Happy Graduation

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

In the fall of that year my niece would be a legal woman. She would be 19.

That summer I attended her high school graduation. I gave her a generous gift and wished her all the best xxx. Later that year her semester break was up. She contacted her mother and some of her friends to let them know that she would be back home. She also contacted me and said that she would set aside a day to visit.

That day she came over to my house. She was immediately comfortable on my couch. I sat there in my recliner and we talked for a while.

She then excused herself to go to the bathroom. When she came back she had on only a halter top and her panties. I'm trying to play it cool. I asked her if it is too hot in here.

She replied that it is too hot in here and do I mind if she removes her top. Being the horny bachelor that I am of course I don't mind. Then she begins to xxx massage herself.

I am trying not to look but I am a red-blooded and eligible bachelor. Then she peels off her panties and is massaging her beautiful strawberry-blonde thatch.

How can I not notice now? I am looking at a petite strawberry-blonde with shapely and erect xxx tits. She has a nice hairy and juicy snatch and is begging me to satisfy her. I quickly strip off my remaining clothes and go to her.

First I suckle her small but erect breasts. Then I work my way down. Shortly after I pleasure her clitoris she is cumming!

Now I am in a frenzy. I enter her wet pussy and she cums again! Now I turn her over and enter her from behind. We both moan with pleasure as we cum! I splatter all over her sexy behind and she showers me with gifts before I pull out.

We have vowed that we will do it time and time again. We understand each other's body so well.

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