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Posted by karl
I tooo enjoyed watching my wife get fucked by black men... She also enjoyedf having me eat her out after he had filled her cunt with his cream. One time he stayed after fucking her good and as she called me to come into the bedroomhe lay next to her his cock up straight and she asked me ".Would you clean his cock for him?" I thouught for a minute and soon had his cock in my mouth as she watched me suckk him and soon he exploded his load of cum for me to swallow. Oh did she ever like seeing that. It soon became a regular thing after the partner fucked her. She had plenty of partners as each one wopuld tell a friend and introduce her to them for fucking. I took all that wanted me too.
Posted by Luke Short
I've had black in my ass years ago,and I agree. Black is the ride of your life.
Posted by William Sprowson
dam I wish I was her
Posted by Patricia
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Posted by Support79
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Posted by Sean
That is a beautiful story, can't wait for more.
Posted by Sean
I feel that every White Bride, should start cuckolding there new husband's on there wedding night WHT black guys only, and permanently....
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She was marreid but her husnabd didn'y please her much at all! When we started she was scared but once she had an orgasm and then her pussy licked, I knew she wanted to do and feel more!