The 4th of July Massacre 2

(Part 1 from 1)

As Cap approached me with his enormous smile which matched his cock he was stroking, I attempted to climb to my feet. The swelling in my pussy and asshole was increasing with every second. I continued to wipe the large amounts of cum from my eyes, tring to clear my blured vision. "That's ok doll stay on your knees, that's were I want you," Cap said as he made it to me. I glanced his direction and his fully erect cock was dangling in front of me. He lifted it up with one hand, taking my face with the other and inserted it in my mouth. I sucked his dick, taking it in with absolute joy.

This was the leader, the captain of this biker gang and I had every intention to give him my all. Even though I was tired and sore from the hardcore fucking I just received. "That's it babygirl, suck that cock for me. Show these other guys how much of a whore you are." Tilting my head back I pulled his cock into my throte, swallowing it until he was balls deep. As I gagged I would release it and suck in air and do it again. Cap, taking my head in his hand thrust his dick into my throte and started fucking it like it was a cunt. I could fill the fullness in my throte as his bulge moved up and down. His sweety balls slapped against my chin as he increased speed. My air was running low as he thrust all the way in holding it until I pulled back gagging. He let go and laughed as I gasped for air.

I was lifted to my feet by another fellow who was behind me. He sat me in Caps arms,strattling him like a child. Reaching under Cap took his fully erect, freshly sucked cock and slid it into my pussy, which was intensely sore. It took a second for him to get it all the way in but eventually he did. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he bounced me up and down on his pole. The other guy was holding me by my ass cheeks, spreading them and slamming me down on Caps enormous cock. I was screaming in pure desire. His cock barreled through the fleshly tissue tunneling its way through. The others yelled and whooped as this went on. I felt a wetness being rubbed on my asshole as the man behind me started fingering me. "You're gonna love this slut, trust me." He took his cock and started working it into my butthole, spreading my cheeks as he stretched my anal sleeve. "God damn you're tight," he said as he slithered into my anal cavity like a snake going into its hole. It was almost to much. My young tender teen holes were put to the test. Both seem to have been streatched to the ultimate max. The two guys took turns ramming into me.

One would thrust as the other pulled, then vice versa. I screamed out, and each time I did another comment would be made. fuck that slut, or rip her a new asshole, or show that cunt why we're hell on wheels. I was there toy and I realized that they wouldent be finished with me until everyone of the twelve men were completely satisfied. But then what? Would they let me go back with my parents, or keep me as there slave. The excitement of it all was a little scary but I was loving it. Cap yelled out, "I'm gonna fill your fucking pussy up bitch. I'm gonna cum deep inside you, and make you mine. This pussy belongs to me forever you understand? No man is to ever cum in your pussy ever again slut." And with that he thrust deep into me,cock pulsating and spraying jizz throughout my insides. The warmth of his cum enveloped my walls and heated me up.

Easing his cock out of me, but with another still deep in my ass they stood me up, bent me over and Cap took me in a head lock holding my hands behind my back. The man behind me started ramming into me with all his might. I could feel the flesh deep inside my teen butthole ripping open as he shot deeper then the man before him. The excitment was to much, I screamed out as my little girl juice sprayed his cock, which was pounding inside me, never slowing a bit. I heard him reply as his thrusting increased, "I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING...." and hot white slime shot deep into my asshole. Cap yelled out, "whoo wee that was intense. Who's next?" As he released me and I fell to the floor. Exhausted I layed there feeling the cum seep from both my holes, and tasting it in my mouth.

Another guy came up and drug me to him by my ankles, spreading my legs wide and taking a full dick dive into my swollen pussy. A sharp pain shot through me as he thrust deeper and deeper. He was a big man. About 250 pounds and hairy all over. He smelled of sweat and beer. He panted and growled as he slammed into my tiny body, probing my mouth with his tongue. "Oh baby, your little pussy feels so good, you like being our little slut don't you?" I answered him saying, "yes, yes, yes, I love being your slut." That was what he needed to hear. Raising up he pulled my knees to his shoulders and started slamming deep inside of me. Cap spoke up saying, "Red, when you cum don't cum in her cunt, that belongs to me, you cum anywhere but there." Still pounding the guy he called Red said, "I'm bout to..I'm bout to c,..I'M BOUT TO CUMMMMM...." and pulling out of me he shot his load all over my stomach. I looked as globbs of thick soured milk plopped onto my tiny tits and stomach. He pulled on his cock until every last drop fell out and on to me. Cap smiled saying, "that's it. Spend that shit on that whore."

Rolling over to my stomach I attempted to try and get up but I only made it to my knees when another guy pounced on me saying, "my turn, my turn." Spitting on my asshole he tore into it with no remorse slamming dick bombs in me deep and long. I heard a voice say, "that's it Billy, fuck that whores ass," as he slammed into me ferociously. Pushing up to my hands i glanced back to see the man slamming into my now distroyed asshole with such might. As I did someone standing over me poured a beer on my head saying, "here you go babygirl, let me clean you up a little." The ice cold beer shocked me and seemed to awaken my inner self. A second wind came on and I decided that it was time to show these guys just how much of a slut whore I really was.

Looking back I started slamming backwards into the cock that was tearing into me. The collision of our bodys clapped loudly in the dark night. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, we slammed into each other with brute force until he grabbed me holding tight and yelled out, "FFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKKK," spraying my asshole. He pulled out and spread my cheeks exposing to the world my wide gapping ass tunnel. "Look at that little shitter," he said as they all starred in amazement. "She's gonna have trouble taking a shit," someone said as the others laughed.

Releasing me I took every ounce of energy I had, pushed myself up, turned to the men and asked, "who's next?" Shocked and amazed they all starred. I climbed onto the table, pulled my legs back and started rubbing my puffy sore cunt, looking at each and every man. Cap spoke up and said, "well, aren't you the little trooper. I think its time you meet our friend meat." As that was said a man standing well over 6'5" tall came around from the back of the croud. His enormous cock hung down to his knees. The gurth alone was the size of a 24 ounce can. I let my legs fall and starred in complete shock, as he approached me. "Not so chipper now are we," Cap said as I stood up coming only to the bottom of his chest.

Taking me by the waste he pulled me up off my feet with such strength I felt my heart leap out of my chest. He looked in my eyes smiling and then slammed me down on the table, knocking the wind from me. His giant fingers pushed into my pussy as he held me still with his other hand. Moving up close and spreading my legs he raised his elephant trunk and dropped it on my stomach. It reached all the way up to my tiny tits. "You ready baby doll? Ready to find out why they call me meat?" Shocked and unable to speak as he lined this mammoth creature up with my worn teen vagina, he thrust hard like a mac truck. A small portion shot into me splitting my young pussy wide open. It felt as if a lightning bolt was blasted into my cunt. I screeched as he, still inside me, thrust again and again shooting deeper and ripping me wider. I looked down and cound see at least an inch of pussy sleeve extracting with his elephant trunk when he pulled back, and slammed into me again and again. Laying my head back and looking at the sky as he demolished my young cave, I felt his cock head slam into the very bottom of my hole. A depth no man had ever reached. It ripped open and expanded with every slam but couldent go any deeper. He was exploring my uterus. I raised up and saw that less then half of his monster was inside me, and it wasent going any deeper. The smile on his face showed me that he knew this as well but wasent about to stop. The innocent facial expression and the open mouth shocked glances I was giving him was exactly what he liked. He slammed into me like an oil rig pumping for oil. He growled, and grunted, as his massive hands fondled my baby tits. I attempted to wrap my legs around him hoping to releave some of the pressure but it was no use, his cock was to enormous and my pussy was to tiny and swollen.

He lifted me into his arms, cock still burried 6 feet deep inside me and started slamming me up and down on his telephone pole sized dick. I screamed with every plunge. There wasent getting any use to this. I was to small and it hurt to bad. I only hoped he would cum soon. Up, slam, up, slam. My tiny body would never be the same again. This was to much. I looked into his eyes and started kissing his mouth, which increased the pounding. I bit down on his lip which made him slap my ass hard, the sound clapping the night sky like thunder. His rhythm increased as he slapped me again and again. The cheering from his friends encouraged him to cum. The grunts became deeper. My pussy throbbed, my ass cheek was sore, and I was enveloped in pain when he screamed out with an enormous growl, "IM CUMMING... I'M CUMMING..." Dropping me to the floor he held my head with one hand and his throbbing red cock with the other, lined up with my face and blasted my beautiful teen complexion with a high preasure hose of semen. I opened my mouth as the second spray came but it quickly filled my mouth, over flowing and choking me. I tried to turn my face away but his manly grasp was firm as the third stream blasted my face again. It was as if he was pissing on me with hot white milk. Another and another covering my face completely, soaking my hair and leaving me with a mask of cum. It strung from my nose and chin. I opened my mouth to breath as cum bubbles blew from my nose. I was completly exausted, sore, and done. I couldent take anymore.

He released my head and I collapsed to the floor. Never in my life had I taken a fucking like this, and I could just about bet that I never would again.

I heard a voice say, "see I told you. Your mine now. If I want you to be a slut you will be a slut." Whipping semen from my eyes I looked up at Cap who took me by the chin, rubbed his finger across my mouth, and kissed my lips. As he released me smiling I layed back. "So, are you through? Is that all my little baby slut can handle? Are you scared Jaylynn," he asked as the others laughed at me. Mad at him for calling me a scared quitter, I mustered up the very small amount of energy I had left. Pulled myself up on shaky leg. Wiped my face again and said, who's next?" A shocked smile slithered onto Caps face as he said, "that's my girl." He stepped to the side and six more men started coming my way. Six energized hard throbbing dicks ready to finish what the rest had started. My night had only begun. "Happy 4th of July jaylynn," Cap said as I sat back on the table and braced myself for what would be a true 4th of july massacre.....


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