JoAnne’s Gonna Suck You ALL Dry

(Part 1 from 1)

You’d better not shout. You’d better not cry.
You’d better not pout; I’m telling you why:
JoAnne’s gonna suck you all dry.

She’s made up a list of guys she has blown.
Basically every man she has known.
JoAnne’s gonna suck you all dry.

She started out at eighteen; the cutest little whore.
Since then this blonde’s blown forty thou, but still she kneels for more.

So you’d better zip down and step up in line.
A blowjob from Jo’s so ever sublime.
JoAnne’s gonna suck you all dry.

She always wears the tightest jeans with heels and skimpy tops.
And once she drops down to her knees she never, EVER stops.

(So)take hold of her head and stuff your cock in.
And then ream her throat; drive your balls to her chin.
JoAnne’s gonna suck you all dry.

Ba doobie doo doo. Ba doobie dum dum.
Grunt and jerk, then cum cum cum.
JoAnne’s gonna doo doo dee dum.

Her favourite blowjob’s santa Claus; she’s blown at every mall.
Her goal’s to travel everywhere and find and blow them ALL.

So just pull your cock out, and then take your place.
Wait a few moments and then fuck her face.
JoAnne’s gonna suck you all dry.
JoAnne’s gonna suck the World dry.

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