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Jennifer's Vacation : Part 2 reviews

Posted by Irish
You have more useful info than the Briitsh had colonies pre-WWII.
Posted by Karl
Now there is a woman that really got fucked. It reminds me of my wife and one of her affairs, She was picked up by a black man and went to his home and there she found several black men playing cards. Soonthe card game stopped and she was laid out on a table with her head on the edge area her face leaning over the table just right for a cock to fill her mouth. So it was 7 black men and her she doesn't know how many times they fucked her, but mor\st of them filled her at least 3 timesd as well as having her clean their cock each time. She lovesd it and told me when she got home that she made a date with them for a repeat but with maybe 25 men. She loves black cocks
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