Brandi Backs Herself Into A Corner: Chapter 8

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100% fiction!

Brandi was really having a hard time adjusting to not having her son living at home. What was killing her the most, she knew it was her fault. Something she did in the past came back to bite her (sleeping with a 18 year old high school boy, Craig). She came to me and asked if I would help her stop drinking.

I told her, "While I was at home, there would be know problem, but when I wasn't there she better get Ellen to help her." People change when they are drinking, all Brandi could do was think about sex.

I had not seen my parents for three years. I got word that there home had caught fire in the middle of the night. I was the only child. After Brandi and I had gotten married we had not stayed close at all with my folks, maybe a phone call once a month. I did know, my dad was proud of me, for doing as well as I had done. I knew he kept track of what I was doing, and that made me feel good. I had to get to their town and set up all the funeral arrangements. They had left me the total amount of their estate, which amounted to millions. Brandi decided to bring Travis with us to the funeral. I had been so busy with my job, I had not seen Travis for five months.

What a shock when I laid my eyes on him, he was 18, but looked to be twenty-four or twenty-five. The best way I can describe him, he had a full beard and was the spitting image of Brad Pitts in the movie, Legend of the Fall, it was really scary. Brandi was spending a lot of time being a mother to him. When I was out of town (which was three weeks out of the month) she would go down to where he was going to school and spend three or four days. When you saw them together they looked like husband and wife.

To my knowledge, when we went down to the funeral Brandi had not had a drink in three months. Our sex was not as exciting as it had been, in fact it was non existent. There was something missing, before she quit drinking, we were doing it two to three times a day, she never could get enough. Now she was timid and real shy, not aggressive at all. She was putting all her efforts into being a mother.

Travis could not keep his hands off of her, it was just a little to much. I had to fight back the temptation to say something to Brandi. He was a 18 year old guy, who had seen his beautiful mother fucking one of his friends. Maybe he wanted some, or maybe he had already got some. I just could not bring this up to Brandi, I know she would never admit to it, one way or another.

It took a week to get the funeral arrangements taken care of and get my lawyers involved in all of the money transactions. I spent a lot of my time keeping an eye on Travis. I found out real quick, he was still smoking weed and he was always on his cell. I over heard one conversation, he was telling the other person he was almost out. He told him that he would probably be going to his mom's house after the funeral and wanted him to bring his jeep there, he would get back in touch with him.

As soon as I got home, I had to leave for three days, to go back to LA. I did a great job in the business where I was employed. With the money that my folks had left me, my decision was to open my own commercial real state business in my home town. I wanted to be around my family and cut the traveling out. My main concern was my wife and I knew she needed my help. While I was in LA, I was going to let the owners of the company know that I was going to quit.

I had my lap top hooked up to me house video, I could see what was going on in every room of my home. I really got a bad feeling about Travis, like he was jealous of me, I knew I had to keep an eye on him. The first evening that I was in LA, I got to my hotel room at ten pm, and turned my computer on. I ran it back to the moment that I had left. As soon as I was gone,

Travis called some guy named Isaac, told him to bring his jeep and some good weed. He said, "My step dad is going to be gone for three days and my mom is really looking hot and there is plenty of booze here.

Isaac said, "If I get a piece of that pussy, I will give you a big discount on the weed."

Travis replied, "Get your ass up here, we will work something out. Maybe you will get to stick that ten inch black dick in the right hole.

My first thought was to call Brandi and warn her. Then I realized, what is going to happen has already happened, I decided to watch the rest.

Isaac pulled into the driveway an hour later, it was just a little after one pm. Travis went out and met him, they were talking and slapping each other on the back. Isaac pulled a small baggy out and put some white powder on the back of side of Travis's hand, Travis sniffed it right in. I knew now that Travis was doing more than weed, it was probably coke.

Brandi walked out of the house she was wearing a white blouse, that buttoned up the front and no bra. It was really cool out and her nipples were hard against the fabric, she also had on a pair of white shorts. She said, "Travis, is this your friend Isaac."

"Yes mom, it sure is, why don't you give him a big hug." Brandi reached out to shake Isaac's hand. He pulled her in tight, so that her boobs were pressed against his chest, laying a lip lock on her. You could see his tongue go deep into her mouth. He held her there for a couple of minutes kissing her.

It really shocked Brandi, she pulled back and said, "That's quit enough, you boys come in the house, I have lunch fixed."

They both put the arms around Brandi as they walked into the house. Travis said to Brandi, "Mom Isaac was just trying to be nice to you."

"That was just a little to nice," Was Brandi's reply.

They sat at the kitchen table and ate. All the time they were eating, Isaac kept trying to play footsies with Brandi. Brandi started getting a little nervous, I could see her eyes darting back and forth from the floor to Travis. "Why don't you boys do me a favor and clean the dishes off the table, I am going up to my room and finish reading the book, that I started yesterday."

Isaac said to Travis, "Hey guy, I want to get into your mom's pants and I ain't got all day."

"Wait about fifteen minutes and then come up to my mom's room, it's the first door on the left."
Travis got up and left the table, he walked right into Brandi's room.

Brandi was lying on the bed, reading. Brandi said, "What do you need? I thought you be down stairs talking to your friend."

"Would you mind if I laid down next to you? I would like to talk to you."

"By all means, go a head."

"Mom would you like a glass of wine?"

"Of course not, you know I have stopped drinking."

"Well, here is my problem, ever since I saw you fucking my friend and saw you nude, I have had a hard on for you."

I could see a tear rolling down Brandi's cheek, "Oh my god what have I done? You are my son and that's not right."

Travis had put his hand on Brandi's tit and was playing with her nipple. With his other hand he started unbuttoning blouse.

"Please Travis, we can't do this."

"Mom just lay there and enjoy it, like you did with the other guys. I want to feel that beautiful body of yours under me. From the day I met you I wanted to fuck you."

All Brandi could say in a very weak and meek voice, "No, no, no, please, please, I shouldn't be letting you do this, you are my son and I love you so much." Brandi was crying and I could tell by her actions that she didn't want him to do anything (at least that's what I thought), but she was not trying to stop him.

Travis had taken her blouse off and Brandi was not putting up any resistant's. She was just laying there looking at the ceiling. Travis had his hand around one tit, flicking the nipple with his finger and sucking on the other. Brandi had closed her eyes and she reached up to the back of his head, pulling him down, until their lips met. I could see their tongues meeting and they both looked like they were in heat, grinding against each other.

Brandi said, "I want to do this for you, I love you so much." He reached down and un did the snap on her shorts and pulled them off of her. He stood up and took his clothes off, Brandi was moving her hips up and down, she was totally nude on the bed. Travis got on top of her and started French kissing her and squeezing her tits.

The door opened and Isaac walked in. He sat down on the bed and started sucking on Brandi's tits. He said to Travis, "Stick that cock of yours in that bitch, I want some of this." I could see Travis cock start to slide into that pink wet pussy. At that exact moment my computer popped and I could smell burnt wires.

I grabbed my suitcase and was out the door in five. I had a eight to nine hour drive ahead of me. One thing I should have said at the first of my stories, I have been a type one diabetic for twenty-five years. I always carry candy, cookies and orange juice with me in case I hit a low and feel like I am going to pass out. I pulled into my driveway at about six the next morning, it took me eight hours. There was no jeep or any other vehicles there, it was real quiet.

I ran into the house and it looked ransacked, there was so much stuff missing, I knew something terrible had happened, I could smell death. I dropped to my knees and screamed out, "Brandi!" I ran up to our bedroom, opened the door, and the nightmare hit me. There she sat starring straight ahead, those beautiful blue eyes would never see again. I grabbed her, felt for a pulse and a heart beat, there was none. I do not remember how long I laid there holding her, it must have been hours. Finally, I looked around and there was one of my insulin bottles and it was empty. I knew it had at least six hundred units in it and would only have taken a hundred to kill her. There was a note next to her that she had written to me.

John I am sorry that it had to come to this, but I couldn't take it any more. You are the first person that I really did love, but I couldn't take any more pain. People wish they were beautiful, beauty is what killed me, every man lusted for me, even my own son. Please protect him, he really needs it. If some how you figure out what happened, please for me, don't hate him. Just remember I do love you.


It had been at least four hours since I arrived at my home and found Brandi. I called my lawyer and he said he would handle everything. They took Brandi to the hospital, where the Coroner preformed the autopsy. He found that she had died of an overdose of insulin. He told me that she did not suffer. I have gone through two funerals in a matter of two weeks.

After a month of laying around and feeling sorry for my self, I decided to find out who this Travis was. At that moment I wanted to kill him. I decided to hire a private investigator, to see where this animal came from. I knew he could not be Brandi's son, a degenerate like that could not come out of her.

The private investigator work on the case for a month and I finally got his report. My hands were shaking when I opened it. It read: Travis and a guy named Billy D. Jones grew up together. Travis was killed in a drive by shooting and Billy had access to all of Travis's paperwork. They were both the same age and looked like brothers. Billy was going nowhere in life, he had a drug problem and decided to check Brandi out (pretending he was Travis), to see if there was anything in it for him.

After everything had happened, I did not give or show the investigators the tapes that had been made of Brandi's last moments, that she was on this earth. I knew they would be to private and since she knew nothing about me taping her, this could never become public. I would take care of these two assholes.

It had been almost two years to the day when I decided to watch the tapes. I got out the chip and put in my computer. I started it where Travis was about ready to slide his cock into her and Isaac was making out with her. At that moment Brandi screamed out, "Get off of me you bastards, this is not going to happen." She curled into a fetal position and started shaking uncontrollably and was screaming, "No! No! No, I can't do this, get out of my room."

You have never seen two guys go so soft so fast as they were climbing over each other getting out of the room. All that came out of Isaac's mouth was, "Your mom is crazy."

They were getting dressed as they were going down the stairs. When Travis said, "Let's go in town and rent a truck and rip this place off. I know I will never be welcomed back here." It took them about two hours to get the truck and get the things that were worth anything loaded. While they were doing that, Brandi went to the small refrigerator that I keep in our bedroom and got my insulin, then shot herself up.

My thoughts were that I should have been there to protect her, this would not have happened. I was so money hungry that I did not pay attention to my wife. I fulfilled all my sexual dreams and that is what killed Brandi.

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