Black Alley

(Part 1 from 2)

‘Cheat on me will he!’ Carol stood in the comfort of her bedroom, squeezing her ample cleavage into a very short and extremely revealing cocktail dress. The tears were still wet on her cheeks, making her mascara run. Not that it detracted from her incredible figure. The term ‘cock magnet’ certainly suited the thirty-two year old brunette. Then she had spent the biggest part of the afternoon getting ready for her big night out. A night that she would never forget. She hadn’t done anything like THIS before. Indeed Carol’s hands where trembling as she lit a cigarette and let the events of the last 24 hours run through her mind. Folding her arms the wedding photo on the dresser caught her eye. Tom. The no-good husband she was going to get back at.

The cigarette made her feel better. Calmer, though her steely determination remained. Without a word she took the photo and lay it face down. They had never had kids. Maybe it would have been better if they had. Provided some support maybe? After correcting her makeup Carol took a last stand in the mirror. Somehow the face of Tom’s younger, teenage mistress came back at her. Blue eyes and long blonde hair. A body that was tight and slim. Carol too looked after her figure. Her legs were long and her thighs rounded and beautifully shaped. Extremely smooth to the touch. Breasts that remained as eye-catching and firm as ever. Her round, flat nipples slightly showing through the thin dress. Certain to attract attention. She couldn’t go out like this could she? Without a bra they moved as she did. An action that alone that was difficult on her very tall high heels. 

She had only just finished when the horn of the taxi blew from outside. The sound breaking her from a momentary daze. With a deep breath the lovely woman collected her coat and went downstairs. She was ready. Leaving the lights in the hall on as she locked the door behind her and cast a last, lonely look into the house. Outside it was freezing. The biting cold blowing right through her coat and meeting her skin full on. Carol stumbled back, shivering, gritting her teeth and making for the taxi. Opening the door she got in. 
‘Where too lady?’ the driver asked. He was an Indian man of mid forties. Moving the rear view mirror until it gave him a satisfactory view of his fare. Carol pushed back her hair and looked up. The drivers driver’s eyes where smug and liked what they saw. 
‘Just into town’. 

As they drove she thought of her husband and his new whore. It just didn’t seem right and feeling the guilt Carol took her mobile from her handbag and checked for messages. There were none. Why would there be? Clearly her husband didn’t care what she did. If he could fuck around then so could she! Clearing her head Carol held back the tears. Choosing instead to follow the young people through the dirty cab window. Dressed up in their finest as they made their way into town. She knew it wouldn’t be hard for her. A good looking woman always got what she wanted in this town. Particularly one with her tits on full show. The drivers, smug eyes remained fixed on her cleavage. Clearly he felt he could look where he wanted. Putting her phone away Carol checked once again the £500 she had taken from the safe. The crisp excessive notes stashed in her purse. It was time to get started.

The sound of town at night was something Carol was unused too. Tom didn’t take her out as often as he used too. Then he had a new plaything. After paying the driver she huddled her coat around her body. It was still early for the clubs and pubs to be in full swing. Thankfully few had queues. Carol crossed the wet road towards the nearest and most safe looking, the pounding throb of music coming from within. She remembered her teenage days when she and friends used to go out together. Happy, carefree, dancing around their handbags. Rain was falling lightly in a faint drizzle and Carol was glad to get under cover. The doormen both grinned as she approached, her high heels tap-tapping on the pavement. Flashing a curt smile they opened the door and in she went.

A short time later Carol was sitting by a polished wooden table at the rear of a lively bar. Her fourth Bacardi and Coke stood in front of her and she was feeling comfortable with herself. In fact, she was enjoying being there. The dance music became oddly soothing over time. Reminding her again of how long it had been since Tom had taken her out anywhere. How could she have become so out of touch? Looking around she was one of the only single people there. A group of women, probably an office party where having a celebration of some kind. Girls dressed in skimpy clothes and enjoying the attention being lavished on them by a horny eyed group of young, late teenage men. Carol lit a cigarette, wondering if her husband had any hint what she was planning. Probably not. If she was going to do this she needed to act and began wishing she had sat at the bar. A shriek from the office party made her jump. Her heart pounding. She had to act. She had too. 

With a deep breath Carol checked her watch and slid off her coat. Feeling exposed but pleasurably so as she folded it beside her. Almost immediately one of the young men noticed and pointed her out to his friends. Carol looked away. Feeling like a piece of meat but enjoying the sudden attention as the fingers jabbed and the eyes leered. As she reached for her drink her hand was trembling again. Nervously she re-crossed her legs, closed her eyes and tried to focus. She was not wearing any underwear and that alone reminded her of what her mother used to warn about certain types of women. The attention from the young men grew. Mainly because it was clear this single, lone female was seemingly eager to show off her body. The first to make eye contact was in his early 20’s. Standing out from the rest of his group. Well built. Muscular and wearing a tight shirt that showed it off. Carol liked that. Confidence. He was full of it, even letting his eyes drop willingly to her cleavage. Letting her know just how interested he was. If only Tom could see her now. She smiled as his eyes fell again. A sudden wave of satisfaction in that she still easily pull a young stud. 

Eventually the young man came walking over. Egged on by his friends.
‘Can I buy you a drink’ he asked Carol. 
‘Sure, if you think you have a chance’.
‘I’m sure I do’ the man said. Letting his eyes drop down to her cleavage. Young men of his age were always so erect and forward. It reminded Carol of her teenage years and his reply sent a ripple though her body. Nerves seeming to evaporate as her cold determination took over. She would make Tom pay all right. There was no doubt about it and if the confident young man kept this up she would be sucking his dick in no time. 

Carol flirted as best she could. A little drunkenly as the man sat beside her. She wasn’t used to the drink and he took every opportunity to look down her dress and beneath the table to her legs at regular intervals. Soon the young lad, whose name was Mark asked her to join his friends at the bigger table. Laughing Carol agreed. Eager to be one of the crowd. Her legs wobbled as she stood, laughing and spilling her drink. She took marks arm and he led her over. Horny, intoxicated looks from the group. All eyeing the very short dress as the sexy woman in front of them crossed her long legs and downed another B&C. In no time Carol was asked for a kiss. She agreed. Pleased as the man assuredly put a hand on her neat waist and delivered it with style. Another followed. More urgent. Almost without knowing Carol was kissing him hard. Her arms around his neck. 
‘You have a place near here?’ he whispered under the noise of the bar.
‘Wouldn’t you rather take me home with you tonight’ she replied. Suddenly worried about Tom coming home and disturbing them. She couldn’t be sure he would stay away all night. ‘I promise it’ll be worth your while’. As if to pressure him Carol began discreetly rubbing her hand against the bulge in the young mans trousers.

It was raining harder by then. The bar had closed and people where drifting home. Once outside he was all over her. Though by now our heroine was well in the mood. Carol turned discreetly away from the crowd of people leaving. She stood with her hands on her hips. Smiling as she let him fondle her tits through her dress. He’d deserved it. His car was across the road. She felt a surge of satisfaction and surprise as he led her to the Porsche. 
‘It’s almost new’ he said. Seeing how impressed she was with the sportscar. With a smile, Carol slid into the leather seat. Crossing her smooth legs as the man got in beside her. 
‘I cant wait to see your place’ she said seductively and reaching out to touch his shoulder. The man glanced at her. Awkwardly for the first time. Then shaking his head.

The car sped along. Faster than it should though he was eager to impress. Mark grinned from ear to ear as Carol’s head bobbed in his lap. She had been sucking his dick from almost the moment they had set off. From inside the only sounds were the soft purring of the engine and the steady groans of the recipient. Taking hold of the man with her fist and sliding her lips up and down over the swollen head. Faster she stroked. Wanking him off hard then rolling her mouth down over his dick. Enjoying the effect it was clearly having. ‘Oh..oh yeah’ he groaned. The car swerved over quickly to the side of the road. Just in time as seconds later the wad of come splattered onto the roof of Carol’s mouth. She waited until he had finished then turned, opened the car door and spat onto the street.

When she turned back Mark wasn’t grinning in the way she had hoped. 
‘Listen…’ he said nervously. The confidence now gone. ‘We can’t go back to my place’. The brunette frowned. 
‘What do you mean?’ He was sweating. Maybe not from the oral sex. Something else was wrong.
‘I mean…my fiancée. She's there. I…I don’t want any trouble’. Carol folded her arms. The temper that was usually reserved for her husband rising. This sudden news had her wide-eyed in disbelief.
‘How dare you’ she gasped. ‘Don’t you think you should have mentioned it before?’ Mark lifted his hands in a defensive gesture. ‘You got your dick sucked first didn’t you!’ 
‘Look. I’ll drop you off at a taxi rank’.
‘A taxi rank!’ Carol’s voice was raised. Hurt and infuriated. All the anger she felt at her cheating husband that this man had seen her as just a quick blow. Well this was one he wasn’t going to get. She opened the door and got out. The car engine already revving up at she slammed it behind her. Watching as the car disappeared into the night.

Carol stood watching it for some moments. Her chest pounding. Rising and falling with each angry breath. She was in the middle of the street. Late at night. Checking her watch it was past 1’o clock. A sudden gust of icy wind blew harshly between her legs making her totter backwards. In her short dress she knew she stood out like a sore thumb and this certainly wasn’t the best part of town for a woman to be out alone. Her diamonds around her neck and over £300 in her purse. He couldn’t have left her in a worse place. Carol cursed. Litter blew about in the road, piled against the houses. All of which where devoid of lights and boarded up. The nearby lamp flickered in response. She could hardly see a thing yet took her mobile phone from her bag. Maybe Michele (a close friend) would come and pick her up? If she was at home. 

The batteries to her phone where dead. Typical. She began walking. Her silver, sparkling high heels tapping and echoing in the street. There was no one around. Not even a passing car that she could flag down. Feeling sudden determination she strode purposefully for ten minutes or so. Her breasts proudly bobbing in her dress. More boldly than Carol felt. She was soon cold, shivering and understandably afraid. Thinking about her husband. Tom would come for her. That would mean a cruel defeat and she knew it. If only she could find a phone. 
‘HEY LADY!’ It was a shout more than anything. Cutting through the night air. Carol did not look at first. She froze. There on the corner where two figures. One taller than the other but obviously both male. Wrapped up thick coats. They where both looking right at her. Silhouetted against the skyline. 

She didn’t wait. Turning her back on the men she started walking. Head down. The tapping of her high heels on the wet pavement faster and faster. Stumbling as she gasped. Behind her the catcalls came. Growing nearer all the time. 
In her time Carol had taken plenty of such banter. Though none had ever scared her as much. Perhaps it was the fear. The tone or the foreign sound to the men’s accents. The fact that she was alone and lost. Her breathing heavy as she strode on. What a night this was turning into. Not daring to look back. Getting closer behind her. Panic. As she glanced over her shoulder she caught sight of the two men. They where following her. She was almost running. Though unable to travel fast on her high heels as they ‘tap..tapped’ pathetically on the cold floor. Gasping in anticipation of a hand touching her shoulder. Her whole body throbbing. 

'Hey lady' came the voice again. Closer this time. ‘No so fast huh? We jus’ wan’ talk to you’. Carol stiffened as she heard it and felt a chill run down her spine. She carried on. 'Hey…no so fast huh?' he repeated. Sounding out of breath himself and obviously not very fit. Suddenly Carol realised. She couldn’t possibly hope to outrun them. Besides where was she going? She stopped. Turning slowly and looked back up the street. Her heart relaxing as she couldn’t see anyone. No two men and for some moments she stood, breathing heavily and looking around the deserted street. They couldn’t have just vanished.
'Who...who’s there!' she called out, sounding more confident that she felt. For a moment there was no reply. Carol took a deep breath. Then across the road where a broken down shop front stood, a face came from the dark. 

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