Julianna Part 3

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Julianna had always been on the modest side in the past, but this was blatantly exhibitionistic. Every eye in the place turned her way. A dozen men were drooling at the sight of my semi-nude wife as she publicly flaunted herself. It felt weird having everyone see my wife this way. I must admit that it was strangely exciting, too.

Julianna was laughing on our way to the car, “Did you see how pissed that one guy’s wife was when she caught him ogling me? All those guys will probably be fantasizing about me the next time they jack off, or even better yet, when they fuck their wives!”

It was totally out of character for Julianna to say something like that. Despite Julianna’s awe-inspiring body, she had never been the least bit conceited or arrogant. I certainly could not disagree with her proclamation, though. A woman who looks like her could have any man they wanted, any time she wanted.

"I’m....I’m sure they will, Mistress," was all I could think of to utter in reply

When we got to the car, Julianna made me kneel on the passenger side floor. One she had slid behind the wheel, my wife grabbed me roughly by the hair and forced my head downward. Julianna was wearing a pair of flip-flops. On the entire trip home, I again studied the beauty of her feet and watched their every move as she pressed the gas pedal and brake pedal. Julianna obviously planned to take advantage of every opportunity to exploit my weakness for her feet. My wife she knew just how to manipulate me. Being at Julianna’s feet always causes my penis to stiffen with excitement. She was becoming a goddess in my eyes.

As soon as I had loaded all her packages into the house, Julianna ordered me to strip and kneel before her. I gasped in pleasure when she reached down and played with my erection for a few moments, stroking it gently. Then, she produced the male chastity device we had purchased and began placing it on my genitals. It felt very restrictive.

“There, it's on,” she finally told me.

As I looked down at my erect penis, the full magnitude of my plight sunk home. I noted that the device was made of shiny chrome plated pewter and consisted of a cage and cock ring. And it was secured with a padlock. Symbolic of the status of her feet, Julianna had the key to my chastity device fashioned as a charm on her ankle bracelet.

“The lady at the store told me that the device provides for good hygiene, ventilation and urination,” Julianna informed me. “So you can wear it until next Friday.”

I paled in horror.

“My dominatrix friend tells me that the hornier you keep them, the more obedient a foot licker like you becomes,” she said with a smug tone.” I’ve literally got you by the balls. Right now you'd do anything for the chance to cum for me, wouldn't you?"

“Yes, Mistress,” I sadly replied. “You know I would!”

"That's the beauty of it," Julianna smiled. ”From now on, your focus will be on my pleasure and amusement, rather than your own selfish desires. Next time you cum, it will be because I have decided that you’ve earned that privilege by demonstrating complete and total obedience. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded submissively.

“Now, we’ve got some unfinished business to take care of,” Julianna said.

“Wha….what….what do you mean?” I stuttered nervously, noticing that she held the black leather paddle.

“You shouldn't have jacked off when I told you not to,” Julianna told me sternly. “You didn’t think that I would forget about your punishment, did you?”

I was really starting to worry. So far, Julianna had demonstrated much more severity than I had anticipated. There was definitely a side to my wife that I had never seen before. I had no doubt in my mind that my punishment was going to be an agonizing experience. In my wildest dreams, I had never anticipated a day that I would actually fear Julianna.

My wife ordered me to kneel in front of the sofa. Then she pushed me forward so that my chest rested on the sofa cushion. Julianna then straddled my body and sat down on my back with her full weight, facing the direction of my vulnerable, bare ass. There was a lengthy pause, and I tried to brace myself. SMACK! She swung the paddle with even more force than I had anticipated. I yelped in pain. Then SMACK! on the other cheek. I yelped even louder. I tried to struggle but was immobilized beneath the full weight of her body. The spanking continued. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! My bottom felt like it was on fire.

Welling up from my stomach, the tears came in a flood, stinging my eyes as pleaded, “I’ll be good! I'm sorry! I'll be good, I promise!"

“I know you will,” Julianna laughed as she continued to paddle my ass.


“Let’s try this out, too,” Julianna cheerfully said as set down the paddle she grabbed the riding crop.

The sound of Julianna testing the riding crop, making it swish through the air, caused me to quake in terror. Without warning, the crop landed on my buttocks with a sharp WACK! The riding crop cut deep into my flesh, and I cried out in pain. Since my butt was tender from the paddling, the riding crop hurt even worse. Julianna giggled in sadistic delight. She took her time, aimed carefully, and swung the riding crop again and again.


I squirmed beneath her, frantically pushing my hips into the sofa and howling in agony. My wife administered twenty lashes before she laid the crop down and sat down next to me on the sofa. My face was streaked with tears, and I was whimpering softly. My bottom was crimson and lined with welts. The experience had been both painful and humiliating. The fact that I had been beaten by the woman I love seemed to intensify my degradation. Giggling in sadistic delight, Julianna waited until I caught my breath and stopped blubbering before she nonchalantly kicked off her flip flops.

“My feet are tired from all that shopping,” my wife told me. “Get down on the floor and get busy!”

I obediently prostrated myself before my Julianna. My wife raised her feet and started rubbing my face with them. Specks of dirt had sifted between the soles of her feet and the insole of her flip flops and mixed with her perspiration, forming a layer of grime. I knew what was expected of me and started licking the soles of her feet clean. I also tongued her heels, her insteps, and her ankles and, when I got to her toes, I worked my tongue between them and then sucked each digit. Julianna’s feet were absolutely delicious. My stiffened from the excitement of sniffing, licking, and sucking, and for the first time I experienced the confining agony of my chastity device.

Later that evening, I prepared supper and served it to my wife in the living room. While Julianna ate, I was required to lie on the floor with my eyes fixed on her beautiful feet. I could not help gazing longingly at the key charm on her ankle bracelet and looking forward to being released from my chastity device. When she had finished her meal, my wife set her plate on the floor so that I could eat her leftovers like a dog, without using my hands. Then Julianna had me curl up on the floor before her and used my body as a foot rest for the next few hours while she watched television.

At bedtime, Julianna announced that she wanted to try out another one of her new toys. I obediently followed behind her on my hands and knees as she led the way to the bedroom. My wife ordered me to wash the vibrator, put the batteries in it, and bring it to her. When I returned to the bedroom, Julianna was lying on the bed and spreading her legs. I desperately longed to plunge my hard cock into her, but that was not to be. Instead, she instructed me to stimulate her with the vibrator. I obediently took up position between Julianna’s legs and ran the buzzing instrument over her labia and clitoris.

“Oh, yes!” Julianna gasped. “That feels fantastic!”

Julianna had her breasts cupped in her hands and was kneading them. Before long, her head was thrashing back and fourth on the pillow and she was moaning in pleasure. Julianna careened from one orgasm to another, and her pleasure seemed more intense than what she experiences during intercourse. After a few minutes, Julianna rolled over into a doggy style position and told me to penetrate her with the vibrator. As I worked the vibrator in and out of her, my wife seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm.

“Yeah! Oh, yeah!” she gasped hoarsely. “Fuck me with the vibrator and French kiss my ass hole!”

I obediently wiggled my tongue up Julianna’s asshole and simultaneously worked the vibrator in and out of her vagina. My wife began pushing her hips back to urge me on. She was gasping and moaning in total ecstasy. My tongue was plunging into her ass hole, and I was ramming the vibrator into her with an ever increasing tempo. Before she was finished with me, Julianna must have reached climax half a dozen times.

“That’s enough, slave,” Julianna told me as she rolled over onto her side.

My wife then crooked her finger and pointed to the floor, signaling me to kneel before her. Julianna looked down at me with a smug grin and, without warning, slapped my face with all her strength. The force of the slap sent me reeling. My head was spinning from the power of the blow.

“That’s the thanks you get for being my ass licker and masturbation assistant,” she told with an arrogant tone. “Now lie down and go to sleep. You have a busy day ahead of you.”

“Y-yes, M-mistress,” I managed to stammer.

As I lay on the floor at the foot of Julianna’s bed, I could feel her handprint, red and burning on my cheek. I thought about all that had transpired. It had been a long day. My wife was certainly skilful at inflicting punishment and humiliation and, throughout all of it, she made my suffering an erotic experience. We were learning a lot about each other. I wondered what lie in store tomorrow.

To be continued….

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