Ghost Boyfriend

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Jeff held Courtney's hand as she cried. Nick, Courtney's long time boyfriend of 2 years had passed away in a horrible car accident. Nick was also Jeff's best friend since grade school. The funeral ceremony was short and Courtney felt as if her world had been torn apart. Nick had been a wonderful, caring, and understanding boyfriend. They would stay up late at night talking about how they would marry after college and live happily ever after. Now all of that was gone. Courtney dried her eyes with a tissue and everyone began to walk outside ready to head on over to the cemetery.

The clouds were looking dark outside as if it was about to rain. Once at the cemetery Courtney held on to Jeff's hand for support. She knew he was the only other person that cared about Nick as much as she did, besides Nick's family. Cried and sobs could be heard as the priest said his prayers. Courtney didn't cry. She was all out of tears. She recalls a few days before when she was given the awful news. She cried day and night almost nonstop. Being in college, she got an excuse from her professors to stay away from class for at least a week. Luckily she lived alone otherwise living with a roommate like she did last year would have killed her. She needed time alone.

After the funeral, Courtney decided to head home. Jeff watched her leave in her car and waved to her. She was beautiful, he had to admit. Her hair was long, blonde and silky. Her eyes were a baby blue and her skin light. Her rosy cheeks, perfect eyebrows and pouty lips alone could make any guy fall for her. She was very petite and short standing at only 5'2". Jeff had fallen hard for Courtney ever since he first met her.

He still recalled Nick introducing them 2 years ago. Courtney was sweet, sensitive, smart, sexy and witty. What else could a guy what? She was perfect. His dream girl, but he had to stay away. No way on earth would he ever let a girl come between his friendship. He recalled watching Nick and Courtney kissing and he watched. He watched how his best friend slid his hand up and down Courtney's beautiful hourglass shaped body. He'd gotten so hard that he just had to look away. Now Nick was gone, yet Jeff still felt like making a move on Courtney would be wrong.

Lying in the bathtub, Courtney relaxed in a bubble bath. She'd been through hell that week with all the funeral things going on and trying to keep up with her schoolwork. She closed her eyes for a moment and could faintly hear Nick's voice humming to her as he used to when she took a bubble bath. He'd hum as he washed her neck and back. He used to tell her about his day and how much he loved her. It was the most wonderful time of her life. Now Nick was gone. It was time to begin life all over again. She wondered how long that would take her.

~One Year Later~

Nick slicked his brown hair back and his green eyes pierced at himself in the mirror. He had to admit he never looked better of felt better in his entire life. He recalled the accident and he still recalled Courtney his true love. She'd been the first girl he'd been with sexually and emotionally. And Jeff. He remembered his best friend in the whole world. A friend that had been his friend through thick and thin. A kind of friend that you could trust with your own life. He missed them both but often got to get a peak at them. He'd watched Courtney at school, when she slept and when she talked out loud as if she knew he was present.

Jeff had done well in school despite his best friends death. Jeff's short black curly hair and dark deep blue eyes could make almost any girl swoon. He was charming, intelligent and very polite. Nick often wondered why Jeff never had a girlfriend. He said he was always too busy with school but Nick knew there had to be something else behind it all.

"Courtney? Are you busy?" Courtney heard a deep masculine voice speaking to her. She looked up to see Jeff standing there holding his backpack.

"Hey Jeff. No I'm just studying for my history exam. I swear if I don't pass this, I'll never graduate college."

Jeff laughed. "You're smart Courtney you can do it. If you need any help I'm here."

Courtney looked at Jeff's handsome face and smiled. "Thank you.

They continued to talk and Nick sat near by listening. He noticed his best friend's eyes glowed as he stared at Courtney. Nick had never really noticed before. He always sensed Jeff might have a small crush on Courtney, not that he could blame him. He watched them converse for a while and then decided to disappear.

Back in heaven, Nick sat quietly and looked around. He knew he shouldn't be watching Courtney or Jeff but something told him he had to. Something told him his job on Earth wasn't finished.

Jeff lay on his bed early the next morning and ran his hands down his body until he found his hard cock. He gripped it tightly and moaned quietly. He'd spent the entire day with Courtney the day before. He could still recall the smell of her perfume, the way she talked so softly, and the way she looked at him with her eyes glowing. He was in love. He'd fallen head over heels.

He wanted to ask her out as more than just a friend but thought it was still too risky. Guilt swept over him thinking he'd still in some odd way be stealing his best friends girlfriend. He couldn't do that to Nick. Nick had been his best friend since they were children. Nick had been a friend you never forget.

Jeff began to stroke his cock slowly as his mind filled with thoughts of Courtney's pretty face, little body, and long tanned legs. He'd accidentally touched her hand several times and each time, her touch alone would entice him. The way she smiled at him made his heart flutter. Courtney was his dream girl.

"Hmmmgghhhh," Jeff moaned stroking his hard member faster now. He had a good tight grip on it and felt his veins pulsing and his balls swelling up full of cum ready to be released. He closed his eyes envisioning kissing Courtney softly on her pouty lips. His hands would roam her entire body touching every curve she had. He'd kiss her neck softy and lightly suck on it leaving her soft little red marks. His hands would move to her breasts as he caressed them over her top feeling her nipples harden underneath the fabric of her top. She'd moan softly into his ear and beg for more of his touch, beg for his cock...

"Ahhhhh fuck!" Jeff cried out as he felt a long hard shot of sperm shooting out of his throbbing cock. The long ropes of warm cum shot out furiously. Jeff groaned and felt his toes curl. He lay in bed for a minute catching his breath and feeling his cock begin to soften in his cum covered hands.

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