Grandma likes to fuck

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chad drove to his grandmother's house. It was dark when he got there. Dottie became a drunk after his grandfather died. She opened the door and greeted him. She was drunk as usual and her robe was open. He could see her sagging breasts. "Do you want a drink Chad?" she said bleary eyed.

"No thanks" said Chad politely.

"Please Chad, drink with me"

Chad decided that he would humor her. She poured two glasses of whiskey and sat on a chair. Dottie wasn't wearing panties and Chad saw her hairy cunt. His grandmother got to drunk to stand so he helped her to her room. She flopped on the bed and passed out. Chad reached under her robe and stuck his fingers in her hole. It was moist and warm. She was snoring and dead to the world. Chad dropped his pants. He slowly slid his prick in her. She didn't move. He fucked her until he filled her pussy with sperm. Then he pulled his pants up and went to sleep on the couch. The next morning Dottie woke up with a headache. She was surprised to see cum oozing from her hole. She realized that her grandson molested her. Dottie found Chad sleeping on the couch. She took her robe off and woke him up.

"I hope you had fun last night" she laughed.

"What do you mean" he stammered as he stared at his nude grandmother.

Dottie pulled the blanket off him and unzipped his pants. She sucked his prick until he filled her mouth with sperm. She kissed him and said.

"Let's go to my bedroom and fuck"

Chad followed her and watched her lay on the bed. She spread her legs for Chad. Then he mounted his grandma and fucked her until she climaxed.

She kissed him and said.

"I needed that"

"We can do it again after I rest" panted the boy.

"I want to get drunk first" said Dottie.

"Why do you have to drink?"

"I like sex better when I am drunk" she replied.

Dottie finished the quart of whiskey and shoved the empty bottle up her pussy. She wanted to show Chad how perverted she was.

"Doesn't that hurt"

"Do you care?" she ask.

"No, if that's what you want"

Chad watched his grandmother slide the bottle back and forth in her hole. Suddenly she climaxed so hard she squirted pee. Chad waited until she was done and ate her pussy.

"Oh my God, your grandfather used to do that"

Chad licked her wet cunt and made her climax again.

"Fuck me" she moaned.

Chad and his grandmother had sex every day and night until he left.

"Tell my daughter I love her"

"I will" said the boy.

Dottie sucked his prick before he left. Chad kissed her good-bye and drove home.

"How was mom?" ask Sally.

"She drinks a lot" answered Chad.

"That's what killed your dad"

"I know, but she won't listen"

"I hope she finds a man to replace my father" said Shelly.

Chad smiled to himself. It would take one hell of a man to satisfy that horny woman.

"I think Jason and I will visit her next Saturday.

"Jason will probably get bored to death" said his mother.

"We'll do something she likes" grinned Chad.

"I'm glad you love your grandmother" cooed Shelly.

"I love her more than you know and I think Jason will love her too" said the boy.

Saturday came and Brad and Jason drove to his grandmother's house.

"Will your grandmother really let me fuck her?" ask Jason.

"My grandma will fuck you until your prick goes limp" laughed Chad.

Dottie opened the door. She was dressed in the same dirty robe.

"Who's your friend Chad?"

"I told Jason what a hot horny pussy you have"

"I never had two men fuck me before, I will have to get drunk" said the delighted woman.

Dottie went inside and the boys followed her. She drank whiskey from a bottle like it was water. Then she took off her robe and let Jason suck her fat breasts. Jason dropped his pants so the woman could see his prick Dottie squeezed it and stroked it until it erupted cum.

"You are a horny young man, when is the last time you had a piece of ass?"

"Six months ago" he admitted.

"Poor baby" she cooed.

Jason kissed her. It felt strange kissing an old woman but she was still sexy. Dottie took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. She lay on the bed and said.

"Come here sweetheart, my pussy needs your prick"

Jason got on top of her and pushed his dick in her wet hole. Chad had his clothes off waiting his turn. Jason lasted for and a long time. He finally lay beside her panting and exhausted. Jason jumped on his grandma like a hungry animal. His prick moved in and out of her cunt like a pile driver. The boys slept with her that night happy and satisfied. Morning came and Jason and Brad fucked her again. When they were finished she said.

"I've got to go to the bathroom"

Brad held her down.

"Piss in my mouth" he begged.

"Are you serious?" laughed Dottie.


Jason put his mouth over her pee hole and waited. Dottie squirted pee and Brad swallowed it. Then he got another hard on and fucked her pussy while Jason jacked off on her face.

"God damn, you boys make me feel young again" she smiled.

Brad licked Jason's cum off her face and said.

"We have to go home now"

"So soon, I was just getting started" sighed Dottie.

"We'll be back" said Brad.

"Can I stay here?" ask Jason.

"How will you get to work?" ask Brad.

"I didn't think about that"

"He can use my Packard" said Dottie.

"Do you know how to drive a tank Jason?"

"I'll learn" laughed Jason.

They waved goodbye to Brad and as soon as they were in the house Jason said.

"Bend over Dottie"

She did what he ask and Jason rammed his prick in her asshole.

"Oh Jesus god" she gasp.

Jason rammed his prick into her soft shit and went off. When he pulled his limp dick out of her she cleaned it with her tongue.

"Get me a bottle of whiskey, I'm out"

Jason drove the big car to town and got some booze. When he got back Dottie was waiting.

"How did you like my car?"

"I like it" said the boy.

"I want to get drunk so you can butt fuck me again"

When Brad got home his mom ask where his friend was.

"He stayed with grandma"

"What for?"

"He likes her and thinks he can make her stop drinking"

"I hope he can" sighed his mom.

"I'm going to visit them next weekend" said Brad.

"I'll go with you"

"We better call first"

Brad went to his grandmother's house every weekend and banged her. Dottie got on top of Brad while Jason fucked her ass. Dottie quit drinking because Jason ask her too. Life couldn't be better.

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