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Happy Graduation reviews

Posted by tself
on a stormy night my lil sister and my lil cusin also age tenran into my room only waring there panties both have big nipples on a cup titiesboth bubble butts that wobbled as panties rode into ascracks thong style they begged me to let them stay in my room till storm pastafter macking both promise to do as i say they took turns sitting on my mouth double sucking my 7inch dick to orgasmthey both fell inlove with me after i fuckt there buttholes ouths andasshoes in mourn mom told me so megan finly got you tofuck her did she then momsead theonly reason she didnt stop our fuckfest is becusewhen she was megans age her dad grampa and three adult uncles would sneak her off into the forrest or to the barn and fuck her holes tull of there manjuice everyday they still siop in for head and or pussy/buttfucking
Posted by Jim
Great story. I plan on writing a story about my niece, Kaitlyn', and the week I visited their home for her graduation. She's also very petite with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smoking-hot body. They live on a million dollar estate with a pool and jacuzzi. My brother insisted that I try out the jacuzzi. When I hesitated, he offered that Kaitlyn would keep me company. I told him that I didn't bring swimming trunks and he laughed and said that once you're in the water what difference does it make. That's where the story begins.
Posted by yungpussysbest
tself, nice story they should suck cock from birth , ass fucked by 4 and be fucking by 8 you will not find better cunt than yung cunt
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