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Note : This story is completely fictional!

When Jenny cleaned her mother's closet she found a VCR tape and decided to play it. It was a tape of her naked when she was a baby lying on the bed. She didn't think anything about it until her father and mother appeared nude. Her mom ate her pussy while her dad jacked off on her face. Jenny wanted to turn off the tape but she was fascinated. Then her dad finger fucked her little hole until it was bloody. He must have broke her cherry! She carefully put the tape back where she found it and went downstairs.

"Mom, what do you think about parents who molest their children?"

"Parents should love their kids, they can teach them about sex if they want too" she replied.

"And finger fuck baby girls until their pussy is bloody?" she ask angrily.

"You saw the tape?" gasp Mary.

"Yes mom, I watched what you and dad did to me"

Her mother started to cry and Jenny felt sorry for her.

"Don't cry mom, I forgive you"

"I should have destroyed that tape years ago" she sobbed.

"Why didn't you?"

"Your dad likes to watch the tape, it makes him horny" she explained wiping tears from her eyes.

"He's a pervert" laughed Jenny.

"Are you still mad?"


Jenny and her mom had a long talk about sex. Mary found that her daughter had never had sex with her boyfriends and Jenny found that her mom loved kinky sex.

"Would you let dad fuck other women"? ask Jenny.

"As long as I could watch" she replied.

"What if dad wanted to have sex with me?"

"I would love that, you could share our bed with us" replied the excited woman.

"I'll do it" giggled the girl.

They didn't tell George about it because Mary wanted to surprise her husband. That night Jenny heard her mom and dad having sex. Her mom was always noisy when she climaxed. Jenny took off her nightgown and went to their room. Her dad was eating her mother's cunt. When he saw his nude daughter he gasp

"What the hell is she doing here?"

"She wants you to fuck her" laughed Mary.

Jenny got in bed with her father.

"I'll leave you two lovers alone"

Then she went downstairs and fixed herself a drink. George kissed his daughter like a passionate lover until her pussy was wet with excitement. She spread her legs so he could fuck her. George rammed his prick in her hole and rode the willing girl for half an hour. Jenny climaxed so many times she felt faint. Her pussy was filled with her dad's incestious sperm. She was in heaven! Mary finished her drink and went upstairs.

"Are you done with her George?"

"For now" he panted.

Mary got in bed and sucked her daughter's breasts, then she ate her cunt. Jenny almost peed with excitement. She was glad that she found the tape. Sex with her mom and dad was beautiful! George fucked his daughter again and when the girl climaxed she shouted.


We love you too" said her mom.

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