Japanese Mob Days

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She landed on the little one and glanced at the taller one who was still sitting and was looking amused. Fine, as long as he doesn’t pull out a gun or anything I can deal with him later. Kristal rolled the small one off the chair and onto his back. She kicked him, but it seemed he hit his head on the way down and was a little dazed. Kristal had bought red oak chairs that had little bars connecting the legs. At the time she bought them, because they were cute, now she was going to use it to strangle the little one.

She saw it in a movie and thought it had to work. She put the chair on his neck and at first it seemed to work he was struggling and was turning a nice shade of red. Unfortunately, he was strong and just pushed the chair off. Kristal started to tumble backwards when warms hands caught her. She looked back and saw her head was inches from hitting the table. She stared up into the tall’s ones eyes.

“Can’t kill you, I’ve decided you want a boyfriend,” the tall one said.

“What,” Kristal and the small one said in unison.

“She can’t get close to Alastair without him getting suspicious; we need to keep her close unless she’s lying. It seems the best thing is for one of us to move in and watch her.”

“How will you control her,” the small one asked. Kristal eyes lit up with fire, but the tall one merely ignored her.

“I will make her fall in love with me.” Kristal snorted. “And if that didn’t work I’ll kill her.” That caught Kristal’s attention.

The small one nodded, stood up, and with a small nod, walked out the door. Kristal stared at the tall one. She was suddenly very afraid. She backed up into her back hit the wall as he merely stared at her.

“I’m Hirosha Nakatomi.” Kristal stared at him mutely. It seemed stupid to tell him her name since he already knew it. “Stop sleeping around. When you want some you’ll get it from me.”

Kristal sputtered. “You can’t tell me who I …” but the words died in her throat. Suddenly Hiro’s eyes went dark and they narrowed into slits. Kristal wasn’t one to be bullied, but this tactic work as he looked very deadly. “Okay.”

He went into her kitchen. Kristal was still staring into space wondering what exactly she had gotten herself into. Alastair was great in bed, but was her life worth it? What kind of an idiot was she? And now she had some mob’s hit man thinking he’ll make her fall in love with him. How absurd? And what happens if she does? He’ll walk out and leave her desperate? She rather die which seemed to be her other option. Kristal sighed as she smelled something delicious coming from the kitchen.

Kristal walked in and she sucked in a deep breath. Hiro was sexy. He was taller than her 5 foot 6 frame, tall for most Japanese and he was broad. His shoulders were wide and she could see the outline of his muscles in his shirt which he rolled up to fit snugly against his biceps. His hair still fell into his eyes and he ignored it as he made some sort of soup; miso from the smell of it.

Kristal jumped up and sat on the counter. “I can’t cook.” Hiro looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “That’s why there’s hardly any food in my fridge. I can’t cook for shit. Luckily, I make enough to eat out.” Hiro started walking to her and in a panic Kristal started speaking faster. “I thought it’ll help with this act until you guys feel you can trust me and know I don’t know anything. I swear.”

Hiro splayed his hands against Kristal’s thighs. She stood stock still and Hiro backed up. “You’re afraid of me.”

“Duh, you’re scaring me. You’re giving off all kind of scary vibes.”

“I don’t want you to be afraid of me.” Hiro hung his head.

Okay so she was trying to play along, but he was too sexy to not play with a little bit of fire. Obviously she hadn’t learned her lesson from being singe before. She took her hand and lifted his bangs out of his eyes and smiled as his eyes caught with hers. “I like it. It’s a thrill. Like rough sex.”



“You’re a very dominating woman. You probably fantasize about a dominating man, but knowing you the little I do, it’s probably just dominance during sex.”

Kristal blushed. No one got her so well. He was very observant. “How quickly do you think your soup will be done.?”

Hiro looked back. “Another 10 minutes.”

“That’s gives up plenty of time.” Kristal smiled evilly. Hiro narrowed his eyes at her. [i]So the narrowing is a reflex of suspicion. Interesting.[/i] “For a quickie. Best way to get to know another person.” Kristal scooted so that her bum barely hung onto the counter. “Oh and I only sleeping with you goes for you as well.”

“I never thought it didn’t,” Hirosha stated before he clamped his lips to Kristal. The man kissed like he looked. The kiss was fierce, hungry, and deadly. Kristal just knew she was going to die from it. She grew pliant in his arms and just regaled in his kiss. She had never been kissed like that before.

Hiro backed away and stared at her. His hands untied her robe and he lifted it off her shoulders. He bent to place those talented lips on her breast, but she stopped him. She scooted back a bit, sat Indian style, and crossed her arms. She stared pointedly at his clothes. Hiro tossed his head his hair clearing out of his eyes. He pulled roughly at his tie and pulled it from over his head. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled that and an undershirt off before he pulled his pants from his waist. He even kicked off his socks.

In the buff Kristal could only stare. The man was magnificent. Alastair was sexy in a sinewy lean way. Hiro was sexy in a muscular, lean way. The man didn’t look like a body builder, but looking at all those muscles you knew his punches would hurt. Kristal could already feel herself getting wet and she felt shameless. She didn’t even know this guy and this was much different than a one night stand. What the hell was she doing?

“Less than 8 minutes,” Hiro said.

What’s one good fuck? Kristal uncrossed her legs and arms. “Just fuck me fast and hard.” Hiro complied. He didn’t even try foreplay or seeing if she was wet enough for him. He just scooted her back to the edge of the counter and slammed his meat into her. Kristal was wet, but she didn’t realize how big he was. She wasn’t that wet. It wasn’t painful actually she found she liked the sharp sting and she opened her legs wider.

Hiro withdrew with a sharp grimaced. She was tight, almost too tight. He plunged back in and watched her face which was screwed up in pleasure. She threw her head back, her hands on her shoulder as she brought her own hips up. He continued to drive into her with a furious pace. His balls slapped her ass and he could hear the thwap in the air. She dug her nails into his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around him and forced him deeper and deeper into her.

He could see she was close; at the edge, but wasn’t able to dive off. He wrapped her long mane in his hands and pulled her head back and kissed her. His kiss was so potent, so deep, dizzying, that she felt her muscles clamp around his cock tightly, squeezing him harder and harder. She could feel the biggest orgasm of her life coming. She tried to move, but he wouldn’t let her. He was literally fucking her and she wasn’t allowed to move. He was dominating her and she loved it. He pulled on her hair once more and Kristal felt that electric tingle zip through her and settle into her pussy and then explode.

[i]Fuck.[/i] She was getting tighter and tighter on his dick. He didn’t think he was going to be able to thrust one more time and last or he would shame himself like a teenage boy with his first girl. She was so good, she felt so good. Suddenly her body was jerking and shaking and her pussy was milking him. He never felt anything like it. Her pussy literally wrapped around his cock and jerked his shaft up and down while her soft body shuddered under him. Hiro gave himself up to the feelings and could feel his balls pull into his body. With one last thrust he spilled himself into her hot sheath. Sweating, Hiro put his head on her shoulder trying to calm down. He felt himself get smaller and fall from her.

Kristal didn’t know what to do. At this point she usually got up and got dressed, but they were supposed to be dating. What does one do? Hiro looked up and saw Kristal’s face. She looked confused and Hiro wondered if he had inadvertently raped her. He didn’t like that. He quickly backed up and she jumped down just as fast. She grabbed a kitchen towel and cleaned herself off. She left the kitchen and then came back without the towel. Hiro had put on his pants and poured some of the soup for him and her. They sat at the table across from each other and for a small moment neither spoke.

“So that was good,” Kristal said at last

Hiro nodded.

“I’m sorry I got weird at the end. I didn’t know what to do. Do couples cuddle? Or do they laugh?” Kristal giggled feeling self conscious.

Hiro glanced up. “You didn’t feel like I took advantage of you?”

Kristal snorted. “Yeah, right.” She saw he was serious. “You’re a weird hit man. No, I didn’t feel you took advantage of me. I felt kind of like a hoe, because I don’t know you. But I liked it; the sex. A lot.”

Hiro smiled. “You’re not a hoe. Just a woman who has a greedy pussy.”

Kristal smiled. She liked that. It sounded erotic. This might just work. How bad could it be? Right? Right?

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