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I Made My Mom & Sisters Town Whores! reviews

Posted by bills44
dam I wish I was jordan or gena
Posted by bills44
dam I want to be one of them whores
Posted by bills44
I really want to be one of those wjores
Posted by Peter
Whats your mom doing now personally i wouldnt have shared them two i would have kept to my self well done
Posted by Your nameseanh
I think thats great. But make them fuck for free.
Posted by Johnny
That was really hot. I would love to have a group of guys come over and fuck my mother and sister like that. I would lick the cum out of them and get them ready for the next guy. They will do what I say because I have video of them both fucking a big black cock and they have already fucked and sucked me off.if anyone is interested hit me up at my hot mail. johnnyrealle. Great story
Posted by Jack often
Great job.Would be great to have sisters and mom like them
Posted by Vanessa Ogg
I want to be a slutty fuck whore like this but my husband would never understand.
Posted by Woody
I have an idea to see are a hot spinoff for this story. Our HOT biracial hero can puck up a different audience. He can turn the white fathers and brothers into BBC whores. Have them bring their mothers, sisters, daughters to the black clubs and turn them out to calm the BBCs. Then they fathers and sons get their mouths and asses to use since there're many more BBCs waiting for white mouths and pussies.
Posted by Sparky23
Fabulous written story. Could make a lifetime movie of this family and perhaps create a chain of other families to be copycats or create a beautiful chain of sluts !
Posted by coral
mmm can u cum in me like now plss i need it i need to get pregnent
Posted by Jay
I love reading a huge bunch of guy and women using a couple of 16 - 18 yr. old girls for 24 to 48 hrs straight in every hole. Your story really stoked my lust for such stories.
Posted by sissy_slut
oohhh, every cock that entered the mom and sisters orifices made me dream it was me getting defiled. very good story next time make the whore into a cocksucking, ass fucked and facialed BBC sissy gurl, crossdressing faggot, like me, giggles
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