Kenny : Part Two

(Part 6 from 6)

He padded to the door and listened carefully. I watched him, guessing what he was about to do. His strong, lithe body leaned against the door as he listened. He wore no top, and my gaze travelled from his broad back down to the waist of the micro skirt, and further. As he leaned, I could just see the bottom few inches of the white pants below the hem of the skirt, containing those firm round cheeks that I loved to nuzzle and kiss.

Carefully, Kenny eased the door open and peered into the hallway. Doing this made more of his pants and ass visible as the skirt rode up slightly. The sight made me so horny I felt like rushing to him and plunging my cock into him there and then. I gently stroked my cock, already hard from his earlier ministrations. Kenny looked both ways along the hall and then stepped out of the door, bending down with his back to me to pick up the tray with the bottle and glasses.

This meant that the skirt rode up higher, and his lovely young ass was pointing straight at me, contained within his mini pants with several skid marks. The sight, and the thought of fucking him in his tight hole made my cock rigid with expectation.

Kenny straightened up, the wonderfully erotic sight of his pants and ass disappearing as the skirt dropped to its normal level. He stood for a moment in the hallway, looking left and right, topless and with the micro skirt and the lowest few inches of his pants visible for anyone to see. He turned and re-entered our suite, pushed the door shut with his elbow, grinning hugely.
“Nice!” he commented. “Enjoyed that, even though there was no-one there.”

He set the tray down on the coffee table and sat on the sofa. Again the micro skirt rode up, revealing the bulge in his pants where his cock, half erect, lay inside them, and the crotch of his pants where it vanished under his balls onto the sofa. He held his cock and smiled at me.
“Like it?”
“I love it,” I answered with a slightly hoarse voice. “Come here. I want that cock in my mouth.”

We moved to the bedroom and Kenny selected one of our newly purchased sex toys.
“Suck me and fuck me with this,” he implored.

He lay on the bed and I immediately dived on top of him, nuzzling and kissing that bulge inside his pants. He grew hard straight away, his breath coming faster as I kissed and sucked at him through the fabric. Then he rolled over to kneel, facing away from me. I lifted the hem of the skirt and kissed his round cheeks through his pants, then pulled down the waist and licked his crease, making it as wet as I could. Gently I probed at his crease and jewel with the tip of the latex cock, the one with the foreskin, easing the tip into him and out again, a little more each time. Kenny was breathing very hard now.

“In! In!” he murmured into the pillow. I pushed at him a little harder, felt his muscles push out to open his rosebud, and slid the cock right into him, the foreskin sliding back over its length as it slid further into his tight little ass.
“Aaaaahhhh!” he breathed. “Like it!”

He reached round and took the base of the cock in his hand, holding it in him as he rolled over onto his back and pulling up his pants to keep it in place.
“Now suck my hard rod with your hot mouth, Desi, and fuck me hard with that cock.”

I swivelled round until we were reversed, the classic 69 position, my cock poised over his face under my dress and my own mouth poised above the bulge in his pants.

He lifted his legs and held his ankles with his hands, holding his legs apart on each side of me. I could see the end of the cock buried in his ass, inside the back of his pants, ready and waiting for me to hold and slide in and out of him, and I could also se his own magnificant cock straining inside the front of the mini pants, his huge, engorged, dark helmet beginning to protrude from the waistband. Quickly I pulled it down and his cock sprang at me, silently asking to be sucked to a climax.

My hand slid slightly under his ass, taking the end of the cock through the mini pants and beginning to fuck him with it, as my mouth took in his hot shaft and I began to lick at his helmet and suck at him.
“Oh! Oh! Yes!” he gasped.
He reached up and took hold of my own cock, hard and ready, and free beneath my own little dress. He had got me so ready for him and so anxious to have him that I came as soon as he touched me, my cock jerking as I shot my cum over his hand, into the dress and over his face and chest.

Kenny also came very quickly as I stroked the cock in his ass, quite hard, and sucked his cum from him. He pushed upwards at me, off the bed, and his cock filled my mouth, his hot cum spurting into me as I gulped it down as fast as I could.
Gradually his gushes subsided but I continued to lick and suck him gently until he stopped me, too sensitive to take any more. I inserted my fingers into the elastic leg of his pants and withdrew the latex cock, bringing it to my mouth and sucking that too, tasting him on it and feeling the warmth of it from being inside his ass.

Finally, we just looked at each other and I lay beside him.
“How was it?” I asked.
“Terrific!” was his answer. “It’s amazing to be fucked and sucked at the same time. Although the cock is nowhere near as good as your real one. But still nice sometimes, I think.”

I nodded and we lay for a while, cuddling each other until I went to the other room and got us both drinks.

But finally it was the end of the week. We had tried the other, larger cock, but I had to agree with my handsome little lover, the latex was fine for an occasional thrill, but no match for each other’s real, hot, hard, meat, and lacking the exquisite feeling of hot cum spurting into our asses. After one last massive wet and horny session in the morning, we packed our stuff and boarded the courtesy car for the trip to the airport.

“How many times have you been here before?” Kenny asked me suddenly.
“A couple,” I admitted. I watched him as he glanced at me and I saw the flash behind his eyes. He didn’t say anything more and I waited till we were at the airport drop-off and out of the car before I answered his unspoken question.
“Alone!” I said firmly. “Never with anyone. They were business trips and although I’ve walked round the Red Light District I’ve never sampled their wares, any of them. If I needed any sex I sorted myself out. Alone.”

Kenny said nothing but gave me a hug before he picked up his bag.
A little over two hours later we were back at home.
Fortunately, there was no customs spot check.


I needed to make a quick phone call to confirm something without Kenny overhearing, so I sent him out to get some milk and groceries and made the call. Everything was in order and the papers had arrived and were completely correct. When Kenny returned we had a quick coffee and cigarette, unpacked our stuff, then I told him we needed to go out again.

Rather than walk I called for a taxi which duly arrived and took us to the edge of town. We pulled up beside the building and while I paid the fare Kenny looked around.
“What are we doing here?” he enquired, not unreasonably.
“Just come to collect something,” I said evasively.
“Collect something? Here? ”

I led the way through the gates, across the forecourt and through the automatic sliding doors.
We were greeted by a tall man wearing a dark suit and with a beaming smile.
“Desi, what are we doing here?” Kenny whispered. “You haven’t! Tell me you haven’t!”

The man addressed me by name and said he would escort us outside.
We dutifully followed him, Kenny tugging at my sleeve and whispering questions all the while.
The man stopped at the side of the building, beside a small, bright orange Toyota saloon.

“The keys are in the ignition,” he said, “with the spare set in the glove box, as are the insurance documents for you and Mr Noble, sent to us, and all as per your instructions.”
He opened the driver’s door with a flourish and held out his hand.

“A pleasure to do business with you, sir, and I wish you both many hours of enjoyment and many trouble free miles of motoring in the car. If, by chance, you do have any problems with the vehicle, please call and ask for me. I’ll deal with any issues at once.”
We shook hands and he left us to return to his inner sanctum.

Kenny had fallen silent and now he just stared at me, then the car, then at me again, as if he couldn’t make up his mind which he wanted to look at.
“You bought a car!” he said in a faint voice. “You did, didn’t you? You bought a car!”

“Want to see what it’s like?” I suggested and got behind the wheel as Kenny ran round and let himself into the passenger side.
We drove home sedately, or rather, I drove and Kenny spent the entire journey pushing buttons, trying the radio, playing with the electric seats and generally discovering all there was to discover in the car.

“It’s not exactly new,” I said to him. “It’s this year’s model, but it was a demonstration car, and it only has 3000 miles on the clock. Air con, CD player, sunroof, its got pretty well everything.”
Kenny glanced at me as he continued to familiarise himself with everything the car had to offer.
“I’m speechless,” he said. “I really am completely gobsmacked. Wait till I tell mum.”
“Your mum knows.”

This stopped him in his tracks. “Mum knows? How could she know already?”
So I explained how I’d told her about the little extra after our holiday, when we’d been in the restaurant.
“So now both of you are keeping secrets from me!” he complained with a smile.

In fact, it wasn’t such a “little” extra. I had actually winced when I got the insurance quote. I’d registered and insured the car in my name, but added Kenny as a named driver. The insurance company’s terms were that Kenny would accrue his own no-claims bonus that way. My premium was quite cheap, being an experienced driver, but to add Kenny as a newly qualified driver cost an extortionate amount, apart from the cost of the car itself. It took some doing to find an insurance firm that would even accept him.

We arrived home and parked the car, Kenny seemingly reluctant to leave it and bemoaning the fact that he couldn’t drive it.
“You can,” I said. “You’re insured as well, and believe me I needed a very large whisky when I got the bill.”
His eyes lit up and he just stood there and glowed with pleasure.

“When, when?”
“Not now,” I answered. “You need to calm down a bit first. Maybe we’ll go for a spin tomorrow. I’d like to see how you handle it.”
Kenny almost danced his way into the flat. He was brimming over with glee, and jumped on his phone to tell his mum.

So now there was only one final part of my long-term plan for little Kenny. I sat and smoked with a coffee while he chatted to his mum, a little unsure of how to tell him, how he would take it, and whether, after all, it was such a good idea. But everything else had worked out pretty much as I’d hoped and planned, and I convinced myself that I was being a Doubting-Thomas for nothing, and there was no reason why this shouldn’t work as well.

I knew I had to tell him this weekend, before I returned to work on Monday, and I decided to leave it until tomorrow after Kenny had had his Sunday drive, and more importantly, after we’d spent some time in bed together after that.

Kenny handled the car as if he’d been driving for years. I felt completely relaxed with him, and after the first half hour when I kept a careful watch in case he missed a sign or misread the road ahead, I knew that I could happily fall asleep while he was driving, which is the biggest compliment on his skill that any driver can receive. I had no qualms about letting him drive by himself. However, I thought that a cautionary word wouldn’t go amiss.

“You have to send off your pass slip to the insurance company,” I told him, “and then a copy of your full licence when you get it.”
He nodded, at ease with conversation while he was driving.
“Also,” I added, “you do know that the first six weeks are the most dangerous, don’t you?”

He nodded again.
“My instructor warned me,” he said. “Most new drivers have a smash or a scrape of some sort in the first six weeks. Don’t worry, Desi. I shall be very careful.”
“Well, even if you don’t have a scrape or a bang, don’t think after six weeks you’re home free!” I warned him. “You need to be as careful on the road in six or 18 years as you are today!”
“Don’t worry,” he repeated. “I don’t want anything to happen to this lovely little motor!”

“And I don’t want anything to happen to you!” I said, and after that I let it rest.
We decided to stop and have a pub lunch which we both enjoyed. No alcohol for Kenny, but I had a large scotch. It was early afternoon when we returned home. I told Kenny he could keep the car keys as I had the spare set, and that he was free to use the car whenever he wanted.

His eyes were still alight with joy from the drive, and the fact that we now had a car at all.
“Desi,” he said, “I want to give you the best sex you’ve ever had!”
He took my hand and headed for our bedroom.

“Better than we had in the restaurant?” I chuckled.
“Ah! Well, that might be difficult,” he agreed, “but as good as, anyway.”

He led me to our bed and gently pushed me down onto it. Lying half on top of me, both of us fully clothed, he spent the next twenty minutes kissing me, my neck, face, chest, legs, everywhere. His hand gently rubbed against my cock and slowly I began to harden. Slowly, because his kisses weren’t just lust for sex, they were gentle, loving kisses, and they showed me above all else his feelings for me.

His hand roved under my sweater and caressed my chest as he kissed me on my lips and his tongue forced them open, searching, exploring, licking at me. With his free hand he undid my jeans, unzipped them and started to ease them down. I helped by lifting myself off the bed until he could slide them off my ankles. He moved to lie fully on me, rubbing himself against me and I could feel his own cock, hard against mine through his jeans. He raised my sweater and I pulled it over my head and lay back again.

Once more he started to kiss me, on my neck and face, chest and arms, working his way slowly, caressingly down towards my cock. Now I was fully hard and he held my shaft through my pants, squeezing it gently but not stroking yet. His kisses moved ever downwards, over the cotton material and onto the flesh of my thighs, his tongue licking and flicking, leaving wonderful little trails of wetness as he roved around my body.

As his tongue brushed against my skin I felt a tingle everywhere he touched, a tingle which lasted for several moments after his tongue had moved on.

Eventually he paused, stood up and quickly undressed himself down to his pants. Then he lay on me again and now I could feel his rod through just two layers of fabric as he rubbed himself against me once more.
“Desi,” he whispered, “you mean all the world to me, you know that, don’t you?”
Without waiting for a reply he kissed me hard agin, crushing his lips onto mine and again probing and lashing inside my mouth with his hot tongue.

His hand eased my rod from inside my pants and now he began the slowest and gentlest of strokes, his cool fingers sliding along my length, brushing across my smooth, shaven mound and then down to my balls, cupping them gently, fondling them and letting one finger press me between my balls and my rosebud.

He slid down my body, taking my cock into his mouth and using his tongue to lap around it, against my helmet and across the tip;- then plunging his mouth down, harder, to envelope me completely in his hot wetness. He continued with this for quite a while, keeping me rock hard in his mouth, but not exciting me enough to produce an orgasm.

Finally he left my cock straining upwards through my fly and straddled me, pulling the back of his own pants down enough so that he could rub his cheeks against my cock. His skin was hot and smooth, his firm cheeks rubbing against me until he settled his crease over me. He was kissing me again, and we stayed like that for a few minutes. Then he straightened up and looked down at me lovingly.

“I know you love this, Desi, so that means I love doing it.”
He closed his eyes, and after a few seconds I felt warmth and wetness, and when I looked down at his pants they were wet too, as he allowed his golden cascade to flow through his pants and onto mine, and my hard rod. It went on and on and I felt his piss run over my thighs and hips into the bed, over my cock and down my balls, running into my own crease and exhilarating me even more, my shaft desperate now to be sucked or wanked to make me cum.

Eventually his gorgeous warm flow stopped and he inched forward, rubbing the tip of my cock with his crease, pushing down a little and sliding me into his hot hole, lowering himself slowly until he was sitting on my cock and it was buried to the hilt in his hot ass. He began to rock back and forth, and I knew that it would be very soon that the spunk in my balls sought release.

His fly was just in front of me and I reached inside and withdrew his own rod, half erect. It was so smooth, so desirable, and I began to stroke him, feeling him grow fully hard in a few seconds. He strained towards me without stopping his rocking motions, his cock pointing at me as my fingers slid up and down its length. Inside his pants I could see his mound, beautifully smooth shaven, and I could feel the backs of my fingers brush against the skin of his hot, soft, smooth mound as I stroked him.

“Where do you want my cum?” he whispered.
“On my body,” I whispered back, and he nodded once.

I could smell his wonderful piss, and that, with the aroma of his hot body and his used pants spelt the end for me. My cock quivered and I tried to hold back as long as I could, but then my spunk gushed from my rod into his ass, spurting again and again as his wonderful foreplay and rocking movements brought me to a massive orgasm.

I gasped his name as my hard cock jerked inside him. Again I felt my cum lubricating my shaft as he rocked on me, and the wetness of it produced another huge gush of cum. I had paused in my stroking of his cock as I filled his ass with hot cream, but now I started again, faster and harder. I wanted to see his hard cock shoot his cum onto me and as his rod quivered beneath my fingers I saw the first spurt of his spunk shoot from the tip and land, hot, thick, white and creamy on my chest. The second gush reached my neck and he leaned back a little as he sat on me, his eyes closed as I wanked him to his orgasm and he spurted again and again, soaking my chest and stomach with his gorgeous cum.

He sighed and lifted himself from me. Using one hand he scooped up as much of his cum as he could and reached round to smear it over his ass and into his crease. He pulled up the back of his pants and waited, kneeling over me, still with his eyes closed, as my cum ran from his hole and into his pants, mixing with his own spunk that he had just added there.
Finally, he rolled off me carefully and lay beside me.

I needed a few moments to regain some normal breathing, and when my heart had stopped thumping and I’d stopped gasping in pure ecstasy, I reached across him and rolled him onto his stomach.
“It’s a shame to waste all that cum,” I murmured.
I started giving him the same gentle, slow, soft kisses that he’d given me, but I started at his neck and slowly worked my way down his back, across his shoulder blades and down the line of his spine.

I couldn’t believe how it was that this gorgeous young body was mine to do with as I pleased, that it would do anything I asked, and that it had done for many months now. I thought I was so unbelievably, incredibly lucky, to have found a young man who enjoyed the same things I did and would do them for me, again and again without complaint, always striving to give me the most intense and satisfying sexual ecstasy that it was possible to experience.

I thought all this as I continued to plant my kisses on his back, nearing those wonderful wet pants of his. I licked at the waistband and continued further down onto his cheeks, nuzzling the soft, wet cotton. In keeping with the golden rule of our relationship, established right from day one, we never, never, washed any underwear, and as my tongue licked at the cotton and I sucked at the wet fabric, I could see that there were now several sizeable skidmarks on the back of his pants. The aroma from them, the fragrance of his piss in the material and the taste of it, and the knowledge that I was about to enjoy the taste of his cum and mine, mixed together, was just indescribable and I felt the first stirrings of a second erection, surprisingly soon after my last explosive climax.

My tongue probed at his crease through the cotton and now I could feel the creaminess of our cum, the warmth from it and the wonderful stickiness of it as I began to suck hard at his pants and skidmarks, taking in as much of our cum as I could, relishing the taste and texture in my mouth, the smell of his pants and his body beneath me. When I thought I’d sucked as much as I could I pulled down his waistband and licked at his firm, round cheeks, again probing into his crease and licking up the last remaining drops of my own cum that he’d expelled and the last few traces of his own that he’d carefully wiped there with his fingertips.

At last, unable to find any more of our cream, I pulled up his pants again. I was reluctant to leave that heady, exciting, smell and taste of our combined sex and his used pants, but finally I rolled away from him and lay on my back beside him.
He immediately moved into his favourite position, his head on my chest and one leg between mine, our soft cocks just touching each other.

“I can’t do much for you,” he whispered to me, tracing one finger across my chest. “Not anything like what you do for me, but I hope what I can do for you, is enough.”
I reached out to the bedside table without answering and selected a cigarette from the pack for each of us. I lit both, and passed one to him.
“What you do is beyond words,” I murmured.


We smoked in quiet companionship for a while. Several thoughts went round my head, and I wondered yet again if what I was about to do was the right thing or not. Would it cement our relationship even harder and intensify the bond between us, -- or would our relationship gradually erode, become less intense and eventually fade into nothing but a strong friendship. I didn’t know, and it worried me a bit. More, lately, as the time for it had become closer. But this was the sort of moment I’d planned to broach the subject, and there was no point in delaying any longer.

“Kenny, I need to talk to you.”
“I’m here, Desi,” he replied simply.
I paused, getting my thoughts in order.

“Little Kenny, my wonderful young partner, my handsome sexy, strapping lover, how long have we been together now? Several months, yes?”
I felt his head nod against my chest.

“You know how much I like arranging little things for you,” I went on. “You know that I love the things we do, here and outside, our life together, you know that I appreciate, that I love, the way you look after me in your own way; - not just the sex, but looking after the flat, shopping, cleaning and all that. You know I like to think about you sometimes when I’m at work, thinking about you alone here all day with not much to do except the shopping, the cleaning and spending time on your laptop.”
“But we have the car now,” Kenny said.
“Yes, I know you can go out now by yourself, visit places, go for a drive. Yes I know that.”

I stubbed out my cigarette.
“But I think now, after all this time, Kenny, it’s time for a change.”
His finger stopped its tracing on my chest for a moment and then resumed.

“A change?” he repeated very quietly.
“Yes. Kenny, I knew exactly what I was doing, but I have to say to you that I have spent quite a lot of money on us in these last few months. I think perhaps the time has come for you to contribute a little something.”

The finger stopped its tracing again and Kenny pulled away from me and leant on one elbow, looking down at me.
“Don’t say it, please Desi! Don’t do this! Don’t!”
“Don’t say what?” I asked him, confused.
“Don’t pimp me!” Kenny said fiercely. “I don’t want to do that! Don’t make me!”

That was the last thing on my mind. In fact, the thought had never even crossed my mind at all. I was so surprised that I didn’t answer him straight away.
“No! No! No!” Kenny almost shouted at me. “That’s it, isn’t it? How could you even think that! Derek, no!”

I reached up and put my hand on his face. I could see anger, and disappointment, and disgust and hurt all mirrored in his eyes and it tore at my heart.
“No, no, no Kenny!” I said urgently. “No that isn’t it at all! Do you really think I would ask that of you?” I leaned on my own elbow to face him.
“Then what do you mean by a change?” Kenny cried.

“Look,” I said, “calm down, please. What I mean is, I love coming home from work and having you meet me, giving me a hug and a kiss as I step through the door, but -- ”
“Oh, I get it!” he interrupted me.

He rolled off his elbow and lay flat on his back, away from me, staring up at the ceiling.
“What?” I groped for understanding at his sudden interruption and tried to follow his thoughts.
“I get it, alright!” Kenny repeated in a flat voice. “You don’t want to pimp me, no!”

“No, of course I don’t!” I said, bewildered.
“No, you want me out!” Kenny finished bitterly.

I flopped back onto the bed myself. To say I was staggered didn’t come anywhere near it. Thoughts chased themselves round my head in a frenzied kaleidoscope. I couldn’t begin to imagine how Kenny had jumped to these two conclusions. And then I realised that it was his love for me, his need to be close to me, physically and mentally, that had caused it.

I thought about what I really meant by a change and realised, belatedly, that I’d handled this talk very badly indeed. To do without him? Not to be able to do those little things for him? Not to enjoy fantastic sex with him? The closeness, the heat, the smell, the taste of his hot young body, his cock, his sex? I couldn’t begin to think what my life would be without him. These thoughts whirled around my brain as I lay, shocked and horrified... and my continued silence, the fact that I hadn't responded, had become a terrible answer for Kenny.

He got up from the bed and went to the door.
“When do you want me out?” he asked flatly.
“I don’t want you out,” I said quietly. “Kenny, this is the first time you’ve shown any immaturity since we met! Now come here!”

He stood, looking at me across the room and I could still see anguish and hurt in his eyes, even from where I was.
“Then what are you talking about?” he snapped. “I think you do! I think you’ve got fed up with me! Bored with me!”

Now his eyes burned with plain anger, but behind that was that awful shock and disappointment.
“No, I haven’t! Now come here or I’ll come and drag you here!” I roared at him.

We stared at each other for a few moments. Kenny was angry, and hurt, and I was angry now too. With myself for making such a balls-up of it all, and because I’d hurt him so much.
“Come here, little Kenny,” I repeated softly. “Come and lie beside me. I want you here. I do not want you out!”
Slowly, almost reluctantly, Kenny came back to the bed and sat on the edge of it, half facing away from me and staring at the door.

“Then explain what you’re talking about,” he said.
I reached for him and held one hand.
“I’m so sorry, Kenny,” I said softly. “You’ve got completely the wrong ideas and it’s my fault for not explaining things properly from the start.”

He turned to look at me and the fire in his eyes had vanished;- replaced by uncertainty and a flash of hope.
“Come and lie on me.”
He did so, taking up his favourite position again.

“This is exactly how it should be,” I said comfortingly. I stroked his cheek and neck and hair, his head resting across my chest, as always. “Now listen, and this time don’t interrupt and go off the deep end.”
I felt him give a little nod of agreement.
“What I meant by a change, is this. You know I work at a computer company as an IT specialist? I told you that when we first met.”

Kenny nodded again.
“Well, I didn’t actually tell you the complete truth.”
He moved his head round to look at me. The uncertainty in his eyes was stronger.

“You lied to me?”
“Mmmmm, no, not really. A half truth. Or if you want to think of it as a lie, then it was a good lie.”

And now, my wonderful, sexy young lover, the boy, no, the young man, who meant so much to me looked puzzled.
“Kenny, I don’t just work there. I own the company. It’s mine.”

He gazed at me without expression for several seconds as his brain processed what I’d said.
“You own it?”
I nodded. “That’s how I could always take time off if I wanted it. That’s how I could afford to spend the money that I have.”

I stroked his face, then lifted his shoulders and pulled him closer to my face so I could kiss him.
“Kenny, it’s time for you to have a job, and that job is going to be in my company, working with me.”
He stared at me without speaking, and then first one tear and then another welled up from his eyes and ran down his cheeks.

He buried his head in the pillow beside me and I could feel his body heave as he began to sob.
“Desi!” he mumbled into the pillow. “I’m sorry! How could I have doubted you? I was so worried --”

he sobbed a couple of times, “ –I was just so worried that I was going to lose you! Lose the special relationship we have! I thought you wanted me to make some money by having sex with others... and then I thought you didn’t want me at all any more! I am so sorry, my Desi! It’s me who should say that, not you. It’s my fault for not thinking properly. Not trusting you after all this time.”

“We’re together,” I told him. “We shall stay together and we don’t need anyone else for sex. And definitely not paid sex.”
He turned on his side and scrunched up against me.
“I love you, Desi!” he said fiercely. “I really do!”
“I know you do,” I murmured. “And you know I feel the same. Now don’t cry any more. We should talk about your new job.”

He wiped away the tears with one hand and looked at me, the young, trusting, affectionate look that I loved so much.
“There’s one, vital rule,” I said seriously. “As important and vital as the one about not washing our pants.”
He raised an eyebrow. “I’m listening, and I promise I’ll obey it, whatever it is.”

“At work,” I said gravely, “you are just a friend to whom I’ve given a job. Nothing more! There will be no physical interaction. No kisses, no hugs, nothing! Those will be for us at home, together. But never, never at work! Not even if you think nobody is around. Understand?”
“I do,” he said. “Do they know you’re gay, at work?”

“They suspect it, I think,” I answered him. “But I’m careful not to give any indication, either way. That’s why this rule is so important. I must continue to have the respect of the staff. And also,” I added, “regretful though it is, at work we have to be clean. Us and our clothes. All our special things are for evenings and weekends, but not at work unless they’re clean and out of sight. Okay?”
Kenny nodded.

“I understand,” he said. “What exactly will my job be?” His eyes, still moist from his tears, twinkled slightly, a sight which made me very happy. “And what, may I ask, will be my salary?”
“Oh, we’ll talk about that later,” I told him. “Right now, I want to love you and fuck you and suck you again, and drink your cum and feel your pee on me, and oh, everything else that we can possibly do.”

Kenny had started laughing and I felt a rush of love for him in my heart.
“And it’s an early night tonight!” I admonished him. “I mean early to sleep! Tomorrow, we both have to get up and go to work!”


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It was a romantic and erotic movie. I could feel her intension and decided to have that. It was really a hot movie with frequent lovemaking seen. She moved next to me and placed one hand on my shoulder. “How it feels, Shan?”