Kenny : Part Two

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“Of course,” I agreed. “No doubt that would have happened in the event of any court case. No, I think you acted wisely, given the state of mind you must have felt.”
She nodded again at me and gave me the slight smile.

“Thank you,” she said again. “I feel better about that now.”
Kenny returned from his room with fresh clothes on.

“I must be thinking about going back home,” Mrs Noble said reluctantly. She stood up and gave me a searching stare.
“Kenny, would you mind leaving me and Mr – leaving Derek and I alone for another minute or two?”

Kenny looked at me.
“If you wish, Mum.” He looked uncertain.
“Why don’t you nip down to the shop and get me a pack of smokes,” I suggested.

Kenny knew very well that I didn’t need any cigarettes.
“Okay,” he said doubtfully. I gave him some money and with a last uncertain glance back at us, he quietly let himself out of the front door.

Mrs Noble and I stood opposite one another for a few moments, just looking at one another. She opened her mouth to speak, but I stepped forward and took her hands in mine.

“Mrs Noble,” I said quietly, “I fully understand what a shock you had last night and I understand your feelings towards me. I know that this situation has caused you an immense amount of distress and heartache. Now that you understand matters a little better yourself, I would like you to accept my apologies for the distress it has caused you.”

She gazed at me for a while.
“Thank you,” she whispered. Her hands left mine and her fingers wiped at her eyes.
“I just want to be sure of one thing,” she said, and she took a step nearer to me and her eyes searched my face.
“Will you look after my son?”
“Yes,” I answered her immediately. “I will look after your son, Mrs Noble, because, you see, he means a very great deal to me, too.”

She gave a little nod, but her eyes remained on my face. “Yes,” she murmured. “I have seen that he does.”
I wasn’t quite sure what to say to that, but Mrs Noble continued almost immediately.

“Last night, I could have killed you. I would have committed murder to save my son. But, lying in bed and thinking, as I did, I realised that Kenny was right. You are a good person in yourself. Some people might say that you were buying Kenny’s friendship. Last night I would have agreed.

But now I see it differently and I know you have done the things you have out of genuine feelings for my son. You said nothing all evening and let Kenny and I deal with things ourselves. I realised that deserved my respect. But now, I just want to be sure that when I leave here, Kenny will still be as happy as he says he is. And that depends on you.”

I considered for a few moments, whether I should tell her or not.
“Mrs Noble, if I tell you one or two things, will you promise not to tell Kenny?”

A shadow flitted across her eyes and her voice was tinged with wariness as she asked, “What things? Your secrets? I don’t want to know about them.”
“Not about that,” I said gently. “Secrets, yes. From Kenny. He doesn’t know, and I must have your solemn promise not to breathe a word to him if I tell you.”

She still looked apprehensive so I said, “I think you would be happy to know about them.”

Her eyes roved round my face again and came back to my own eyes.
“Very well.” She nodded rather reluctantly. “You have my word I won’t say anything to Kenny.”

So I told her my proposals. As I explained her eyes grew wide and she stepped back from me.
“You really mean all that?” she asked in disbelief.
“I do,” I told her. “I have already started.” And I explained what I meant. “And then,” I finished, “we shall see about the second matter, and then the third.”

Mrs Noble’s face had softened during my explanations and for the first time there was the hint of a genuine smile at the corners of her mouth.
“I promise,” she repeated, “I won’t breathe a word of this to him.”

And then the smile faded and the worried look appeared again on her face. “I am so sorry that I thought so badly of you, Derek,” she said quietly. “I can see now that it was a mistake. It was very wrong of me.”
“No,” I said gently. “It was a natural reaction from a mother who loves her son.”

She nodded, and we both heard Kenny’s key in the lock as he returned.


We’d both gone with his mother to the station and she and I had parted at the barrier to the platform. She’d looked at me and held out a hand hesitantly.
“Goodbye, Derek,” she murmured, and I could see final doubts and worries flit across her eyes before they cleared and she gave me her little smile.
“Perhaps --- we shall meet again.”

“I would like that,” I said, and I watched as Kenny walked with her along the platform until they stopped beside an open carriage door. I moved away a little from the barrier, wanting to be seen to give them complete privacy to say their own goodbyes, and lit a cigarette. After a while, the mundane sounds of doors closing, a guard’s whistle blowing and the faint sound of the locomotive horn sounded as the train began to pull away.

Kenny and I walked back home in almost complete silence. I could see that he was very thoughtful and I knew it would be better not to disturb him.
At one point, staring at the ground as he walked along he said, “I suppose I should thank Jed for bringing Mum and me together again.”

“Thank him?” I queried. “I would have thought a smack in the mouth would be more appropriate,” I added through clenched teeth.
“Des!” Kenny stopped and turned to look at me. “I’ve never heard you be so aggressive! Why a smack---”
“Because there was no reason to put your Mum through the misery he did!” I interrupted him.

I wasn’t going to mention the money, but that was another reason.
Kenny resumed walking slowly, without saying anything more.

And now we were back at the flat. We stood looking at each other for a few moments, and then by an unspoken mutual feeling, we both stepped towards each other and clasped each other in a long hug.
“Are you okay?” I murmured, and he nodded.
“I’m fine,” he said firmly. And Mum is fine too, now.”

I thought perhaps ‘fine’ was slightly too strong a word. ‘Better’, would probably be more accurate, but I didn’t voice my opinion.
“What would you like to do now?" I asked him. “Anything in particular?”
“No,” he answered. “I just want to be near you.”

And so we stayed, hugging each other for a long while.
“Are you going to work now?” he asked eventually.
“No,” I told him. “Not today.”

And he nodded and snuggled against my chest. After a while, he said, “I’m a bit tired. I wouldn’t mind a nap.”
I agreed, and we went to my room and stripped off our T-shirts then lay on the bed in our jeans, holding each other tightly.

Kenny soon fell asleep, and it wasn’t long before I felt my own eyes drooping and I fell into a doze.

I was woken some time later by the sound of Kenny’s phone ringing where he’d left it, in the kitchen. Kenny hadn’t heard it, so I shook his shoulder gently.
“Kenny. Phone.”

He came awake, slipped off the bed and disappeared out of the door. I glanced at the clock, and realised with a shock I’d slept for nearly four hours. Perhaps the events of last night and this morning had taken more energy out of me than I’d realised. I heard Kenny’s end of the conversation.

“Hallo Mum... good...yes, fine. Good journey? ...Okay. Yes...I understand. Well, I hope it goes well. Call me and let me know. Yes. you. Bye.”
He came back to the bedroom and pulled a wry face at me.

“Mum’s home safely. Aunt Sammie picked her up from the station okay. Now she’s going to start explaining everything to her.” And he pulled the wry face again.
I was sitting on the bed, enjoying a cigarette. “Not easy,” I commented.

Kenny came to sit beside me. “No,” he agreed. “But good that she’ll have someone to share it all with, who she can talk to about it sometimes.”
The adult Kenny again. He put an arm round me.
“I’m so glad I’m here, Desi. You do know that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I said, turning to look at his face. “I know it.” I paused, then added gently, “I’ll leave it to you to decide when you want to ……resume... our normal way of life.”

Kenny cocked an eyebrow at me and a smile appeared on his face.
“You mean, when I want to fuck you, or be fucked, or be sucked, or suck you?” he enquired mischievously.

I stubbed out my smoke. “Well actually, I was thinking of eating, drinking, smoking-----”

And Kenny threw back his head in laughter and grabbed at me with his other hand and pushed me back on the bed and for a while we grappled and twisted and tickled and just enjoyed a little physical fun and closeness, and a release from the tension.

But the nearness of each other and the feel of our hands brushing, rubbing, holding as we rolled about, each striving to get the upper hand over the other, brought about a natural reaction, and after a while we both paused, looking at one another.
“You’re hard,” Kenny said, brushing the fly of my trousers.
I grasped at the bulge of his cock inside his jeans.
“And what are you?” I asked.

“Horny,” he said immediately, and his hand unzipped me and slid inside my fly, fondling and rubbing my cock through my pants.

I felt the warmth of his soft skin as he lay against me, his favourite position, half on top of me. He undid the top of my trousers and left them open and unzipped. Gently he withdrew his hand from my cock and rolled to lie closer to me. His hands began to caress my own skin, rubbing my chest and stomach as far down as the waist of my trousers as he planted little kisses on me, my face, neck, throat, chest.

“Just lie still,” he murmured.

He began to rub himself against me, small, gentle movements, little thrusts as his hard rod, still inside his own pants and jeans rubbed against my own. I lay quite still and enjoyed the feeling of his cock against my own, separated by layers of clothing, but so hard that I could feel it in all its ramrod glory. His kisses continued and his tongue traced little patterns on my neck and chest.

My own cock remained hard, straining upwards inside my pants as Kenny rubbed against me. It was a surprisingly erotic feeling and with each gentle thrust of his body against mine, my cock responded with its own pulse, swelling a little more with each movement against me.
“I’m so glad we can relax again,” Kenny murmured. “It’s a weight off my mind.”

“Yes, I’m sure,” I agreed softly.

Kenny continued his slow, unhurried rubbing against me, his lips and tongue never stopping in their tasting and questing over the top half of my body.
“I like doing this,” Kenny murmured.

I liked it too, and I wondered what he would do when he felt himself close to cumming.

But he didn’t do anything, just continued in the same way for several minutes. Suddenly his movements paused, and then started again, slightly harder and more urgent and I felt his hard cock quiver inside his jeans. He let out little gasps with each small thrust, and with each quiver of his rod, and I knew that he had rubbed himself to a climax and he was shooting his hot cum into his pants as he lay against me and his body gave a little shudder.

“Oh, nice!” he breathed. “Nice!”

He lay still for a moment and I felt the last few jerks of his cock as his orgasm subsided. He took my hand and placed it on his fly.
“Touch me now,” he whispered, and I undid his jeans and slowly pulled the zip down. I could feel the warm wetness of his cum on the jeans, and as I opened the fly and allowed my fingers to quest over his pants, they reached the hot stickiness of his cum which had soaked through them.

Again Kenny took my hand and now he held it hard, rubbing himself with my own fingertips and palm as he pressed my hand against the wet pants. He pushed my hand inside the waistband and I felt his cream everywhere on his stomach. He used my hand to wipe himself, spreading and smearing the hot cream over himself and over his cock and the tops of his thighs.

He let out his breath in a long sigh. “That is so nice!” he said again. Finally he pulled my hand from inside his wet pants and rolled away from me a little, his eyes closed but still grasping my hand. He pushed inside the waist of my own pants and made my fingers curl round my hard cock, the wet cum from him spreading over my shaft as he made me grip it.

I felt his hot stickiness against my rod, and it strained in my hand, forced to hold it tightly by the grip of Kenny’s own fingers. Slowly he began to move, holding me firmly and stroking up and down so that I had no choice but to grip my own cock and wank myself.
“I love holding your cock,” he breathed. “I love the feel of it, I love the feel of my cum on it, I love the heat I can feel, and I love the thought that in a minute you’re going to cum yourself and shoot your own hot cream out.”

His words acted as an aphrodisiac and I felt the tremor in my balls. Kenny must have felt it too, and he suddenly swivelled round and put his face down near my cock, without stopping his movements. He aimed my helmet at his face and as I felt the first surge reach my cock I gasped and shot my first spurt of cum, straight onto his face.

He still continued to make me wank myself and gush after gush of my own cum shot from my cock and splashed against his face. He moved my cock slightly each time so that his face became covered with my hot white cream. It had been a while since we had enjoyed sex together, and with the release of all the tension my cock kept jerking and quivering and my cum kept shooting over him. I was surprised how many times I shot a jet of hot stickiness onto his face, but finally my spasms died away.

Kenny released my hand and brought his face up to mine. Silently he nuzzled against my cheeks and neck and throat, spreading my cum over his face and mine and over as much of us both as he could.
He licked a quantity from my face and then pressed his lips against mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth and leaving some of my own hot cum there as our tongues met and twisted and lapped together.

Finally we lay still, just holding each other and enjoying the feel of each other, the sensations of our mixed cum and the heat from our orgasms as we recovered our breath and relaxed in the aftermath of such heady sexual frenzy.
After a while, Kenny leaned over and took my cock in his hand again.

“I’m going to make you hard again,” he said. He opened his lips and started to suck at my cock, his tongue playing around my helmet as he licked and sucked at the cum on my rod.

“It’s too soon,” I murmured, but Kenny ignored me and continued to use every trick he knew to suck, lick, fondle and arouse my cock. I didn’t think I could have another erection that quickly, and the first few touches of his lips and tongue were almost painful as I was still so sensitive, but to my surprise, after just a few minutes I realized that I was becoming hard again, slowly, but surely.

Kenny used his fingers and hands, cupping my balls, occasionally licking at them, rubbing his finger behind them as far as he could reach and always his tongue and lips were on my cock, bringing me up to a full erection much sooner than I would have expected.

He paused, quickly stripped off his jeans, and lay back down in just his pants, still wonderfully wet and warm from his cum. He pulled my own trousers and pants down to my ankles and I kicked free of them. His lips and tongue went back to my cock and resumed their work, caressing and licking at me. I was amazed that he could produce such a reaction so soon after the massive orgasm I’d already had. I lay quietly and enjoyed all the sensations he was producing in me.

When he was satisfied he’d got me as hard as he could, Kenny suddenly moved and pulled his pants off, throwing them to one side. He knelt over me, straddling me. then lowered himself on to my cock and I guided it into his rosebud as he evidently wanted. I slid into him and relished the feeling of his ass muscles gripping at me as he lowered himself right onto me.

And then he began to move up and down, very hard, very fast, sliding up and down on my cock and giving a little gasp each time he lowered himself onto my length.
“I want it hard!” he gasped out. “I want to be fucked as hard as you can!”

I began to lift my hips to meet his downward thrusts and the pace and speed and urgency of his movements became almost frenetic as he bounced up and down as fast as he could, his cheeks slapping on my thighs each time. I could feel my cock surrounded by his ass, gripped tightly and hotly as he pounded up and down on me in a frenzy of sexual excitement.

His cock was in front of me, half erect, and I took it my hand and gently stroked him as he moved up and down.
“I – love – your – cock – in – me!” he gasped. “I – love – being – fucked – by – you!”
And as he thrust himself down on to me one more time I shot a gush of cum into him.

“YES!” he cried out and raised himself once more and immediately sank down hard onto me and stayed there as spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock into his ass. He raised himself a little once more and I felt my hot cum running down my cock, still buried within him. Again he thrust down onto me and again lifted himself, using my cum as a lubricant to allow my cock to slide inside him and pound at the depths of his ass.

I felt two more gushes of cum shoot from me and then I sank back onto the bed, gasping myself, my heart pounding.
Kenny stayed where he was, my cock buried inside him, his back arched as he closed his eyes and gasped.
“Desi! Desi!” he gasped. “God! That was gorgeous!”

I felt my cum running out from him and settling on my stomach and running down my balls.

I nodded, too breathless to be able to say anything. We stayed like that for a few moments, then Kenny gently eased himself upwards. As my cock left his rosebud I felt him expel the cum in him and it splashed onto me, warm, wet sticky, - and utterly delightful. Kenny lowered himself again and wriggled his ass against me, wiping the cum over his own cheeks and rosebud.

We were both still out of breath but Kenny reached for his pants and pulled them back up then lay beside me on the bed.
“I want to keep all your cum in my pants and feel it hot on my ass,” he murmured.

I reached over and slid my hand down inside the back of his pants. I felt the hot sticky cum on my fingers and massaged his cheeks, spreading as much as I could over him and using a fingertip to spread the hot cum into his crease and over his jewel. He made little murmurs of enjoyment. I relished the feel of his soft skin against my fingers;- his young, firm cheeks, completely smooth and his rosebud devoid of hair where he had so carefully shaved himself for me.

I rolled him slightly to one side and slid my hand around to his front. My fingers brushed against his soft smooth skin and I caressed his mound, feeling his soft cock against my fingers and my palm.

If Kenny could bring me to a second erection and climax so soon after the first massive one, then I felt sure he could also get hard again quickly. I began to hold his cock and wank him gently and sure enough his cock swelled in my hand, becoming hotter as it engorged with his young, hot blood filling it.

“What do you want?” I asked him softly.
“To fuck you!” he answered eagerly. “I want to fuck you hard! I want to push my cock into your ass as hard as I can and fuck you and fill you with cum! Sit on me now!”

By now his cock was as hard as ever and I let it go as I rolled over to kneel above him as he had knelt above me. His cock was rampant and he held the base of it with his fingers as I lowered myself towards it. He rubbed the tip a few times up and down my crease, then guided it into my rosebud. His hands went to my hips and he pulled me down onto him, hard. He pushed himself upwards against me and I began to move up and down, sliding along the length of his gorgeous hot and quivering rod.

“Harder, Desi!” he implored and so I thrust down onto him as hard as I could.
“Yes! Like that!” he gasped. He thrust up as hard as he could to meet me each time. I gazed down at his young body, his smooth skin glistening with perspiration and his eyes closed as he heaved up against me. I could feel the softness of his mound against my balls each time I lowered myself and the heat of his thighs as my cheeks slapped against them.

“Harder!” he cried again. I thought if I slammed down onto him any harder I would hurt him, but he was oblivious of everything and his hands gripped my hips and he continued to pull me down each time as if his life depended on it.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” he gasped and I felt the first of his spasms inside my ass. The jet of cum shot into me so hard it almost felt like something solid, and it was followed by two more huge spurts of hot cum, each time feeling more solid than just creamy spunk. His cock, still rampantly hard and hot slid even easier in me as I continued to pound up and down on his rod sliding inside me in its covering of sticky wetness.

He let out a long groan as he thrust upwards one more time and kept his hips clear of the bed, pushing himself up into me as far and as hard as he could as his shaft spurted his cum again and again into me. As his spasms subsided he opened his eyes and looked at me.
“Oh, Desi!” he breathed. “Desi!”

I smiled down at him. “Nice?” I murmured.
“Gorgeous!” he whispered. “Just amazing! Wait! Stay as you are!”

I didn’t move as he lowered his hips back onto the bed, sliding gently out of my ass as his cock began to lose its hardness. He quickly cupped his hand and placed it between my legs as I remained poised above him. I felt his cupped hand covering my jewel and as my muscles expelled his cum from my ass he caught it in his hand and then rubbed it over my ass and balls and round to my cock, covering me as much as he could with the warm, white creamy cum. He let his hand fall beside him and lay with his eyes closed.

I rolled away from him and stood beside the bed, looking down at this young boy, lean, lithe, supple, and despite my two huge orgasms within a short time, still infinitely desirable.

I knew that I would never find anyone like Kenny, if I searched the world forever and a day, I would never find another person who was so completely and utterly a match for me. I bent down and planted a kiss on his warm, wet cock.
“Well, I don’t know about you,” I murmured, “ but now I’m bloody starving!”


It was several weeks later, and I had decided that it was time to put into effect the first of the three proposals I’d outlined to Kenny’s mother. They’d had several conversations on the phone in that time, and their relationship had returned to a much more normal level. Kenny’s aunt, Samantha, had taken the news of his present circumstances with surprising aplomb, he told me.

After an initial shock to learn of his time as a rent-boy, she had accepted the fact that he was gay and had found someone with whom he was happy and whom he trusted, and took the news that he had settled down in a permanent new home much better than had Kenny’s own mother, probably because the blood ties were not so strong.

She had also pacified Mrs Noble to a great extent, and there now seemed to be a quiet peace between all three of them – although Mrs Noble had not re-visited us and of course the aunt had not met me, either. But Kenny was much more cheerful and we had developed our own pattern of life together which suited us both.

So I came home from work one day to find the flat spotless, as usual, and Kenny sitting in the lounge reading the TV magazine. I sat down beside him.
“Kenny,” I began, “I want to ask you something and I want an absolutely honest, straightforward answer with no evasions or beating about the bush. Okay?”
“Of course, Desi,” he said. He looked a bit shocked. “This sounds serious. Is everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine,” I assured him. “Couldn’t be better. At least, from my point of view. And that’s the point.”
I regarded him thoughtfully as he watched me with a slightly raised eyebrow.
“Kenny, are you completely happy here with me?”

He gazed at me for a moment.
“With you, here, yes, unreservedly,” he replied. “But you asked me to be honest and I will be. I'm slightly bored during the day when you’re at work.”

I nodded. “I thought you might be,” I said. “But as far as you and I are concerned, our life together, our sex together, you’re happy? Or is there anything else that you feel isn’t quite right?”
He twisted on the sofa and cupped my face in his hands.
“Desi,” he said earnestly, “My life here with you is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I like living with you. I like sharing my life with you and sharing yours. And as for the sex – well, you know very well that it’s terrific. Amazing.”

He paused and his eyes searched my face.
“What’s happened? Or what’s wrong? Why are you asking me this?”
“Nothing’s wrong at all,” I told him with a smile. “I just wanted to be sure that you were happy in every way, except perhaps that your days are a bit boring when you’re alone.”
“Yes, they are,” he agreed.
“Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you,” I said.

I drew some papers from my pocket and gave them to him.
“What’s this?” he queried, and began to unfold them and look at them. After a while he raised his eyes and looked at me.
“Fill in the forms,” I said.

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