Lesbian Love

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"What do you want to do?" Lexi said
"I don't know,  it doesn't matter to me." I said

Lexi got up and headed to the bathroom,  "where are you going?" I asked,  staring at Lexi. I couldn't help but look at her body,  it made me feel all good inside.
Lexi turned around,  her long dark brown hair flung over her shoulder,  and she looked at me with her dazzling hazel eyes.

"I'm going to take a shower,  I'll be back in 20 mins. You could watch tv or something until I get out if you want." Lexi said. She then turned back around and headed to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I heard Lexi turn on the water and the sound of the curtain closing. I sat there for a moment,  listning to the water splash against the tub,  I closed my eyes and pictured Lexi's naked body. I felt myself getting wet,  I didn't know what to do,  and I didn't know if Lexi was like me,  maybe I should find out. I opened my eyes and looked at the bathroom door, my heart skipped a beat. I got and slowly headed to the door,  grabbing the doorknob.

I opened the door slowly,  steam from the hot water filled the room and it made me hot but I didn't care. I closed the door silently,  not wanting to be heard.
I slowly took off my clothes and touched my pussy, it tickled but felt amazing at the same time. I could hear Lexi washing her hair,  she was almost done,  and this was the perfect tie to make a move. I walked over to the shower and slowly opened the curtain,  Lexi didn't hear e so she just remained the way she was. I looked at her perfect naked body and a wave of pleasure washed over me and I gasped a little but not loud enough for her to hear.

I inched forward and raised my hands to her breasts, her sweet perky breasts. Lexi jumped a little,  opened her eyes,  and stared at me for a moment. Then a smile appeared on her face,  "I was waiting for you." she said. She leaned forward,  pressed my body against hers,  and started kissing my neck up and down. I could feel my pussy throb,  wanting to be touched by Lexi's sweet fingers. Lexi knew I wanted her so bad,  just like she wanted me. Lexi layed me down in the tub and started kissing me slowly and gently down my chest,  past y stomach,  and to my pussy. She paused for a minute then lifted my leg on the side of the tub and began massaging my thighs.

My pussy was soaking wet at this point,  I wanted the pleasure,  the love of Lexi,  I wanted her to be mine. Lexi bent down and started licking the juices from my pussy,  I grabbed her head,  wanting her to thrust her tongue deep inside me. Her tongue was so wet and amazing,  I didn't want this to end. She then stuck her tongue deep inside me,  so deep that I moaned,  I could tell Lexi was enjoying this as musch as I was. Lexi moved her hand to my ass and stuck it in,  I gripped the side of the tub,  the water was still fallin on us and it made this feel more amazing,  and I moaned in pleasure.

She continued until I came,  and after I came,  she licked up all of my juices. She layed on top of me and her mouth was just inches fro my ear.
"Did you enjoy that baby?" she asked as she rubbed my thighs.
"Yes,  so much." I said while looking at her ass.

She kissed my neck and I closed my eyes from the pleasure. I grabbed her ass and said,  "Now it's my turn."

Lexi got off of me and I stood up and got out of the shower. Lexi looked at me,  wondering what I was about to do. I turned of the shower,  grabbed her hand,  and helped her out of the shower. I pulled her towards the bedroo and threw her on the bed.
"Oh I like it rough." Lexi said.
"Good because we're about to getrough and nasty."

I walked over to my dresser, pulled out my vibrating dildo,  and went back over to Lexi.
"Lay down and relax."I said to her.

She did as I said and I climbed on top of her and slowly rocked my hips,  she moaned slightly. As I rocked my hips,  I grabbed her boobs,  then bent down and began sucking and licking them. I continued this for about 2 mins. I then turned on the dildo and stuck it inside of her wet, tight, juicy pussy,  I started slow then pumped faster and faster with each thrust. She moaned loud and sexy at each pump.

"Don't stop baby! Don't stop!........Fuck me! Harder!...Harder!......Oh! Oh!.......Yeah baby!" Lexi screamed, it was so hot and sexy.
I wanted this to go on forever.
"I'm about to cum!"

I finally hit the spot and she screamed so loud from the pleasure.
I want to do this again with Lexi because this was the best night ever.

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