Caught By Sis - Part 2

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Please note : This story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

I had spent the next couple of days thinking about and jacking off to all that happened with my sister Melissa that night. She sure showed me a great time and I didn't realize that little "sex pot:" had it in her.

Many times my teachers caught me day dreaming and questioned what I was thinking about and I had to make up some stories real fast. It's a good thing my desktop was able to hide the excitement that was going on in my jockey shorts or it would have really been embarrassing.

Anyway, my thoughts also quickly turned to Josh, my friend in gym class and a couple of my other classes. Josh was a real cutie who I loved to see naked in the shower's after gym. I was really falling for this boy and I wished there was a way for me to let him know, without him punching me in the face, because as far as I knew he was 100% straight.

The next to last day of school came before summer recess and I decided to approach Josh and ask him something. Getting up the nerve, I saw Josh in the hall at his locker. "Hey buddy what's up", I said. "Not much, Robby, what's up with you". "Oh, the same old shit, you know how it is. Can I ask you something?" "Sure, said Josh, "what's on your mind, buddy? I told him, "Well, tomorrow is the last day of school and I was wondering if you would like to come home with me and hang out and maybe play some games on my computer". Then I said, "If you're good maybe my folks will let you
stay for dinner". Josh told me he would really like that. All the way home, I was almost doing cartwheels. "Josh said yes, he said YES, YES,YES".

The next day couldn't come fast enough for me and when it did come the time in school just seemed to drag on and on and on. Finally, the last bell rang and we were all set free for the summer. Josh met me after the final class and we walked to my house together, which took about a half hour. We went inside, and the house was completely empty. I knew my mom and dad were both at work, but I thought my sister Melissa would be home. We went to the kitchen and grabbed some cold root beer and Twinkies (great health food) and headed up to my bedroom. "Wow, said Josh, "Your room is really neat, it has just about everything you would want" "Thanks, I said, I spend most of my time in here when I'm not at school or playing outside" Then I told him "let's power up the old PC and play some games". After checking out my selection of games, Josh decided that he would like to play "Star Wars". That wasn't exactly the game I wanted, but since I finally got this hot guy in my bedroom, he could play anything he asked for.

We pulled up two chairs at the computer and put the "Star Wars" CD in. Josh and I had played several rounds and I discovered that he was pretty good at it; in fact he won most of the games we played. Whenever I got a chance, I sat as close to Josh as possible and "accidentally" made sure our legs would brush together since we were both wearing shorts. Josh smelled so good of Aqua Velva Ice Sport, one of my very favorite fragrances.

We played for over an hour, when something hit me. "OH SHIT', I said, "I just remembered that my Dad wanted me to pick up some things at the hardware store for a project that he is working on this weekend" I told Josh to continue to play with my computer and that I would be right back, figuring it would be no longer than 15 minutes. I left the house and Josh stayed in my room playing with my computer. He started to check out all the other games I had installed. He had opened up "windows explorer" and came across a file folder entitled "sexy downloads". Josh thought to
himself, "Wow, Robby must have some hot porn pics in here!" Josh was debating whether or not to check them out, but he thought "what the hell". He double clicked on the file folder and then his eyes got big as saucers. Josh was looking for some guy and girl pics, but what did he find? Young naked twinks, guys jacking each other off, guys giving hot blowjobs, lot's of pics of guy's cumming, and guys having group sex. To top that off, there was also a file that contained stories that Robby had downloaded. Stories like: "Fun With Dave", "After The Mall Experience", and "Different Kind of Sleepover". Josh could not believe what he was seeing. And neither could the bulge that was growing in his pants. He thought to himself "Could it be? Could it be my best buddy is..GAY? Just then the bedroom door swung open. It was Robby's sister Melissa. "Hey Robby, I'm home and..JOSH!!!! What are you doing here?" "Umm, hi Melissa, Robby invited me over, he had to go to the hardware store, he will be right back". Josh kept fumbling with the computer mouse trying to close down the files he was looking at, but it was too late. "HA, said Melissa, "I see you came across Robby's files". "I'm sorry, Melissa, I came across them by accident". Melissa said "Don't worry about it Josh; besides I think this is funny.Robby's BUSTED".

Just then, we heard the front door open, and Robby started running up the steps. He got to the bedroom and was surprised to see Josh and Melissa standing in front of the computer screen. "Well, sis, I see you found out that Josh is here", I said. Josh said "Well, buddy, let me tell you that I found out a lot more!!" "What do you mean?" I asked? With that Josh and Melissa stepped aside and showed me the computer screen. My face must have turned at least five shades of red. I looked down at the floor and said "Well, Josh you found out about me, I guess you want to go home now". To my surprise, Josh walked over to me and put his arm around me and said, "No way, dude, I'm glad to find this out because I have something to tell you". 'What's that, pal?" I said. Josh swallowed a couple of times real hard. "I'm glad I found out about you, because..because (he swallowed again) because..I am the same way!!!! I'm not totally gay, but I am bisexual, some guys really turn me on, big time". I looked at Josh and smiled and he smiled back at me. I then got up the nerve to ask, "How do you feel about me, Josh?" Josh said, "I have always had strong feelings for you" Then he added, "Don't you think I noticed how you looked at me when we showered together"? "I purposely took my time in the shower so that you could get a good view". Josh and I then hugged each other for the longest time. "Oh please, said Melissa, "I think I am going to puke" Then she laughed.

The three of us continued to chill out in my bedroom for a while, playing CD's and watching some TV. Suddenly, my sister said "Hey, bro, can I talk to you in private for a second?" "Sure, sis, let's go out in the hallway" I wasn't exactly sure where this was going. Melissa and I stepped outside of my bedroom, leaving Josh with a puzzled look on his face. "OK sis, what's up?" I asked. "Robby, said Melissa, "I want to see Josh naked!" "WHAT, I replied, are you crazy?" "Besides, I have seen Josh naked lots of times". Sis then said, "Yeah, I know you have, but Josh is so damn cute, and I want to see him naked and with a boner". Then I said, "Well, I have never seen Josh with a boner, except in my dreams and imagination" "Yeah, sis, let's go for it, I know exactly what to do". I then told Melissa my idea and what she had to do. "Ooooo yeah, Robby!" With that Melissa and I went back into the bedroom where Josh was laying on the bed watching the Cartoon Network.

"Hey Josh, I got a great idea", I said. "What's that, Rob?" "Let's show Melissa our wrestling techniques that we use in gym class" Josh was really caught off guard "You mean, here? In your bedroom?" "Yeah, I said, we can push the bed aside and there is plenty of room". Josh helped me move the bed to the side so that we could have the space to wrestle. I then told Josh we needed to take off our shirts like we do in gym. Josh and I both took off our shirts, leaving us just in our Bermuda shorts and tennis shoes. Melissa and I were both getting hot and flustered looking at Josh's
naked torso and well-defined arms and abs. Melissa sat on the side of the bed to catch all the action while Josh and I knelt down on the floor in our wrestling position. When Melissa hollered, "go" we started wrestling just like we do in gym class. I was no match for Josh; he was much stronger and overpowering. He got on top of me and pinned me quickly for the first win. "Two out of three, Josh" I shouted. "You never give up, do you guy", Josh snorted. I then got down near his face and whispered in his ear "Let me win, this time, please? I want to impress my sister". The second round started out just like the first, with Josh showing his superiority in the sport. Just when he was about to pin me, he let me flip him over and get on top of him. Now that he was in this position, I moved up and sat down on his chest and pinned his arms with my legs. "Hey, what are you doing", Josh shouted? "Ok, sis, your turn", I told Melissa. With that, a grinning Melissa, jumped off the side of the bed and ran down to Josh's feet. She then started to untie his tennis shoes and slipped them off. Then she removed both of his white athletic socks. She started rubbing Josh's feet and giving them a great massage. Josh started to put up a little bit of a
fight, but then he started to enjoy what was going on. "OK, you guys, I will be your slave", said Josh. I reached back and started to tickle Josh real hard and I found out just how ticklish he was as he was laughing like crazy. Melissa then moved up to the top of Josh's shorts. She rubbed her hand over his naked stomach and belly button. She then decided it was time. She was really glad that he didn't have a belt on that she would have to deal with. She opened the top button on his shorts and grasped the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Josh just relaxed and enjoyed everything that was happening to him.

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