First day of college : Part 1

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My name is Yasmin Scott and it was my first day of college.

I walked through the grand stone entrance to the college and looked around at my future, all I had was two suitcases and my old friend Lucy by my side, I felt the nerves flutter like butterflies inside my stomach. Lucy turned to me and said "so where are you staying?" I looked at the piece of paper in my hand and it said in bold letters, 'Yasmin Scott, Sennen Johnstone, Building 12, Room 202.'

I turned back to Lucy, "over in building 12"
"aww that sucks I'm in Building 6, over the other side of the campus" she replied "well I'll catch up with you later" and after a quick hug she turned and walked off.

As I walked across the campus the nerves left me a little bit, I am 5 feet 5 inches and have 34D breasts on a curvy body, and with my blonde hair and blue eyes I was drawing, much to my pleasure, a lot of male attention.

I finally made it over to building 12 and climbed the stairs to my room, I paused outside my door and glanced at the slip of paper in my hand, what was protocol here? Did I knock on my own door? Eventually I decided to stop being such a baby and pushed open the door to my new home, and almost passed out with shock.

Standing at the end of one of the two beds was the girl I took to be Sennen Johnstone. She was about 5 foot 7 and I'd guess she was a 32C, she had the perfect body, slim and tall, with tattoos of swallows on her hip, and her hair was a shiny raven colour, and when she looked up I was pierced by her Hazel eyes. And I knew all of this because she was in just her underwear.

I instantly stammered some apology and tried to turn out the door, but she just walked up to me, unclothed as she was, and shook my hand,
"you must be Yasmin? I'm Sennen." her voice was clear and high.

"Err hi, yer I am" I managed to finally get out, then Sennen just looked down at herself and went back to the bed, and her clothes, making some comment about her only just arriving and it being colder up north. And with my cheeks blazing red I started to unpack my stuff.

That evening I got to know Sennen really well and she seems like a really nice person, and as we had talked long into the evening I was glad to finally get into my bed. But just as I was starting to fall asleep I heard a rustling next to me, accompanied by the occasional small moan. Of course I was embarrassed beyond believe and promptly rolled over and covered my ears until I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was more hectic than I could of imagined, tours of the campus and learning my way around dominated my morning, and by the time I plonked myself down in the cafeteria I was so tired I didn't even realise my friend Lucy sit down beside me.
"OMG I have been doing some digging and you are going to looove what I found out."
I gave Lucy a despairing look, she was always one to gossip,
"I overheard some people talking about some Sennen Johnstone girl yesterday, and I thought to myself, hang on isn't that Yasmins roomie? So I decided to listen in and you will never guess what I found out!"

I had kind of zoned out of Lucy chatter by now but her next words snapped me out of my reverie.
"She's a dyke! Like proper full on apparently!"
I just stared at Lucy in mute disbelief, I know Sennen came across as a bit crazy, but as a lesbian? No way. I turned to question Lucy further but she had already jumped up and was probably running off to divulge this new piece of gossip to someone else.

That whole afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about what Lucy had told me, and even Sennen said I was more reserved that evening.

But it wasn't until I was in bed that night that things got weird again. Again I heard those tell tale noises from the bed only a few feet from mine, but instead of just rolling over, I listened. The rustling was getting faster and the moans getting loader, until there was a long shuddering breath and then silence. I felt my own hand then slide down my body until I came to my soaking wet panties. I quickly snatched my hand away and rolled over. I was going to have to ask Sennen some very serious questions in the morning to sort my own head out.

In the morning Sennen and I were sitting at the breakfast bar munching on some cereal, when I finally plucked up the courage to stammer out,
"Sennen... Are you a lesbian?"
She slowly turned round to face to me,
"what did you say to me?"
I looked down at my spoon and very quietly managed to reply,
"well, do you like girls?"

Her cereal bowl smashed into the size of my head quicker than I could blink, sending milk and cereal flying everywhere. I fell sideways off my stool and sprawled on the floor. Then there was unimaginable pain in my scalp as my face was wrenched upwards by my hair.

Sennens eyes were no longer the kind Hazel I had grown accustom to, but were as hard and cold as slabs of stone,
"you will learn you little bitch" she growled, and then I just had time to see the heavy wooden chopping board come towards my temple as my world went black.

When I woke up my head was throbbing to the extreme and even opening my eyes was a chore. I felt disorientated and nauseous, but realised I was in the bathroom just in time to grab the toilet seat and throw up. I eventually managed to stand up and look at myself in the mirror. I was an absolute mess. The right side of my face was covered in a thin sheet of blood, but after I cleaned myself up, was relieved to see it was only from a tiny cut on my temple.

My next thoughts were of escaping, I tried the door and the window, and managed to shout myself horse crying for help, but nothing worked.

I sat for hours in that bathroom, not knowing the time other than the fact it had gone dark outside, I was hungry beyond believe and my head still hurt, when all of a sudden the door was pulled open.

And there stood my captor, she was dressed in a purple and black corset, fish net stockings and 5 inch heeled boots. And even in my terrified state I had to acknowledge that she looked magnificent. In one hand was a long whip and in the other a set of steel handcuffs. I jumped up and sprinted towards the door, and just as I got past her she lashed the whip, and it felt as if my back was on fire. I fell to my knees and again the whip cracked, driving me face down onto the floor. And then as the cuffs where clicked painfully onto my wrists I heard a whisper in my ear,
"rule number 1, don't try to run."

As I was pulled upwards I got a first proper look at our tiny room, there were candles everywhere, the two beds had been pushed together and to one side, and had chains secured to each bed post. And in the middle of the room were two chains with manacles hanging from the ceiling, while below them was a pair of steel boots that had been bolted to the floor. And I knew I was doomed.

I tried to struggle free from Sennens iron grasp, but I just received another whip blow to the back of my thighs so I stayed still. She marched me over the steel boots and hinged open the front half.
"feet in" I was commanded, and I knew as soon as I didn't I was going to get another blow from the whip that was twitching in Sennens hand. I turned round and stepped back into the giant boots,
"Ah the bitch is learning" Sennen crooned as she swung the front closed and put the padlocks in place. Now my legs were encased up to my knees in cold, solid steel.

Then each of my arms were grabbed and forced into the manacles, leaving me stuck in the middle of some sick star jump. Sennen then walked, long legged and sexy, over to a tool bag in the corner. She drew out a long bladed knife, that even to the naked eye looked razor sharp. She raised the knife like a dagger and came towards me.

I shut my eyes and screamed. I thought that my lot was up, but then I felt the blunt edge of the knife slide from my breast bone to my crotch. Slicing through my t-shirt and bra. Then she moved with quick efficiency, and using the minimum of cuts to completely remove my clothing.

"Ah that's better" Sennen said as she smiled. I opened my eyes to find myself shivering and naked in the candle light. She sauntered over to me and placed her hand straight onto my shaved pussy and started playing with my clit, then she kissed and bit her way from my neck down to my tits, were she started caressing my nipples with her tongue. No matter how hard I tried I felt my pussy getting wet and my nipples getting harder by the second.
"So you are a dyke? Interesting... Well now we are over the first hurdle your training can begin"
"But I'm not a lesb..." I went to reply but an orange ball gag was stuffed into my mouth.

Sennen then reached up and extended both the chains, causing me to topple forwards until they stopped me again, suspending me with my ass sticking in the air. I heard her walk back over to her tool bag, and when I glanced through my steel clad legs I saw her poised just behind me with a giant cock strapped around her waist.

This thing was huge, bulging and veiny it must of been about 10 inches long, with a girth to match. I felt the head of it press against my pussy as Sennen started talking.
"Rule number 2, I fuck you how I want, when I want." And with that said she thrust her hips hard forwards. I gasped around the gag as that huge cock filled me. I could feel it stretching the Walls of my pussy and forcing itself deep inside my hole.

Then the fucking really began. I could feel all the ridges on that huge cock as it was pumped in and out of my pussy.
'Rape. That's what this is' I thought as I was relentlessly screwed from behind, but even though I knew I was getting no choice in this, it felt so damn good! The feeling of all the contours of that giant dong being forced deeper and deeper inside me soon had me moaning.
"Ah the little slut likes it" Sennen said as she franticly pounded my hole, "now remind me of rule 2" And she pulled the gag from my mouth.

The first thing that left my lips was a moan of pure delight, I then felt a stinging pain on my ass as Sennen slapped it with all her force.
"I said rule number 2 bitch!" she shouted as she slapped my ass again.
"You can fuck me whenever you want" I managed to get out between moans.
"No!" she screamed, and pulled the cock out of my pussy and placed it against my ass hole,
"I can fuck you whenever, and HOWEVER I want!" And again she lunged forward with her hips.

I felt my ass split as that giant cock forced it's way into my shit hole, and I screamed. The pain was terrible, a pain even worse than death itself. And I was given no rest as Sennen started pumping her hips with the same ferocity that she fucked my pussy with. I thought the pain was never going to end, I could feel blood running down the inside of my thighs and tears wet on my face, but eventually, even though the pain didn't get any better, there was something else there apart from the pain. My sobs slowly turned into moans as my ass carried on getting pounded. By now Sennen was also rubbing my clit and playing with one of my nipples as she fucked my ass.

I soon began to feel a pressure building in my crotch, I was being fucked furiously and my screams seemed to bounce of the walls. It wasn't long before a brain shattering orgasm overtook my senses, leaving me shaking in my bound position.

Sennen laughed as she pulled the cock from my ass, leaving it open and gaping,
"You little fucking slut" she said as she slapped my ass, "you loved every second of that didn't you bitch." I couldn't even reply I was so confused.
"Right bitch," Sennen continued, "remember rule number 1" She moved around me un doing all the locks and clasps until I was again standing on my own two feet.
"right bitch, over to the bed" I wanted to say no and run for my life, I could feel my body swaying towards the door. But some primal instinct was drawing me towards that bed. Was this me finally accepting my fate? Or was I just curious to see what pleasures where coming next? Well for whatever reason, I slowly sauntered towards whatever plan Sennen had in mind for me....

To Be Continued...

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