Lewis gets a piece of ass

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It had been a while since her mother died so Louise took her daughter and went to see her dad. She told her husband that she would be back for a month. Lack was delighted because that would give him time with his secretary.


Her father was glad to see her and talked until they went to bed. The next morning she heard a noise from her dad's room and went to investigate. When she opened the door she was she was shocked to see him jacking off.

"Oh god honey you should have knocked"

"I'm glad I didn't" she laughed.

Lewis pulled the sheet over his exposed prick and said.

"I miss your mom"

"Would you like me to take her place?"

He knew his daughter was a slut and he might as well use her for his pleasure.

"Is my granddaughter asleep?"

"I let her watch when my husband screws me"

Louise took her panties and nightgown off and lowered her cunt on her father's cock. Soon she had a climax so loud she woke her daughter up. Linda came into the room and watched what was going on.

She giggled and said.

"I hope daddy doesn't find out"

"Are you going to tell him?"

"Not if you let granddad fuck me"

When Lewis heard the girl he released a river of sperm into his daughter's love tunnel.

"All right you little slut, it's your turn" said Louise.

Linda took off her pajamas and climbed in bed. Lewis sucked her growing tits and kissed her. Louise went to the kitchen and found some whisky. She poured a glass and drank it down. She thought it was funny that her 18 year old girl blackmailed her into having sex. Her dad and Linda came from the bedroom. Lewis was grinning from ear to ear. Linda play with her wet pussy and said.

"Can I stay her with grandpa when you go home"

"We're both going to stay, your father is an ass"

"Are you going to divorce him"



"He is a lousy lover and I know he is cheating on me"

"Can we both sleep with grandpa?"

"You bet"

The next day Lewis bought Linda a car and taught her how to drive. Louise divorced her husband and everyone got what they wanted

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