Forced to All-Fours

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Gwen was feeling really tired after an exhausting day of volleyball practice. All around her people were milling towards the multiple exit doors around her; she weakly pushed past them all to get to her locker. When she finally made it to there, she found she was the only person in the aisle except for Brooke.

“Hi Brook!” Gwen tried to say as cheerfully as she could, despite her tiredness.
“Oh! Hi Gwen! Just the person I was looking for,” Brooke said as she closed her locker.
“Well, you found me,” Gwen said, opening her locker.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place?” Brooke asked.
“Aw, thanks Brooke, but I’m really tired, and I just kinda want to collapse,” Gwen said, stuffing her books in her locker.
“That’s ok! Tomorrow is Spring Break! You can rest for the next two weeks! Please!!!! I really wanted to show you something,” Brooke begged.
“Fine, I guess I could last the rest of the day,” Gwen sighed.

“Yay! Alright, my mom is waiting outside, she said she would drive you home with us,” Brooke said, dragging Gwen along.
“Uh, okay….” Gwen said, just going along, slowly dazing off.
“Don’t fall asleep yet, silly! We’re gonna have such a fun night!” Brooke told her as they hopped in her mini van.
“I’ll try my best,” Gwen whispered as she fell asleep on the ride there.


“We’re here!” Brooke said as she shook Gwen awake.
“Huh?? Oh, cool,” Gwen mumbled as she sat up.
“Let’s go!” Brooke yelled behind her as she ran to the front door of the house.

Gwen stumbled out of the minivan and went through the front door into Brooke’s home. They ran up the stairs and turned a right into Brooke’s room. It was pretty big for a bedroom, in fact, it used to be the master bedroom. It had a queen sized bed in the center, two walk in closets on the side walls, and and a window seat on the opposing wall. Gwen had always been jealous of Brooke’s room. On her bed was a golden retriever lazily napping, oh how Gwen envied him right now. But it was short lived, because Brooke shooed the dog out of the room after the entered. Gwen sat on Brooke’s bed while Brooke went to one of her closet and opened it up.

“So what was so important I had to come over today? Gwen said with a yawn.
“I need you,” Brooke said from inside her closet, “to help me with a little fashion advice.”
Brooke stepped outside and held up three different gorgeous dresses.

“OMG! Are those your prom dresses?” Gwen gasped as she sat up.
“You know it girl! I just narrowed it down to these three, but I can’t decide which one of them to wear, I was hoping you could help me,” Brooke said and flourished the gowns in the air proudly.
“Of course! You know how much I love picking out dresses, hmmmm, but it is a tough decision,” Gwen said, trying to decide.

The three dresses were red, pink and blue. The red was long with lots of ruffles. The pink was short and sassy, with a large ribbon disguised as an extended seam flap. Last was the blue, it was short on one side, but slowly lengthened on the other side until it reached the ground. It had embedded crystals running down it like a sash and latticed sleeves.

“What do you think?” Brooke asked after a while.
“Wow, this is really hard, but I think I’d go with the blue one,” Gwen said, sliding off the bed to touch it.
“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, it just seems kinda special.” Brooke said, admiring it in Gwen’s hands.
“Girls! Dinner’s here, come down and get it!” Brooke’s mom yelled from downstairs.

“Thanks Mom! We’ll be down in a second!” Brooke yelled back as she put the dresses back in the closet and ran downstairs with Gwen close behind.
“Dinner is Chinese food tonight, sorry your father and I won’t be able to eat with you, but we have to hurry and catch our flight to Miami.” Brooke’s mom said, buttoning up her coat.
“I didn’t know you were leaving Mrs. Cleare,” Gwen said confused.
“Brooke didn’t mention it? Well, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am you are staying with her until we get back after Spring Break, you have always been so responsible.” Brooke’s mom finished her coat and grabbed her suitcase.
“Honey! I’m coming!” she yelled to the car outside as she ran through the rain to reach it.

Gwen watched through the open doorway as they drove away through the storm. She closed the door and looked to see where Brooke was. Brooke was grabbing both containers of food and climbing back up the stairs, waving at her to come on with a mouth full of noodles.

“I didn’t know your parents were leaving,” Gwen said as she reached the top of the stairs.
“Yeah, I forgot to tell you,” Brooke said, in between bites.
“But I told my parents I was only spending the night!” Gwen said exasperated and frustrated.
“Calm down girl, I know that, you don’t have to stay for two weeks, I just really wanted to stay home alone, so I told my parents you were coming over, it’s the only reason they let me stay,” Brooke said, stating it like it was so simple.

“But I didn’t want to be caught up in this, that’s not fair,” Gwen pouted.
“Don’t worry, you just need to come over when they get back and they’ll think you stayed the entire time, now let’s get back to the dresses,” Brooke stated.
“Fine…..I guess what they don’t know can’t hurt them,” Gwen reluctantly agreed.
“Exactly.” Brooke said.


“Now we need to decide on necklaces,” Brooke said, pulling out yet another large container.
“Ok…….” Gwen mumbled barely awake.
They had been going through different prom materials for two hours, and Gwen was barely hanging on to wakefulness.
“I think you should try on this one,” Brooke said as she forcefully clasped something on Gwen’s neck.
“Woah! Wait! I can put it on myself, geese!” Gwen sat up, grabbing at the necklace.

That was funny, it didn’t feel like any necklace she had ever worn. It was thick, leathery, and the only thing metallic was a metal ring with a tag attached. Getting worried, Gwen felt around the necklace, trying to find a release clasp, but the only thing she could find was a small padlock on the back. It was so tight it felt like it should be choking her, but it was just flush with her neck skin. Gwen stopped feeling and ran over to the vanity mirror on the wall. This was not a necklace. It was a collar. A thick, leather dog collar, with the word Bitch engraved on the tag.

“What!?!? Holy shit!?!? I----I, what the fuck, why did you just put a dog collar on me!?!” Gwen screamed through the tears of disbelief.
“Because Bitch, you are now my puppy,” Brooke smiled as she held something in her hand.
“Wtf!!! What does that mean?? This doesn’t make any sense!!?!?!” Gwen sobbed.

“Don’t worry Bitch, it will soon, very soon.” Brooke said as she pushed the button she was holding.
A wave of pain struck Gwen’s body as the collar lit up with electricity and pulsed into her veins. Gwen fell straight to the floor with a thud, no longer able to control her body. For a few moments she flickered in and out of consciousness, then she fell asleep.


“Wake up Bitch! good girl!”
Gwen woke up on the floor, with Brooke leaning over her. She couldn’t move at all, except for her head, but only barely. She saw it was still dark outside, so she couldn’t have slept long. And her body certainly didn’t feel any better. It was only after noticing this, did she realize how cold she was. In fact, she was naked. Completely and utterly nude, well, except for her collar. Brooke was standing over her with some sort of elastic suit in one hand, and that cursed button in the other hand. Gwen tried as hard as she could to get up, but all she could manage was a weak shift.

“Now, now, Bitch, don’t try to get up now, you need to get dressed first,” Brooke said as she started to stretch the suit over Gwen’s body.

The inside was a slick, elastic substance that was smooth as it moved across her skin, but stuck to it once it stopped moving. The outside was a brown, furry skin that looked remarkably well like a dog’s hide. It only had three holes in it, one was obviously for her head, but the other two she couldn’t tell. As Brooke slowly adjusted her body into the suit she suddenly realized what it was. It was a pet slave skin. A suit made to make your pet slave look more like a dog. Her theory was reinforced as Brooke bent her arms, putting her elbows into the sleeves; and for her legs, that part was difficult. Her feet were pulled back until they touched her but cheeks, they were then inserted into the suit, and forcibly pressed into the but skin, bending her toes almost to touch her back.

Brooke seemed to be done as she zipped it up in the back and attached another small padlock to the zipper. Gwen was now on her elbows and knees, but unable to stay upright due to her lack of muscle control. So Brooke picked up the small girl and placed her horizontally with stomach on a chair. Gwen felt even more helpless now. her elbow arms hung off the side and her knee legs hung off the other side. Brooke then grabbed a mask looking thing off her dresser and walked over to Gwen’s helpless puppy form.

“See this Bitch? This cost me a pretty penny, it looks just like an ordinary dog head, but it is so much more. This is designed for extremely long time use, the jaw and mouth open and stick to your exact jaw and mouth: that way you can eat with it on. And the ears fit over your ears, and nose over your nose. Except the outside looks like a dog face, pretty cool huh? And here’s the best part, see this string?”
She pointed to a string attached the corner of the mouth that had a sort of deflated circle attached to it.

“That string will go down your throat and that circle will inflate down there. It will form a small ring that will stick to the side of your trachea. Quite painful at first, but once you get used to it, you won’t notice it at all. Except…….it does take your ability to talk away. Only barks for my little Bitch.”

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