Jennifer's Vacation : Part 2

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My wife Jennifer has recently returned to her sluttish ways much to my delight. Let me tell you about her 40 years old 6 feet tall 38DD breasts with large silver dollar sized nipples. She is blonde and a voluptuous vixen that can suck a cock like a well trained whore and she loved to eat cum. This story continues them the 3rd day of our holiday to Dem. Republic. The day before she got fucked by 2 white guys and two black guys , one who she named Mr. Big for his 6’7” height and his 10 inch very thick cock. She woke up the next day horny and when I stuck my 6 inch inside her swollen pussy I couldn’t feel a thing. She felt sorry for me so I fucked her up her tight ass till I shot my load up there.

After sex we went down for breakfast down by the pool. It wasn’t long until one of the black guys who fucked her the night before came over to table to chat her up. He was one of the bartenders at the pool bar. They talked all during his break while I was swimming in the pool. When I come back to sit down she told me that he wanted to bring her over to Mr. Bigs place. He was the large black guy that had fucked her with his 10 inch cock the night before. Without even asking she had already said yes she told me she was wet just thinking about him.
About 3:00 in the afternoon Jennifer went back up to the room to shower and change. She put on a knee length sun dress with no bra or panties on underneath. She was bouncing off the walls thinking about Mr. Big slamming with pussy with his massive shaft. Just after 4:00 there was a knock on our door it was Tyrone to pick her up. She told me not to wait up and gave me a kiss and left. She told me he drove a old Honda Accord and they took off out of the resort and headed into town.

As soon as they were driving down the road Tyrone reached his hand over onto my wife’s thigh and started rubbing. Jennifer was already super wet and horny and she spread you legs apart and his hand found her mound. It wasn’t long until he had a couple of fingers up her snatch finger fucking her. She had hand into his shorts and was busy stroking his thick 8 inch meat. He soon pulled off the road down a dirt road toward the beach. As soon as the car stopped Jennifer got him to push his seat back and pull down his pants. She dove onto his cock and started blowing him for all she was worth. After giving him head for about 5 minutes she crawled on top of him and let his cock slide up her pussy. She started riding him and he pulled down her dress top so he could play with and suck her tits. As soon as he started sucking on her nipples she felt his cock swell up and shoot a huge load of cum up her snatch.

She pulled her cunt off his prick and wrapped her lips around his shaft tasting his and her juices mixed together. After blowing him for about 5 minutes his cock started to swell up . Jennifer and him got out of the car and he bend her over the hood, he pushed her dress up over her hips. He rubbed his knob up and down her ass and swollen pussy until she begged him to fuck her. In about 10 minutes of back door action he shot another load of cum up her pussy. Tyrone and Jennifer quickly got cleaned because he said that Samuel would be waiting for her. It was about 20 more minutes into town before they pulled up to a very dirty little bar. Tyrone told that Samuel was inside as she walked in it was poorly lit but she could see Samuel sitting at a table near the back. As soon as she got there Samuel got up towering over her and said hello and mashed his face into hers and jammed his tongue down her throat.

After the kiss he sat down undid his zipper and pulled his meat out. He said to jennifer white whore show my friends how you like big black meat. Jennifer was started to feel a little nervous but did what he said got down her knees wrapped her fingers around bottom of shaft and started bobbing up and down on his cock. It grew larger and fatter until it stretched her mouth out by now she didn’t care about anything but that fat cock between her lips. He then announced that somebody should fuck that white whore’s pussy. Jennifer felt several hands on her ass and running their fingers along her crack she spread legs wider when she felt a large knob rubbing up and down her snatch. She wiggled her ass to get it slide in and she heard laugher as guys were saying “look at the whore she wants it bad you picked up some horny cunt this time” Just then the cock behind rammed forward she thought she was going to split in two.

It was bigger than Samuels in her mouth and was violently thrusting in and out it wasn’t long until she said it felt incredible it totally filled her up. Then Samuel’s cock in her mouth started to swell he told her swallow all of his black cum. It put his hand on the top of her head forcing his shaft down her throat and than blew a massive load down her throat it come down the sides of lips and ran down to her breasts. She sucked on it until she cleaned it off the guy in the back was increasing his thrusts up her snatch as she felt him start to swell up. He pulled it out of her cunt turned Jennifer around trying to shoot it in mouth it started spraying out all over face, dress ,down her breasts she managed to wrap her lips around the head for a couple off shots in her mouth. She didn’t have a chance to catch her breath when a guy lifted her off the floor pulled her dress over her head.

Then leaned her over the bar table, his thick shaft slid easily into her cum filled pussy. He shoved it up and down a few times pulled it out and started caressing her asshole with his knob. With all the lube the head slid up the chocolate highway easy with that Jennifer said she had a massive orgasm and he started banging his balls into her ass. After about 5 minutes a third load found its way into her. She didn’t get back to the resort until 1:30 am, after a while she said they brought an old filthy mattress into the bar. In about 6 hours of gang banging she thought she had got fucked by about 20 different guys many 2 or 3 times each.

Her ass and pussy were sore and even on the ride back to the resort Tyrone and friend stopped on the side of the road as she gave head to Tyrone his buddy doggie fucked her in the back of the car. She was happy I was happy and hoped her pussy would return to normal so I could fuck her. Only 4 more days of vacation!

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