Valerie and Bob Entertain a Friend

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This is a true story meant for ADULTS ONLY. It deals with humiliation, cuckolding, piss drinking, come eating, anal sex, and bi-sexuality. If any of these subjects offend you, or you are underage, you should not be reading this material.

My name is Bob and I am completely submissive to my wife's desire to humiliate and dominate me sexually. Last Wednesday, I was waiting for my wife to come home from work, dressed in my usual outfit to greet her. That is to say wearing nothing at all but a studded leather cock ring around the base of my freshly shaven cock and balls. I am 32 years old, six feet tall, white, with brown hair, blue eyes and a good-sized cock. She was quite late, and I was wondering when she was going to get home. Finally I heard footfalls on the front porch and her key in the lock, but also laughter and giggles. When I greeted her at the door I was amazed to see that she was with my friend Paul.

He smiled as he looked me over, my cock half hard and my balls pulled up tight from the cock ring. My wife Valerie grinned devilishly at me from eyes that looked like they'd had a few beers. Valerie is 29 years old, 5 ft. 2 in. tall, and 110 pounds, with short red hair, perky handfuls for breasts, and a small waist with a round smooth ass. She keeps her pussy and ass cleanly shaven at all times. Paul and I had been friends since college and I knew that he had always wanted to fuck Valerie. Apparently they had run into each other downtown after work and gone for a drink together. One thing led to another, and Valerie suggested that he might have a good time if he were to come home with her for another drink or two. Paul, never one to pass up an opportunity, had accepted.

Valerie looked agitated as she stood in the entryway, and was crossing her thighs rhythmically as if she was trying to avoid peeing. She told me to go grab a towel, and to hurry. Paul raised his eyebrows quizzically but I knew what she wanted. You see, especially after she's been drinking beer, one of her rules is that I drink all of her piss for the rest of evening. I even built a special portable toilet so she could be more comfortable while she urinated into my mouth. It is made of plywood, painted white and is square in shape -- about 12 inches deep -- and has a hole and toilet seat on top like a regular toilet. The rear side, the side with the seat hinge nearest it, has a head-sized hole in it and the whole thing sits flat on the floor. The inside bottom surface is lined with plastic so as not to leak. When Valerie is in the mood for watersports, she will ask me to get the “box,” which I usually place on the floor in the living room. She will then drink a few beers, or even just a lot of water, so that she will need to piss frequently over the next couple of hours. When she needs to go, she will say something like, “I hope you’re thirsty, because I really have to pee,” which is my cue to lie flat on my back and slide my head into the hole in order to service her needs. When I am in position, and Valerie sits on the seat with her legs folded in front of her, her exposed pussy and asshole are just inches above my waiting mouth. This arrangement isn't as good if you want someone to watch, as she did now with Paul here to witness my humiliation.

I returned with a couple of thick bath towels and arranged them under my head, as I lay face-up on the living room rug. My cock was hard as steel with the anticipation of having someone I knew watch us while she used me as her toilet. Valerie lifted her leather skirt and I saw that she wasn't wearing panties, which is unusual, as she generally wears a thong. She told Paul to position himself so that he could see her pussy and my mouth. I opened my mouth wide, and as Valerie squatted over me, I could see that the insides of her thighs were glistening near her cunt and her lips looked swollen and red. She relaxed and let her stream of urine flow from her pussy as she parted her lips with two fingers of her right hand. The hot, nearly clear, stream of piss went straight into my waiting mouth, filling it so that as the quantity increased, the jet of urine into the pool in my mouth caused it to foam over my lips. I gulped the whole mouthful down but had to close my mouth briefly to swallow. Her piss continued to flow onto my face and down my cheeks to be caught by the towels beneath my head. I opened my mouth to catch the rest of her pee and she finished giving me about another half a mouthful. I gulped that down as she dropped her pussy to my mouth so that I might lick her clean. Her pussy lips were sloppy and wet as I licked her clean with wide strokes of my tongue, gulping and swallowing as she ground her snatch into my face. She groaned and looked down to see my face shiny from her cunt. Paul was crouching nearby and had hardly said a word as he watched the spectacle. Valerie knew that to bring Paul here and fuck him right in front of me would be the ultimate humiliation. I determined that the best thing to do was relax and enjoy the experience in the guise of being “made” to do it.

Taking charge, Valerie told Paul to get out of his clothing and fuck her right now. Valerie instructed me to sit on a nearby couch and watch the proceedings. My hard cock was straining at the leather cock ring, a clear drop of precome running from the tip. Valerie took off her black leather skirt and blouse and lay back in a reclining leather chair. She pulled her knees to her chest to expose her shaved cunt to Paul's waiting stiff cock. Paul is shorter than I am at about 5 ft. 8 but in great condition at about 165 pounds, working out and mountain biking all the time. His cock was about seven inches long and nicely shaped with tight balls covered in fine brown hair. He supported himself on the arms of the chair and his toes, and lowered his stiff cock straight into my wife's hot, wet snatch in one thrust. Paul moaned as he sunk his prick to the hilt, pressing his balls against my wife's up-thrust pussy and ass. Valerie looked me straight in the eye with a dirty and taunting stare as Paul withdrew his cock glistening with her juices only to sink it back in again. I watched as with each thrust Valerie lifted her ass, sliding her cunt lips up along his shaft as his ass muscles clenched with his downward stroke, driving his cock deep into my wife. Paul looked over his shoulder and asked me if I liked to watch him fucking my wife? I nodded yes, which I would've thought was evident from my purple, shiny, dripping cock. My wife started to moan that she was coming, telling Paul to fuck her harder and faster. His pace intensified and his balls slapped against Valerie's ass with every stroke. Finally my wife started to scream out her orgasm as Paul grunted and pounded her even harder as he ejaculated inside her. Paul kept fucking her as the last squirts of semen flowed into my wife's vagina. Paul stood, withdrawing his dripping cock, as Valerie motioned that he should bring it over to her for cleaning. Valerie kept her knees pulled tightly to her chest so that her pussy faced straight upwards, with no opportunity to let Paul's load leak out. Paul stepped up to the head of the reclining chair as she leaned forward to lick and suck his cock clean, staring me straight in the eye as she slid the slippery head of his penis past her parted lips. As the head of his cock touched the back of her throat, she tightened her lips around his shaft and pulled her mouth along his cock, stripping off all of their mixed juices. She smacked her lips and swallowed, telling me how delicious Paul's come was. She looked down at her upturned pussy, where there was a growing pool of semen gathering in the stretched opening left by Paul and surrounded by her swollen red cunt lips. Valerie looked at Paul and said, "I don't see why Bob should be denied a chance to taste your delicious come." Valerie then said, "Bob, I want you to come over here and eat all of Paul’s come out of my pussy." I couldn't believe that she was doing this to me right in front of my old college buddy, but I also couldn't help being turned on by the thought of sucking another man's come right out of my wife's snatch. It was just so sexy and humiliating at the same time. I crawled on my hands and knees until my mouth was over the white pool of come in her pussy. I leaned down and licked my tongue through the puddle, thick gobs of his come sticking to my tongue as I sucked it into my mouth and swallowed. His come was salty and delicious and I dove in, lapping and sucking hungrily until I had sucked and swallowed every drop of his come and her cunt juice from her pussy.

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