Forced to All-Fours

(Part 2 from 2)

Panicked, Gwen brought movement to her limbs, swinging them from side to side, but found to her horror that the suit combined with the chair prevented her from escape.
“Awww, Bitch found her movement again? Too bad she’s a puppy now.”
But as Brooke brought the mask over to her, Gwen found she could talk again.

“PLEASE BROOKE!!!! Please don’t do this, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but please stop, something is wrong with you, you’ve gone crazy!”
“Aw, Bitch, nothing is wrong with me, it is you who is broken. But don’t worry I will fix you. You will become what you were always meant to be, a puppy. My Bitch.”

And with that, Brooke pushed the button again and Gwen went limp, but the charge wasn’t as strong as before. Gwen was able to watch as Brooke slipped the mask over her face, felt the elastic stick to her every feature. And felt the muted pain as the string snaked down her throat and attached itself. The pain suddenly grew as it expanded and her body shook in violent waves as her nerves were jolted back into movement. For several seconds the agony shook her and the chair, but then it slowly died down. Until all Gwen felt was a slight rasp as she breathed through her mouth.

“Sorry about that Bitch, but it had to be done, what good is a puppy if it can talk like a human? Oh, and if you were wondering, it is permanent. I couldn’t find anything temporary, but that’s good! Cause now you’ll be my puppy forever!”

Once she heard the word permanent, Gwen went into shock, she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. Why? But, she didn’t have long to think, as Brooke walked over to her with a large furry tail and some sort of can.
“Now, as you obviously know, girls have three holes,” Brooke said as she wrested the jar open, “the pussy, the asshole, and that small one in between. This, is your new tail, and this is perma-glue. As you have noticed, you have three holes left in your suit. The one for your pussy will remain open at all times, like all bitches are. The one for your ass will also. But one for that other hole is about to be closed. Permanently, of course.”
And as Brooke lathered the tail end in glue, Gwen screamed out in horror, finding she could scream…

“STopppp…..arf!!! Bark! Bark! Arf! Arf!??”
“Good Bitch, bark for your new Mistress! Bark Bitch!” Brooke yelled as she forced the tail into Gwen’s hole.
“ARF! Arooooo!!!! Bark bark!”

As Brooke worked the slippery tail into her hole, Gwen struggled to free herself from the chair by rocking it, but it was no use, as Brooke held her back down with her other hand. Gwen heard a loud POP! as the enlarged end sunk into her hole, and the tail flopped down.
“That was harder than I thought, but now let’s see what good the extra features I paid for do.”

Brooke pulled out a different remote control from the collar’s one, and pushed a large red button. Immediately Gwen’s ass started to swell as the bulbous end of the tail inside her started to expand.
“Ruff! Ruff! Bark! Bark!” Gwen screamed.
“I’m sorry it hurts puppy, but we have to make sure you will never lose your tail,” Brooke sympathized, stroking Gwen’s head.

The bulb suddenly stopped swelling, but Gwen’s ass was still incredibly sore and swollen after all this torture. It was in the middle of all this pain, that Gwen felt a peculiar feeling inside her ass as it felt like small pins were sticking her from the inside.
“Bark! Bark! Bark!”
“Oh, you must feel the pins Bitch, it will stop soon. What they are doing is actually quite incredible, I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Those pins are sticking out of the end of your tail into your flesh and attaching themselves to your nerve endings. Once connected, they will be able to measure your ass muscles so acutely that you will be able to wag your tail just by different clenches.” Brooke said with a wicked smile.

“This is going to be so fun, I’ve dreamed of this moment for forever, and now it’s finally come true. My girlfriend is going to be so proud of me. She was the one that interested me in pet play. I was hooked since she told me the first word, and now, I have a pet of my own. Yay!” Brooke laughed as she stroked Gwen’s back.

Gwen felt ashamed at how good the stroking felt. The suit seemed to please her skin whenever it was petted, as the material smoothly slid when moving. But it stuck tightly to her when it was not moving. Gwen shuddered to think of how it would feel to be smacked in the suit, the suit sticking into the cracks of her skin. She was still trying to understand how this was happening but the constant pain flowing from every body part made it impossible to think.

“Well Bitch, I am finished, are you ready to see your new body? I hope you are, because you’ll be living in it for the rest of your life.” Brooke said as she lifted Gwen off the chair and placed her on top of her bed, at a point she could look in the mirror.


Gwen couldn’t move. Gwen couldn’t think. She felt like she couldn’t breathe. Her beautifully shaped skinny, curvy 18 year old body wasn’t looking back at her in the mirror. Nothing seemed to remain of that Gwen. In her place was a small, brown puppy. It had a round head, with small ears and snout. It’s front legs were a little chunky, but nothing beyond normal of such a small dog as this; and it’s paws were small and cute. It’s back arched downwards in a sexy way, it’s its stomach was completely flat. It’s back legs were also chunky, and the paws a bit bigger, but still, nothing unusual. It had a cute, tight little ass with a perfectly sized tail flowing out. In fact, the only thing slightly odd were the pale, pinkish color of its wide pussy lips.

But one could only see them if the puppy was on it’s back. The same went for its pale asshole, but it was so small, and hidden by the encircled fur, that one had to look very close to see it. In all ways, the form in front of her looked exactly like a puppy dog. Except she was the dog. As she moved her head to look at the mirror, the dog’s head moved. And as she tried to walk on her elbows and knees, the dog’s legs moved. It was only after she noticed her virgin pussy sticking out of the suit, did she collapse on the bed and start to cry.

“There there Bitch, don’t cry, it’s not the end of the world, it’s the start of a new one. No longer do you have to worry about being judged as a teenage girl. Now, you won’t have to worry at all, never again. I am now your Mistress. I will take care of you. From now on till forever, I will rule you. And you will serve me in payment of my love and generosity towards you.” Brooke said as she cupped Gwen’s face in her hands.

“Now only one loose end to tie up,” Brooke said as she went to the pile of Gwen’s clothes in the corner.
She sorted through the pile until she grabbed Gwen’s shorts and reached into her pocket. Her hand soon came out with a cell-phone.

“Now, I’ll just text your parents that you have decided to run away, and your old self will be history.” Brooke said, typing away at the screen.
“There, now they’ll look for you for a couple months, but once they realize they can’t find you, then they’ll just give up and move on,” Brooke said with a nasty smile, “and you will be mine.”
“Alright, enough moping around, we need to get rid of your old clothes and phone.”

Brooke sat up off the bed and went to her dresser to grab a long leather cord. She put one end of it on around her wrist and the other she clipped on Gwen’s collar. Gwen’s head shot up off of the blanket she had been crying into when she heard the click of the leash attaching to her collar. She was immediately choked as Brooke yanked on the collar and pulled Gwen to the floor. Gwen gasped for air as her neck throbbed for the intense pain.

“Get up Bitch! It’s time for you to learn how to walk.”
Gwen slowly managed to stand up on all-fours and wobbled before a few seconds before falling back down on her side.
bad girl! Bad girl! Do not disobey Mistress, never!” Brooke commanded as she walked over to Gwen and slapped her ass.
“Arrrrrrrr!!!!!! Arf arf!” Gwen squealed from the pain.
“And that’s only the beginning of what happens to bad puppies,” Brooke said.

Gwen felt the slap still on her skin, just as she predicted, the suit stuck to the indentation of her red skin and only aggravated it further. It would take several minutes before the hand print left her ass. But Gwen only let the pain encourage her to stand up and stay up this time. She pushed herself up and tried with all her strength to stay standing. This time she managed it. She found she had to put equal amounts of her weight on all four of her new legs.

“Good Bitch! Now walk towards Mistress.”
Gwen confidently moved her knees forward just like she’d done a million times during human walking. But that technique didn’t work so well in dog walking. No sooner had her knee move when she stumbled forward, and trying to stop her fall with her elbows, sprawled herself flat at the feet of Brooke.

“Sigh, you have disappointed me Bitch. I guess I will have to punish you harder if you are to ever learn.”
Thinking she was about to be painfully slapped again, Gwen quickly rolled onto her back to protect her ass. Instead, she felt a smooth ball slip into her now exposed pussy. Yelping, she righted herself and tried to bend her neck to see what had been slipped in her pussy. It was no use, she couldn’t even try to see her pussy, and besides, she started to feel and know what it was.

“Now pet, you better hurry, I’m keeping my finger on the inflate button until you walk all the way to the door.”

Gwen hurriedly put her elbow and knee first, then switched to the opposite side, and kept switching, using a crawl like pattern. She kept this up, carefully balancing herself while walking; but this became increasingly harder as the ball inside her kept expanding and stretching out her pussy. By the time she reached the door, she had to fall on her back as ball was pushing her legs apart and stretching her pussy upwards in a dome like fashion. She brought her chin to her stomach and looked down at her pussy, able to see in now, not only because she was on her back, but because it had stretched so high up.

“Bark! Bark! Moannn…..” Gwen begged as it continued to expand.
“Good girl! It seems you can accomplish anything with the right persuasion,” Brooke said as she stopped pressing the button.

The ball stopped expanding and started to compress, giving Gwen a wave of relief from the pain. She leaned her head back and surprisingly, stuck out her tongue and panted from the exhaustion. The mask apparently kept all heat from escaping, so she was forced to open her mouth whenever she wanted it to cool down. She felt Brooke’s cool fingers as they reached into her pussy and pulled out the ball. She looked around until she saw Brooke grab her old clothes and phone, and pull the leash out the door. Gwen quickly lept to her feet and walked behind her, trying to keep up with Brooke’s speed.

She pretty much slid down the stairs when they came to them, and she madly scrambled to not get choked as Brooke pretty much ran to the living room. Brooke finally stopped in front of the fireplace and opened the screen. Gwen plopped down on the bear rug, panting from the brief run. It was only after she heart the crackling of sticks did she realize in horror that Gwen was throwing her old clothes and phone into the roaring fire. As the hungry flames devoured the dry items, Gwen’s heart abandon every hope of returning to her old life. It seemed that with every lick of fire burning up her old belongings, her old self burned up too. It all seemed too real now. She was now a puppy. Her name was now Bitch.

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