Late at the office

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It had been a long hard day at the office, and Zoe still had paperwork to catch up on. At least with everyone else long gone she would have no interruptions. In fact it took even less time than she had expected. Sitting back in her chair she took a deep sigh of relief and let her mind wander to her plans for later that evening.

She was going out for dinner with Adam, a guy she had know from her local gym for a while now, and she was hoping that it might develop into something more. As she thought about it she pictured him in his gym gear, working out. The effect was immediate and her nipples began to harden. Zoe unfastened a couple of buttons on her blouse and slipped her hand inside, tweaking and teasing her nipples to even greater hardness. This inevitably had an effect elsewhere, and she could feel her pussy getting more and more moist.

Hitching her short skirt up around her waist Zoe eased her other hand down inside her panties, running one finger up and down between her lips, feeling the wetness. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as her finger settled on her clit, gently massaging it as the excitement began to mount within her.

“Need a hand with that?”

She almost fell off her chair she jumped so badly. She looked up aghast. It was her boss. Seems she wasn’t the only one working late that night after all. She felt a cold dread in the pit of her stomach – she simply couldn’t afford to lose her job, and all the kudos she had earned from working late had just gone clean out the window. Then some part of her brain realised what her boss had said, and thought it a strange reaction.

“I’m always eager to help my staff out however I can”

Zoe looked up startled to see her boss smiling kindly down at her. surprise and uncertainty replaced the feelings of dread and panic. With a start she realised that she still had one hand down the front of her panties, and she quickly pulled it away.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stop your fun. Let me help”

Before Zoe had time to react one way or another her boss had one hand easing its way under the waistband of her panties. She felt herself unable to react or speak. In the first place she couldn’t believe the sheer audacity of the move, and secondly she had never had any indication that her boss felt any sort of sexual attraction towards her. She had certainly never looked at her boss that way.

Now she did look more carefully, and realised how attractive, and indeed sexy her boss looked. The business suit did not completely hide the athletic physique beneath, and the smile and naughty glint in the eye suggested sexual experience beyond Zoe’s. This all came as much more of a revelation to Zoe in light of the fact that her boss was a woman.

Not only had she not looked at her boss in any sort of sexual way, but she had not looked at any woman like that. Nonetheless when her boss took her by the hand and explained that they would be much more comfortable in her office she followed compliantly. And she had to agree her boss was right. It was a real executive’s office, with a nice carpet and even a couple of comfy looking sofas either side of a low coffee table.

After closing the office door her boss guided her to the middle of the room, and with no further ado started to undo Zoe’s blouse. As she pulled it open she let out a low gasp of admiration as Zoe’s pert breasts came into view, covered only by a very small lacy bra. Pulling the blouse down over her back Zoe’s boss removed it completely, casually throwing it over the back of a chair. She now turned her attention to Zoe’s skirt, and soon had the zip unfastened and was tugging it gently but insistently down over her hips to reveal small lacy panties.
Moving round behind Zoe she started to kiss her neck and shoulders as her fingers made short work of the clasp on her bra, and soon it was hanging over the back of the chair on top of the blouse. Without breaking off from planting small delicate kisses on Sophie’s neck and ears, she moved her hands round to run her fingertips slowly, gently up between the newly exposed breasts, before circling them with the faintest of touches. The circles gradually got smaller until her fingers were actually caressing Zoe’s nipples. With a sudden change of pressure she grabbed both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and started to pinch them firmly. Zoe gasped at the sensation, as her nipples were tweaked to a pulsating erection.

The teasing tips of her bosses fingers abandoned her nipples and started to slowly work their way down over her taught abs in little zigzag motions. When she finally reached the top of the panties she ran her fingernails along the flesh directly above them, before hooking a thumb inside over each hip and tugging them downwards. While she slowly pulled them down over Zoe’s firm legs she kissed her way down her back, with the very faintest of pressure, so that at times Zoe wasn’t sure whether it was the soft flesh of her lips or just the warm breath that was causing the sensations she was experiencing.

Zoe stepped out of her panties as her bosses lips got to the round swelling of her small but shapely buttocks, planting kisses all over them before running her wet tongue down the crack between, at the same time as her fingers made connection with her clit. Zoe’s legs almost buckled under the onslaught, and as she felt the tongue probing at the opening of her backside she started to come. She actually had to lean back against her boss to remain upright, and this just had the effect of increasing the pressure from her tongue.

Springing to her feet her boss helped her across to one of the sofas and sat her down. It was only when she looked up that Zoe appreciated that she was still fully dressed, and she became suddenly aware of her own nakedness. She started to try and protect her modesty with her hands, then realised with a wry grin that it was a little late for that. In any case her boss was now removing her jacket, to reveal a very tight blouse that did nothing to hide the shape of her breasts. They were larger than Zoe’s but looked very firm with nipples that were already poking out through the material of her bra and blouse. In a moment they were just pointing through the material of the bra, as her blouse joined the discarded jacket on the other sofa.

Looking Zoe directly in the eye she unfastened her skirt and wiggled seductively out of it, leaving her standing there in matching black lingerie, including suspender belt and stockings. Leaning forwards she whispered softly in Zoe’s ear “Be a darling and help me with the clasp on my bra, it can be a little awkward”. If it could really be a little awkward in normal circumstances it was doubly so to Zoe’s shaking hands, but eventually she felt it unfasten, and pulled it away to reveal large firm breasts. She barely had time to take in the sight of them before one of them was being presented up to her mouth.

By now she was totally caught up in the moment, and after an initial tentative peck of a kiss she started to suck greedily first at one breast then, as it was presented to her, the other. Growing bolder she reached out and played with the breast that she wasn’t sucking on, squeezing it between her hands before concentrating more on the nipple, trying to make it harder than the one in her mouth.

She was getting so carried away that she actually felt a pang of disappointment when her boss pulled away. It was only a temporary separation though as she moved to sit next to Zoe on the sofa. As her boss leaned towards her Zoe followed her natural impulse to reach out and touch her stocking clad leg. It felt wonderful and she started to squeeze and rub the thigh through the sheer material. At the same time their lips made their first delicate contact, only just brushing against each other.

It felt so soft and gentle yet full of promise, and this promise was soon fulfilled as their kissing quickly became more passionate. Her boss’ lips felt wonderfully soft to Zoe as they pressed insistently against hers. Without any breaking off from the kissing her boss’ fingers once more found their way to Zoe’s clit. As the sensations started to build in her she let her hand wander further up the thigh she was still stroking until it got to the small black panties. Zoe was by now overwhelmed by sexual excitement and passion and eagerly slid her fingers inside the leg of the panties, where she quickly located her boss’s clit.

The two women continued kissing as the stroked each other towards climax. It was Zoe who started to come first, but her boss wasn’t far behind and started her orgasm while Zoe’s was still rushing through her system. Finally they collapsed in a tangled heap on the sofa. Zoe was just enjoying the sensation of all that naked female flesh pressing against hers when her phone started to ring.

“Oh my god, Adam! I’m late”
“Oops. You can always blame the boss. And maybe next time you work late you should avoid making arrangements for later.”

As she hurriedly dressed Zoe was wondering how much, if anything, she should tell Adam about tonight. As these thoughts were rushing through her mind her boss stood up and gave her a goodnight kiss and said “Do you think Adam would like to join us some time?”

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