Jasmine: Latina Wife

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One year, that's how long my wife, Jasmine 21, and I have been married, but we dated for five years before that. I have always found my Latina wife attractive, being 5'3 weighting 120 lbs, with a beautiful curvy figure, firm round 34c breast, and a nice ass. She always had her long brunette fall down her neck reaching her breast. What can I say, she always looked amazing.

I had a dark history though, before I was married, I had an addiction to porn. The ones I would really spend my time on would be the ones where the husband is forced to watch his wife get fucked by another man. After I got married though, those desires faded away. Until recently, I had these dreams, these dark dirty dreams. In these dreams, I would see my wife getting manhandle by a big black man, and for some reason when I would wake up, I would be extremely turned on.

I told Jasmine about these dreams, she was freaked out at first but later told me that there is no way she was going to be with another man, considering she was raised by the tradition Hispanic heritage. A part of me was disappointed. Months went by, and I continued to have the same dreams, over and over again. I told my self, in order for me to stop having these dreams, I am going to have to fulfill it, and I had a plan.

We had planned a trip to visit San Antonio. In the week before we left, I browsed the casual encounter section on craiglist.org and came across a post label "big and black 4 ur wife". I clicked on the link and saw this big muscular black man with a massive dong! I sent him a message, explaining the situation. Two days later he responded, saying he was more than happy to help. His name was Jamal, and he sent me his number. We took the next couple of days getting to know each other better.

We departed for San Antonio on Friday afternoon, and arrived a couples hours later. By the time we checked into the Hilton on the Riverwalk, it was already near 9 o'clock. Jasmine loved the room we got, which was a suite over looking the river walk. Jasmine asked me " What do you wanna do tonight".

"Whatever you want babe" I responded.
"I feel like dancing and some margaritas"
"Sure lets get ready before its too late, and dress sexy for me babe"

It took me about thirty minutes to get ready, while I was waiting, I looked up different clubs near the Riverwalk. One that caught my eye was the Skydome, and it was within walking distance. I was lying down on the bed, when Jasmine walked out the restroom. My jaws dropped! She looked so amazing and sexy. She was wearing a mini blue dress, with fuck me high heels, no bra, blowjob red lipstick, and you can see the outline of her thong. I told her about the club and she agreed. When she was not looking, I texted Jamal "skydome @ 11"
As soon as we got to the bar, inside the skydome, I ordered two shots of Patron and 2 mix drinks. We downed them and continued to order drinks. From the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Jamal, he looked at me and smile. He came over and introduced himself to us. I acted as if I didn't know him. Jamal bought us another round of shots and drinks. At this point, Jasmine was already tipsy, my plan was taking full effect.

Whenever Jasmine is drunk, she gets overly friendly. I grabbed her and took her to the dance floor, and Jamal followed. The wild Latina in Jasmine came alive. She was dancing and grinding her ass into me while Jamal was dancing in front of her. I then turned her around to face me and soon she was grinding her ass into Jamal. Jamal rubbed his big black hands all over Jasmine's body. He slid his hands down her body and close to her pussy. Jasmine didn't stop him, I could tell she was drunk already. Jamal then began to caress her breast.

The announcer yelled into the mike "Last Call". We stop dancing and took the final shots of Patron for the night. The club was closing. She grabbed my arm, ready for me to take her home, but I stopped her and told her I had to go to the restroom, and Jamal followed me. In the restroom, I told Jamal that I was gonna slid through the back door and I gave him specific instruction.

Jasmine stood there waiting for me, the bouncer cleared the building and asked her "its time for you to go".
"But im waiting for my husband"
"There's no one left Hun"
"I'll take you home" Jamal cut in.
"But".....she stuttered.
"Don't worry your husband told me you guys were staying at the Hiltons, in room 608"
"Okay" she said grabbing Jamal's arm.

I stood there in the restroom when I heard the door open. I could hear laughing and giggles coming from Jasmine and Jamal. I could hear Jasmine say "take me to the bedroom". I heard the bedroom door open. I slowly opened the bathroom door, all the lights in the suite were off except the lone lamp in the bedroom. I looked inside and saw Jasmine and Jamal standing holding and kissing each other. Jamal had one of his hand on Jasmine's ass. Jamal took off her shirt exposing his muscular body. I heard Jasmine gasp as she admired his body.

Jamal grabbed a hold of her dress and slid it off over her, revealing her half-naked body and her beautiful tits. He grabbed one of them and slipped a nipple into his mouth as he sucked on her breast. She moaned as he began to rub her pussy with his other hand. I could tell how turned on she was by how hard her nipple looked. He then stopped and Jasmine fell to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled his pants along with his trouser down. The biggest cock that I have ever seen, was hanging right in front of Jasmine's face. She grabbed a hold of his massive member and slid it into her little red mouth. She started sucking on his cock. Jamal began to grunt, as Jasmine slid her hands and lips back and forth on his cock. He became impatient and grabbed her head and started to fuck her face.

I could see her tears fall down her face, ruining her mascara, as he pumped his cock into her mouth causing her to gag on his cock. She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. Jamal yelled "I'm coming" but he didn't let off. He then came inside her pretty mouth. I saw the semen drip out off her lips, as Jamal grunted. He then slid his cock out of her mouth and said "give me a couple of minutes to get hard again and ill fuck the shit out of you".

Jamal then picked Jasmine up and basically threw her on the bed. He tore off her thong and buried his face into her pussy. Jasmine moaned loudly. He licked her pussy clean, and then he began to play with her clit with his big finger. He then slid a finger into her and she let out a yelp. She start to moan louder and louder. "Don't stop, keep fucking me" she moaned. I could tell that Jamal's big finger found her g-spot, because she was shaking like crazy and pulling his face into her pussy. She yelled and moan loudly as she came. Jamal stopped and said "I'm not done bitch, I'm going to make you my slut".

He pushed her legs apart and slid his already hard cock into her wet pussy. He started to fuck her furiously. She yelled "fuck me papi, don't stop". His hard massive cock going in and out of Jasmine's sweet pussy, his balls slamming into the bottom of her ass, making a large smacking sound. He then picked her up and flipped her on all fours and began to fuck her doggystyle. He grabbed a hold of her hips while he rammed his big cock in and out of her. I never heard Jasmine moan so loudly. I saw more tears coming down her closed eyes as she bit her pillow. Jamal slapped her ass with his big hands a couple of times, making Jasmine yelp every time. Jamal pulled his veiny cock out of Jasmine and pushed her onto her stomach, he then unleashed his load unto Jasmine's back.

She must have been in exctasy because she pasted out soon after. Jamal got dressed and made his way to the door. I waited till his gone, I went into the room and saw Jasmine's naked body lying there. I whipped out my cock out and masturbated. I came onto her beautiful but tired face. This is the first but will certainly not be last experience of this kind.

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