I Made My Mom & Sisters Town Whores!

(Part 1 from 4)

100% fiction!

We live in the country and Mom is a High School 12th grade teacher in town so most of her students are either eighteen or soon will be eighteen. I have heard through the younger crowd that lots of teen male thinks mom is hot and would love to fuck her. On the weekends, she likes to dabble in real estate.

I know a son should not think of their mom and sisters in sexual contents. My sisters and I are siblings of a black father and white mother. My father left when I was about 18 years old and I have never seen again, I donít even know where he is and I really donít give it much thought.

The only thing I know I inherited from my father is my huge cock. I remember going to the bathroom with my dad and he packed a whopper, maybe 12 inches and thick. I knew that fully erect I had what women refer to as a monster cock, 16 inches and thicker than my dad. I didnít have to brag, just ask any of the high school girls I banged. There were no condoms that could fit me, so I was very lucky and I didnít get any girls pregnant because I sure popped a lot of cherries and they kept coming back for more.

My name is Brian, I am 21 years old and still live at home. I was the football team quarterback in high school, but I did not want to go to college. After I graduated I wanted to start my own Cyber Security business, so I built my own man cave in our basement, so in short I still live at home. I have been working on creating a hot-wife website to make lots of money from porn.

I also have two beautiful sisters, Brianna and Jordan. Brianna just turned 20 and Jordan is 18 and will graduate high school this year. Brianna is away in college. Brianna has developed into a very voluptuous young woman and Jordan is quickly getting there. Brianna is more outward than Jordan. When Brianna is home, I lustfully look at her and think whomever is fucking my sister is damn lucky. I know, I shouldnít thing this way, but I know I would bang Brianna if I had the chance.

Jordan is more the inward type, but very developing into a beautiful woman. She wonít go out dressed like this, but at home she wears real tight short shorts. Half of her ass cheeks hang out and she looks so hot, I could just pull those shorts off and just bang the shit out of her.

My mother Elizabeth was a very young looking light brunette almost blond and green eyes. Mom is 38 and a woman with very long legs and very much a modern woman that still shows off her legs wearing shorter skirts then maybe women her age would wear, but I am not sure about that. I like to see my mom is high heels because it seems her skirts or dresses get shorter and I always try to get a peek up her skirt or dress. I have gotten lucky a several times and have seen her different color panties.

On one occasion mom was very busy on her laptop at the kitchen table and I was repairing a window blind and dropped a screw. Without really thinking about it I bent down to pick the screw up and looked her direction and she had her legs spread, she had no panties and I saw her luscious pink pussy. Boy, did I get a hard on. Mom was so busy, she did not notice. I stood up finished the repair, quickly left and went off the bathroom to jack off thinking of momís pink pussy.

Much like her male high school students, I fantasized banging my mother including my two sisters only my fantasy went a lot further I wanted to use my mom and sisters as whores on my porn site. I had to develop a plan to make it happen. It might take a while, but I was determined to make it happen. I had friends in high school that said if they had the chance they would fuck my mother. I still hung around with most these guys. Some of these guys have 18 year old brothers in momís classes. My friends told me their young brothers say the same thing, if given the chance they would bang their teacher, she is so hot! I had friends that would love to bang mom so I am sure I could setup a weekend gangbang and just have several guys bang mom all weekend and I could capture all the action on video and post it. After a weekend of mom getting constantly banged by multiple men, would definitely make her a nympho whore. After that I could start using her as my whore and make her fuck any guy I wanted her to fuck and post the action on my hot-wife site and keep the traffic high on my site.

I wanted to capture any and all the sexual moments I could with mom so I started to make myself more available to go shopping with her, or anywhere else. I wanted to expand the opportunities go get closer and see if I could see her goodies more often. My availability started to pay off. On one occasion, she was driving and paying attention to traffic. Mom had to suddenly break and her purse almost fell off the seat. Without looking down, mom dragged her purse back and did not notice her skirt attached to her purse as she was dragging the purse and raised her skirt where her red panties were in full view. I started getting an erection, so I was working hard to cover it up, I said it is a little cool and reached back and got my light jacket and threw it on me. When I reached back, mom must have realized what she did, because her skirt was covering her again. I thought bummer.

On another day, Mom was loading groceries as I was coming out from the store and it was a windy day. Mom leaned down to place the grocery bags in the back of the SUV and I could see the top of her nude stockings, suddenly there was wind gust and her skirt flew up to her waist and I quickly saw her tiny sheer white panties that covered little and her ass cheeks hung out. I decided to hold back and see all I could, a second or two and it was over. I wasnít not thinking of my mother as a mom anymore, but the woman I wanted to fuck and ravage. I thought to myself, I wonder what mom would do if I just suddenly grabbed her at home and started eating her pussy. Would she scream and call the police? I just had to fuck her!

When we got home, mom left on more errands. I took the opportunity to install mini-video cams all over the house including her bedroom and bath. I also installed cams in my sisterís rooms and the hall bathroom. I installed so many mini cams I had to make a drawing where all the cams were installed. I loaded the software on my laptop and I was ready to start viewing personal porn video of my mom and sisters. This would help me how, where and when to plan. I also got an idea of making money with these porn videos on the internet. All I had to do is blur their faces and any familiar body marks.

I was downstairs laying on the couch and mom came in the house and did not notice me. I got up and was going to say hi, but she was already going upstairs and I could see her up her skirt and she had on a pair of tiny sheer black panties. The panties covered the top of her very low back, but the material that was supposed to cover her ass cheeks went into the crack of her ass, this mad her ass cheeks very visible. I was starting to understand that mom likes to wear very sheer panties and possibly a size smaller.

I quickly went to my bedroom to monitor momís bedroom. Mom took her clothes off and she had 36 cup size tits, I wish I was biting them right now. She still had her heels and sheer black panties on and walked to her dresser and took out a vibrator. She went back and laid on the bed and started fingering herself. She also started the vibrator and vibrated around her pussy as she fingered herself, I realized mom was masturbating. I never saw mom date, so this must be what she does to relief her sex urge. She started making moaning sounds as she obviously started coming, because I could see a very wet spot on the crotch of her panties. I thought to myself, I wish my cock was that finger of hers.

When she finished jacking off she took her shoes and panties off and went to the shower. I switched to the bathroom cams and I could see her fully in the bathroom with no clothes on, she was beautiful. I thought, man, I would just love to keep mom in bed every day and fuck the hell out of her.

I saw mom put on a change of clothes. She was now wearing a pair of sheer pink panties with black trim with matching sheer bra and light black stockings and pink garter belt. She had on a sexy pink top that showed some cleavage and a black skirt about 2 inches of above her knees. She left her bedroom and was coming to my mancave in the basement. I quickly closed my laptop. Mom knocked on the door and I said come in. Mom, asked I am going to the mall, want to go? I replied sure, let me change clothes. Mom said, O.K., I will be in the kitchen. Mom turned and walked away and I quietly hurried to the base of the stairs as she started to walk up. I took and zoomed my mini-cam and took video of her ass cheeks hang out of her panties as she was going up the stairs. I wonder what mom would say if she knew that I know all the underwear she was wearing right now, right down to her pink panties with black trim and matching bra. I got hard just thinking of her pink panties and pink garter belt she was wearing as she walked away from me. I wanted to just grab her and drag her to my bed and fuck the hell out of her.

I changed clothes and met mom downstairs and we left. As we left Jordan had come in and said she was having her friends over. I thought good, When I get back, I will check the video out.

We went to sport shop and mom went in to a changing room to try out a workout outfit. I told her I would be by the football stuff. Before leaving mom closed the drapes and I could she did not pay attention and she left a gap open. No one noticed except me, I could see her in her pink panties, garter belt and bra. I could see that these pair of panties were like all her other panties, one size smaller and made her ass cheeks hang out. She looked hot, I wish I could have just rushed in the room, pick her up and put her back against the wall and just fuck the hell out of her.

I made mom and sisters group whores!

A beautiful young attendant caught me and said itís not polite to stare. I figured it was your mom. Your mom doesnít know yet, does she? How did you know? How did I know you want to fuck your mother? I recognized your stare of lust, I donít blame you she has a great body, Iím Patti and I said Brian. I know the world of incest well. Mom did not know what family she married into at the time. My step-father and step brothers stared at my mom and me the same way.

Brian, are you prepared to break the bond of mother and son and make her your whore. I say that because I come from a family that is very liberal and has no taboos. My mother is my fatherís and brotherís whore and so am I and my 2 sisters. My father and brothers bring their friends over and they all fuck me, my sisters and mother. All the men in our family fuck all the women in our families when they become 18. Can you handle that? I am 26 years old and my father, my uncles and my cousins, brothers, father have been fucking me since I turned 18. Make sure that is what you want, because that will be your new family life-style. I stared at mom and told Patti, I am sure and I am ready. Patti asked how about your father? I replied there is not father in the picture, just 2 sisters I would love to fuck also. She replied well that makes it easier, you will be the master of your harem to share them and fuck them whenever you want.

Curious, how did you start fucking family? One day I was having my 18th birthday party and my father said we are having a special event in the morning after your birthday party. Your mom has fly in the morning so she will not be here. It was a Saturday about 11:00 am, my father, his 2 brothers and my two step brothers came to my room. I had on a top and skirt and they just grabbed me and pinned my down to the bed and lifted my skirt and ripped off my panties and my father started fucking me. My father has a 12 inch cock. I never felt a cock that big. He fucked me real hard and dumped lots of cum in me and told Dan he was next. My father told Uncle Dan, she is tight, so we need fuck her all night to loosen that pussy up. There was no foreplay, Uncle Dan just sank his 11 inch cock in me and began fucking me real hard. My father and brother pulled my legs over and pinned my legs to my shoulders and they took turns fucking the hell out me.

First, I was embarrassed, afraid, and cried, but they kept fucking me all day. I really started to enjoy all the fucking. They kept me in bed fucking me all weekend. Mom was gone for the week and would return next Friday evening by 7:00 pm. On Sunday morning my family had more friends come over and took turns fucking me and I loved it. Over 30 guys fucked me that first weekend. Donít get me wrong, I was not a virgin, who is these days by eighteen, I already had fucked a few times before, but never like that, it was great for me, I loved it. I had never had my ass fucked but by the Sunday evening my father and everybody else had fucked my ass several times, I quickly learned I loved my ass fucked a lot. Mom was going to be gone for a week, so my father and brothers took turns fucking me every night. My father told me to stay quiet and if I wanted to keep getting fucked. The plan was to turn mom into a whore also. I had been trained to fuck a lot and I sure loved to fuck and I didnít care who fucked me. I stayed quiet and looked forward to getting fucked every night.

It was Friday, 3:00 pm and mom would be coming home at 7:00 pm. I had just gotten home from my work gig and my brothers quickly came to my room and started eating my pussy. These days I could get very hot instantly. I loved a lot of cock in my ass and pussy and my brothers had been fucking the shit out of me since I got home and had dumped lots of cum in pussy and ass. We heard mom drive up so we hurried and cleaned up.

My dad came in the room and said your mother is home. He knew my brothers had been fucking me because of the sex smell, he leaned over slid two fingers in my pussy and said it looks like the boys did a good job, I replied, ďthey sure didĒ. My father said they family is getting together tonight, I knew what that meant.

Later that evening I saw mom in a sheer pink short nightie getting ready to go to bed with my father. My father came out and went to the door and the family was already waiting. They went quietly up the stairs, and in the bedroom. I heard mom say what in the hell! I cracked open the door and peaked. My father and brothers had tied a bandana around her mouth and tied her hands. My brother flipped her up and pinned her legs to her shoulders and spread her legs when they tied her ankles to the bed posts. My father and uncle pushed her legs down and made her ass point upwards and spread mom legs wide.

My father told my uncle Dan, you first. My Uncle Dan, started drilling my momís pussy real hard for about 10 minutes and said I am coming and started dumping his cum in her. He withdrew and cum started flowing out her pussy. My dad said, let my son take a hit at that pussy. My brother started fucking mom real hard and 15 minutes later started dumping his cum. All through the night they kept on fucking the shit out of mom. While my father and his brothers were fucking mom, they kept saying, we will make a whore out this bitch by the morning. They all were taking turns and all mom could do was just moan. It was 8:00 AM and they were still taking turns fucking her.

Uncle Stan said I am fucking this bitch in the ass, hold her. He lubed his dick and momís ass and started to ram the hell out of her ass. Mom was moaning and moaning. Uncle Stan fucked her ass until he dumped is cum in her ass. He popped out and cum started flowing out of momís ass. Then everybody started taking turns fucking mom in the ass. Saturday evening, the guys brought over 4 black friends and they took turns fucking mom. My mother would now fuck anybody. My brothers saw me and they took in the room and laid me down by mom and everybody, including the 4 black guys started taking turns fucking the shit out of me and mom. The male family had made mom and me their whores. Later, as my sisters turned 18 the family made them their whores also. The guys constantly bring friends over and tell them to fuck mom, me and my sisters, we all love to be their whores and fuck. Like I said, no taboos, are you ready for that?

Mom was coming out of the dressing room so we quickly exchanged phone numbers. Mom said me, pretty girl. I replied, we just bumped into each other and started talking. We found out we had some things in common, so we probably will talk again later, she was busy right now. Mom kept on shopping and I went down the escalator. I told her I would meet her down stairs by the software store by the escalator. I wanted to go downstairs and be by the escalator so I could see up my motherís skirt when she came down. I was not disappointed, mom was busy looking at her phone and did not notice me standing by the escalator on the first floor. I was looking up her skirt seeing all her sheer pink panties and garter belt. I was using my hidden mini-cam to record a video of mom as she was coming down the escalator. Her long legs and sexy underwear made her look hot. I zoomed in to see if I could get a very close shot of her panties on video.

I met mom downstairs and she asked me, did you find anything interesting? I replied, I sure did and we started walking to the parking lot. I pretended to forget something, and said, I will catch up with you and walked back. Mom started walking towards the SUV with her shopping bags. I started walking a few feet behind her. I wanted to keep far enough so she would not immediately notice me. She opened the rear door and there was a lot of stuff that had to be moved so she could place her shopping bags. She leaned far in the SUV to move the stuff and as she was leaning the rear of her short skirt went up quite a bit. I could see her pink garter belt attached to the tops of her stockings. I already had my mini-cam in a zoom setting so I quickly put the mini-cam underneath her skirt so I could video up her skirt. Mom was so busy with her bags, she didnít even notice me to my delight. This made my video recording a little longer. Finally, I said let me help you and I loaded the bags and we left for home.

When we got home, mom and I unloaded the car. I purposely stayed in the kitchen and Mom had bags in her hands and said she was going upstairs to put her stuff away. I let her walk out first and as she started to take her first step on the stairway, I quietly rushed with my mini-cam and started to video her until she got upstairs and turned into the hallway.

I went to my room and started viewing momís videos and can a guy get so lucky, the zoom feature was perfect. I got to see a real close-up of her pussy through her sheer pink panties coming down the escalator. I also got a really good close-up of her ass at the parking lot when mom was leaning in the SUV. Mom had on some super sexy tiny pink panties and her ass cheeks were hanging out because the panty material that is supposed to cover her ass cheeks was in the crack of her ass. When I saw that ass up close, I came to the conclusion that I was going to take my 16 inch cock and drill that ass and nothing was going to stop me. I was going to fuck the hell out of that ass and share it with my friends. Mom was not aware yet, but she was soon going to be fucking a lot.

I started viewing Jordanís videos and she was having a video conversation with her girlfriend. Her friend Gena told Jordan, I accidently saw my older brotherís dick and he is big. She asked Jordan if she ever saw her brotherís dick. Jordan replied, ďyesĒ, he has a huge dick. I saw him sleeping one day and he must have been having some hot dream because he had a huge hard on and I saw it through leg of his gym shorts. His dick is so long that it was longer than his shorts. Hey Gena, I will tell you a secret, but you cannot tell no one or I will get in lots of trouble. Gena said, I wonít tell anyone, promise. Jordan says, well, I touched it and it was real hard. Gena said, you touched it? Yeah, it felt good, nobody knows, but I kissed it to, my brother tasted good. Gena said, I am going to kiss my brotherís dick when he is asleep and see how feels and tastes.

Gena asked Jordan if she already has had sex. She replied ďNoĒ, she said she only saw porn on the internet. Jordan told Gena, she couldnít believe the size of some black guyís dicks. Jordan asked, how about you? Gena said, well, promise not tell? Jordan said, I promise. Steve fucked me in the limousine on prom night. It first hurt, but after the fourth time he fucked me in the limo, it felt real good. Steveís parents were away on following weekend and he had a party in his basement. A lot of Steveís friends were there from the high school on the north side. Steve took me to his room and we started making out. I donít even know when Steve took my top off and started kissing my breasts, he got me so hot. He quickly raised my skirt and started sticking his tongue on my pussy. I had never had that done before, but it felt so good and got me so fucking hot. Steve quickly took my panties off and started fucking me. Four of his friends came in while Steve was fucking me and I was so hot as he was fucking me, I was moaning real loud. I really was getting in to being fucked fast and hard, so I said fuck me harder, harder.

I was so hot, I didnít notice the other guys had taken their clothes off. Steve started giving big thrusts and suddenly he blasted all his sperm in my pussy and it felt so good and hot. Steve was done and got up and I thought it was over. Suddenly two of the guys grabbed my ankles and raised my legs until my ankles were by shoulders. They held me tight and everybody took turns fucking me. I started crying at first, but after the 3rd guy fucked me, I loved it. Different guys came in and out of the room all night. Every guy at the party must have fucked me.

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