by David
Good story watch the grammar use your spell check and be more descriptive on the sex parts
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