Japanese Mob Days

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Maki turned to Kristal and narrowed her eyes, “What would you do if your husband doesn’t make love to you anymore,” she asked in Japanese.

Kristal responded in Maki’s native tongue. “I would cheat on him, especially if he knew the problem. I would cheat with a female though. Most men don’t get mad when they find out their wives are fucking other females.”

Maki nodded and stared at Nikagura. Nikagura stared at Kristal like she had lost her mind. Kristal walked over to Maki and knelt in front of her. Maki’s eyes opened wide. Kristal put her hands on top of hers.

“If you need someone who can keep a secret I can,” Kristal whispered to her, but she knew Nikagura could hear her. Kristal rose to kiss her, but Maki turned scared. Kristal smiled and turned her head back. She stared the woman in the eyes before backing up and giving the woman room.

Maki immediately stood up and stared at her husband. “I have to think on it.”

“Oh and toys. If you don’t want to cheat on your husband we can go to a sex shop. Or we can do both. Toys and sex.”

Maki blushed and nodded quickly before leaving the office.

“Kristal,” Nikagura said in English, “I should fire you. How dare you tell my wife that?”
Kristal shrugged. “She asked and you need to fuck her tonight.” Kristal walked over to Nikagura and straddled him. She started rubbing against him. Kristal didn’t fuck her way to her position. She wasn’t even fucking her way to the top. She’s turned down promotions, because she liked where she was. Nikagura was just one of the few who had a great big dick and knew how to fuck.

Nikagura squeezed her ass and she could feel him harden. She made a mental note to stop staying late for quick fucks. His wife was suffering and she couldn’t stand that. “She’s not you,” he said.

“Uh-oh. You’re catching feelings. I’m going to have to end this,” Kristal replied while she stood up and backed away from him.

Nikagura looked furious, but Kristal held a hand up stopping his protests. She put a story down on his desk. “I haven’t finished a good one, but this should hold everyone over.” She wasn’t worried about getting fired. She brought in a good bit of money for the paper.

Nikagura waved her away looking upset. Kristal walked out. Today was Friday and though some people worked on Saturday she never did. She checked her phone for any messages from her assistant. Kristal would be stuck in the office from 7am to 6pm if it wasn’t for that woman. The woman would call her with meetings or things the paper wanted her to check out; consequently Kristal came into the office an average of 3 hours a week, if that. The paper was starting to complain that the only way to get in touch with Kristal was through her assistant.

No messages. Kristal called her assistant who apologized for not being in when Kristal was in the building. She took a late lunch. Kristal told her she was going home for the day and that she should go ahead and take off early too. The woman worked more hours than anyone she had ever seen.

As soon as Kristal hung up the phone two police officers walked up to her with stern looks on their faces. Kristal picture didn’t appear in the paper, because she didn’t want any sex crazed stalkers, so she didn’t think it had anything to do with her job.

“Kristal Ealy?”


“Come with us.” They grabbed her arms and started escorting her to the squad car. The white and black car looked scary to her.

“Am I under arrest?”

They just shoved her into the back and wouldn’t answer any more of her questions. When she finally arrived to the police station Kristal asked if she could make her one phone call.

“You’re not under arrest. We just want to ask you questions.”

“So I can use your phone?”

The officer pointed to a phone and Kristal went to it and punched in a number. After a few prompts she finally could speak to a person. “Yes, I would like to suspend my phone account. I think I lost it.” After answering some identification questions Kristal felt her phone vibrate in her purse. The officer looked at her, but she merely shrugged.

He then led her to one of those interrogation rooms that you see in the movies. Two chairs, a huge window, but you know people are on the other side. Kristal sat down and no sooner had her butt hit the chair than two men walked in. They both sat opposite of Kristal.

“Tell us what you know of Alastair.”

And that’s how the questioning began. Alastair must have gotten sloppy and the cops were on to him. Worse, they must have noticed him spending a lot of time with Kristal, because now she was suspect number 2. Kristal was so pissed at Alastair. The police tried to tell her what he did, but Kristal would shake her head not listening. She didn’t want to know.

After hours of explaining that her and Alastair’s relationship was purely sex; that he didn’t tell her how he made money and she never once asked. They thought it was strange, but Kristal explained she liked her independence and didn’t want to be tied down. She really didn’t know anything. Finally they let her go.

Kristal exited the police headquarters feeling stiff and exhausted. She still had to get back to her house. Getting home was a blur to Kristal; she vaguely remembered getting on the bullet train and hailing a taxi to get home, but home she was. Locking the house door behind her Kristal sighed as she padded to her bedroom to take a shower.

Kristal was one of the few people that had a two story, modern looking on the outside, but old fashioned Japanese style house in the inside. All the doors inside slid like typical Japanese fashion, except for the bathroom where it was more modernized and had an oak door and lock.

Kristal turned on the shower and undressed in the bathroom. She stepped into the stall and grabbed a washcloth and started lathering up. The cloth was soft on her skin as she wiped away the grime and guilt from the police station. She hadn’t done anything, but the police made her feel dirty anyways. Kristal dropped the washcloth and reached for her shower head and pulled it off the hook. She started rinsing the soap away careful of her hair; if she got her hair wet she would have to spend a good 30 minutes getting it under control.

Kristal was rinsing the soap from between her legs when the water hit her clit and Kristal moaned. She reached down and turned the dial of the showerhead so that the water now pulsed. She leaned back against the wall, one leg on the ledge of the tub, as she let the water pulse on her clit.

She let her head fall back as her hips moved against the water; her other hand snaked down to her cunt and she pushed a finger into her pussy. It felt so good. Her nipples instantly hardened as she began thrusting her finger into her wet, hot center. She added another finger for more friction, moaning louder and louder. Kristal sank to the edge of the tub, her legs splayed white, and the showerhead firmly between her legs. She added another finger pushing faster into her pussy.

She eased her fingers out and turned the head back to a constant rush of water and then stuck her 4 fingers back into her cunt. She pumped her fingers as the water constantly pound her clit bringing her closer to her orgasm. Kristal’s fingers were a blur in her pussy as she brought herself to a booming orgasm. Her muscles stiffened, she sucked in a lungful of air, and as her body jerked and shook she screamed her release.

Panting Kristal managed to hang the showerhead back up and rinse off. She toweled off and put on a kimono robe. It was a beautiful lilac colored robe with gray chrysanthemums that tied at the side. The sleeves were so huge and the bow in the back completed the look of a real kimono. Hungry, she decided to go downstairs, get something to eat, then go to bed. As she passed her dining room to her kitchen there were two men sitting there.

After her initial shock Kristal walked into her dining room and sat down. The scene eerily similar to the police station, the two men both wore black suits, black ties, and a white shirt. One was shorter than the other evident even while sitting, his hair was shaggy, and his eyes kept darting everyway. The other was taller, his bangs hung off his head, and he looked like he couldn’t be more bored. “How long have you two been here?”

“Long enough to know you like a good hot shower,” the little one replied with a sickening, leering smile. The other one just glanced over her with slight interest before going back to a bored look.

“So what did you tell the cops,”

[i]Whoever Alastair works for these are they’re boys. Fuck![/i] “I told them nothing, because I know nothing. Alastair and I only fuck. That’s it. I don’t ask about his job and he doesn’t ask about mine. That’s how it works.”

“Just fucking,” the little one, the spokesman for the two, asked.


“I heard he had a little dick.”

Kristal wasn’t embarrassed. “He does, but unlike most men he knows how to fuck. In his case size really doesn’t matter. Plus the man knows how to eat like a pro. He can bring me to multiple orgasms alone just from eating my pussy.”

“You talk dirty,” the taller of the two noted.

Kristal nodded, “Men do it and it’s supposed to be okay. If a woman does it, it’s disgusting. Fuck that. I don’t like double standards and Japan has that to a T.”

“We want you to keep tabs on Alastair,” the little one said. Kristal shook her head. “Look you will do this or we’ll hurt you.”

“And how do you suppose I do that? Ask questions?”

“That could work.”

“No it wouldn’t. Do you not listen? Alastair has asked me dozens times to meet him somewhere, but I cut him off before he could tell me where. He would start to tell me about a rough day, but I cut him off. I was the one that didn’t want to know. Now, if I show interest he’ll get suspicious. Especially now that I’ve been contacted by the police, he’ll know something’s up.”

“How can he know you were in jail? We erased any record of you being in there.”

“I suspended my phone.” The taller one smiled looking impressed, but the smaller one only looked confused. “I knew Alastair was doing something that wasn’t quite legal. He calls all the time sometimes I answer, sometimes I don’t. I told him that if he ever calls and my phone is suspended the cops picked me up. My phone is my life saver and I don’t go anywhere without it. I didn’t want to know what he did, but I’m not stupid.”

“You better figure out some way to keep tabs on him,” the little one yelled at her.

“It won’t work,” the taller one said simply.

“Thank you. That’s what I’m trying to tell your stupid friend.” The little one’s eyes lit up with menace. “Look, hire a stripper, hooker, anything and they can keep tabs on him. I mean he’s dying for someone to talk to… err I mean for some companionship.”

“You’re not good companionship,” the tall one asked.

“I just prefer to not know and I prefer not to have a relationship right now. Guys are clingy and they want too much of your time and demand things. That I can do without.”

“What about you? It’s either we kill you or you go to Alastair and we can keep tabs on the two of you,” the little said.

“Holy shit, you really don’t listen do you.”

The little one reached into his pocket. Kristal freaked and hooked her feet around the legs of his chair. She pulled up and he fell backward. Kristal jumped out her chair and dove over the table to kick the shit out of the little one, knock him out, and then deal with the big one. She wasn’t going to get shot in the back.

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