My Mom

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I've always loved my mom, but the day she got a boyfreind and slept with him i hated her guts. i hated her so much that i would think of her and her boyfreind having sex and it would turn me on, it would turn me on so much that i would jerk off, my mom has always been good looking and never had trouble finding guys but after having kids well i dont know she just really never had a boyfreind and anytime she had sexs was with her dildo. one night as i sat in the living room watching tv and my mom was on the computer doing her thing,

I got bored and wanted some junk food so i went to see if i could get some money off mom, and when i walked in she was in her nighty gettin all comfy, she was talking to her boyfreind on the computer and when i looked at the screen from the door way he was gently rubbing his dick over web cam and my mom sat fingering herself, i froze and slowly shut the door (hoping she wouldnt notice), i nocked on the door and her a few clicks of the key bored and a couple clicks of the mouse and the door opened and mom said "yes?" and i almost totally for got what i wanted as still having the image of moms hand between her legs rubbing her wet pussy,

she gave me another confused look and i snapped back to reality and said " ummmmm, could i have a few bucks?". mom said "o ok fine and and went into her room turned around bent down on the floor just enough for me to see a little of her pussy (witch by the way looked pretty good) it turned me on so much that i had a iron hard on and couldnt get rid of it so when mom turned around she seen it which i wasnt embarassed, i snatched the money out of her nand and went down the hall to my room. now my mom is kinda short compared to me but othr than that she has a middle size ass and medium size tits, and is skinny but not skinny as a bone but not fat by any means, she must of got turned on because she called me back "hey matt?" she said and i said "ya?" she said can you come back here please? i got a little scared and said "what for?" "i need to talk to you" "about what?" she huffed and said "just come here!" so i got up and went back to her room and she turned around on the computer chair and got up and bent back down to her pusre but this time i got the full view off her pussy, i got so horny that i just about creamed in my pants. she turned around walked up to me and handed me more money and said "get me somthing to" just as i went to turn around and walk away she grabbed me and hugged me she squezzed me tight and my hard on went sort of between her legs and i could feel the heat radiating off her wet pussy,

she let go and looked at me with a devilish look and said see you get back. i went to the store and back and i went to her room and could hear a whrrr and nocked and the whrrring stopped and she said "open!" and she was lying on her bed watching tv, i handed her her stuff and went to leave when she said "would you give me a back rub?". now im about 5'11 and am not bad looking for 16, i said "ok" and went back in to the room, she had turned on to her stomach and lifted her nighty up exposing her white panties and said "ok im ready", i mounted on her ass and started rubbing her back, her ass was nice and plump indeed and as i slowly moved back in forth on her back top to bottom,i got really horny, she suddenly said " can you rub my lower back just above my ass" abiding i slid off her ass and rubbed her lower back, my fingers just centimeters away from her ass, i could smell the sent of her pussy, and went even the more hard,

i was so hard that i had a hard time not going to my room and masterbating, i moved my nose a bit closer and the smell was stronger and i was just starting to enjoy it when all the sudden my mom said " you like the smell of it dont you?" "what are you talking about" i said she smiled with her eyes closed and then opened them and said " i know your smelling my pussy i can feel your breathing" " i was so embarassed that i went beet red, and she smiled and said "relax because i have a confession to make, ive been watching you ever since i met jack and noticed that you get jealous and well i like the attention and it makes me horny, and i know you saw me fingering to jacks masterbating on the computer, and i figured you would get the hint when i hugged you and the reason i asked you to rub my back is cause i want to fuck you". well that was enough for me without saying anything i pushed back onto the bed and began licking her pussy and she moaned a rubbed her legs and bucked a little as i licked her clit, she let out a loud moan and yelled "fuck me matt!!" i jumped up and dropped my pants and my steel hard on popped out " she looked and her eyes went big and she said "oh baby please fuck me!!!" i rammed my stiff cock in her big pussy and started humping hard and she screamd "harder!! hard as you can baby oh yea thats it yes!! YES!! YES!!!"

i fucked her as hard as i could as she moved back and forth on the bed and our skin slapped, i bent closer and sucked her lucious tit and squeezed the other and she said " oh yea honey thats it suck mommys tit just like that" she came to her climax soon after, i kept hummping until i got close to my climax, i moaned and said "mom! im gonna cum!!" she said "its ok baby let it go im fixed anyways" i did 5 or 6 super humps and my load spurt into her vagina and i let back and sat in the computer chair and mom layed on the bed in the same position and said " baby that was awsome!!" i sighed and said yea it was!" the rest of week was pretty normal, i got a few looks here and there but thats it. .... ok i know that this storys long but im a begginer and will get better!!

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