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My wife L and I live the cuckold lifestyle. I enjoy letting her be with other men. Sometimes I watch. Other times I just help her get ready for her dates and clean her up afterwards. My perversion - or twist as I like to call it- is that I eat the creampies her lovers leave inside of her well fucked pussy. I can't wait for her to come home freshly fucked and before she showers I suck all of her lovers cum out, or whats left of it. I can taste the difference in cum. Her pussy smells different too especially if there is a large load left in her. Mostly loads left deep in her pussy come out slowly,taste tart and tangy and are still warm.

The smell is a heavy sweet female scent almost like a perfume. Those are the best loads to suck out as they percolate up from the innermost part of her cunt and ooze out I know they've been left where my tongue could never reach,practically at the bottom of her pussy right at the mouth of the cervix.Loads that are left shallow tend to taste bland. Cold and clammy these loads have a fishy smell. Thats why I prefer her to date men with longer cocks that go deep in her pussy.Thats when we decided she should have a black lover.

L had never been with a black man but I knew she admired muscular black men. She's always commenting when I watch sports about the guys and what they'd be like in bed. She always likes to see a black american football player give an interview without his shirt on. I even found a magazine she masturbates with and the most worn pages where those showing a black body builder. So I wasn't surprised when she came home one day and said she had a crush on a black guy that ran the motorcycle shop next to her job. I saw this as my chance so I told her 'why don't you ask him out'. But she is very prim and proper my wife if the guy had been white she would have had no problem but a big black guy was a little intimidating.

So I went to the shop and posed as a customer. I met the guy I'll just call him V and he was really impressive, rock hard body with biceps like sledge hammers I could see why L was a bit scared of him. V was no nonsense very dominant and aggressive he caught on quickly that i wasn't going to buy a Bike and was about to dismiss me when I just spilled it to him.

I said "look dude my wife works across the street, she thinks you're hot and wants to meet you how bout coming out for drinks with us after you get off" at first he thought it was a joke but then I pulled out a picture of L in a bikini. That stopped him in his tracks he studied the photo for a moment.L is something to look at 5'4" 32D-24-34 dark brown hair and killer ass and legs she won the sexiest wife contest at
our swingers club one year.

"Oh,thats your wife?" he said. "yeah I seen her before, yeah I want to meet her". He might as well have said 'yeah I want to fuck her' cause thats sure what it sounded like. I walked across and told L that he recognized her and wanted to meet her and she was so excited she took and hour off and went to buy a new dress. It was black and tight,low cut and very sexy. Her legs looked great in it and I noticed the sales girl looking jealously at how it hugged her perfect ass. As she turned in front of the memory I even had to say 'Goddamn.V won't be able to resist her'.

We met that night and talked over drinks. And those two looked through the whole evening as if they would at any moment rip each others clothes off and go at it on the table. When L went to the bathroom I told V our whole deal, that we were swingers that lived the cuckold lifestyle and he knew what that was and that L had been looking for a black boyfriend but most of all I let him know that I was cool with it
so she's yours if you want her was the basic gist of it. V seemed eager for it but he was not cool with me being there (like some) when they did it and just as I was about to say no problem he cut in with the strangest of offers.

He would tape each encounter and give it to L to give to me. I was jazzed. All i really wanted was to suck L's pussy after but the chance to have a video record of this big black man fucking my wife was great
I couldn't pass it up. When we left the bar I stopped off and bought a camera THAT SAME NIGHT. L was excited. She loved the idea of the encounters being taped.She wouldn't just be bringing back a fresh cream pie she'd also be bringing a visual record for me to jerk off to whenever i wanted.

The first encounter was some days later. L and V had been talking on the phone and texting each other and things were getting pretty hot.
I saw one message string that went like this:

L - We can take our time and enjoy each other. I don't want you to fuck me I want you to make love to me.

V - I'll make love to you and fuck the shit out of you too (LOL)

L - OMG I can't wait for you to do that.

When she finally went to meet him she was buzzing she was so anxious her hands were trembling. I thought she'd be back in a few hours as they both had to work the next day but she didn't come back for 6 hours! I kept calling her phone but there was no answer. Finally she answered and told me she was still with V and she was going straight to work and not coming home as there was no time now. I asked her how it went and she told me there would be a video on my computer at home.

When I got home I was bursting with anticipation. L was at her yoga class but she had downloaded the video onto my desktop. I dimmed the lights and clicked it open. My palms were sweating and my cock was hard just thinking about what I was going to see. I must admit I was pissed at missing the cream pie but this video was a new and delicious twist.

It started at a seedy motel. L and V were kissing in front of the bed.
She was quickly down to her bra and panties and he to his shorts and t shirt. He looked like the incredible hulk. I'd kill for a body like that. They kissed with a warm simmering passion that almost made me blow a load in my pants. I could hear the wet sounds of their tongues exploring each others mouths. Wet kisses and soft moans.I could see V was making good on his promise to make love to her.They kissed for a long while then she crawled onto his lap and he pulled down her panties.He stuck a finger into her as she spread her pretty legs for him. "Pussy is ready to fuck" he said as he examined his wet finger.

He stuck it in her mouth and she sucked her juices off. He finger fucked her for a while after that and she squirmed and squealed on his hand. Her legs were thrown high and he stuck 4 fingers in her spreading and teasing her pussy lips as his thumb rubbed her erect clit. He sucked her right nipple and vigorously rubbed her throbbing clit. She started to moan loud and stiffen. "You're gonna make me squirt" she cried as she ejaculated a long stream of fluid all over V hand and the arm of the chair they sat in. V loved it and sucked her pussy while he fingered it. He started to fist her wet cunt but she stopped him "I want your cock baby" she said.

V lifted her onto the bed and dropped her. She giggled and bounced and before she could move again he was on top of her. His cock was hard as steel and twice as thick as mine. I watched my wife suck V's cock like a lollipop. It was the first black cock she'd ever had in her mouth.
My stomach did flips as I watched her service him. He gagged her with that black monster and slapped her face with it. She took it deep in her throat and it made her eyes water. V gave her commands and she submissively obeyed each one like:

"look up at me"

"lemme see your tongue baby"

"lick my balls"

"jerk me while you suck"

He delivered these commands in a rough ghetto way and my prim little suburban wife readily obeyed.When he asked her was she a little white slut she whimpered that she was and he gagged her stuffing his whole cock into her mouth. I was besides myself with passion now and ready for him to fuck her but V took his time. He pulled her hair and made her get on her knees in front of the camera. His washboard stomach looked armor plated as she serviced his black dick on her knees.

I had never before seen my wife so submissive. I think she knew then that she was no longer in control and the only way to get out of it was to give him everything he wanted just the way he wanted it. I timed it and she sucked his cock for nearly 20 minutes on her knees.

By the end she was begging for him to put his big black cock in her pussy.He pulled her up and bent her over a chair. She held onto the arms of the chair for dear life as things got rough from here. His huge biceps flexed as he pulled her hips to him and buried that cock balls deep into her. She cried for him to 'go easy' but he was like a mad bull by now. He gored her with his black fuck horn in and out.
The sound of his hips slapping against her ass crescendoed and she came over and over until he stopped exhausted. In the lull that followed I could hear my wife weeping and sobbing with ecstasy. She was gasping and shivering. V pulled her to the bed and they kissed.
Pushing her legs up to her chest he pounded her pussy though she pleaded for mercy. His black ass moved like a piston between her legs
and he put her in a pile driver that made her squirt gushing come all over him and making him take a towel break.

After he toweled off he took her asshole for what seemed like 40 minutes. My wife loves to ass fuck but V had her climbing the walls.
I could see his cock making her asshole gape like a tunnel that he could spit directly into.He fucked her doggy style in the ass until
she nearly fainted with pleasure. Her face was flushed and her eyes looked wild. I had to turn the computer off and jerk off immediately.
I was obsessed with that video and it went on forever. My only regret is that he creamed her pussy and asshole numerous times and I never got to taste any of it. By the time she got home she had showered long ago and there were only traces of cum in her pussy. Which was so well fucked it was swollen,red and sore for 2 days. But hey I still have the video and V promised they'd make another one soon.

I can't wait.

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