First Time and a Little More : Part 4 Cum

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Please read ďMy first time and a Little More, parts 1, 2, and 3 for background leading to this point in my true story.

To recap part one, my friend Sean and I grew up together. One weekend, Sean was enticed to suck his cousinís dick, but the cousin wouldnít suck Sean in return. Sean asked me the next day, and we sucked each other for the first time. The relationship was naive and experimental. Although we were both immature, I was a little bigger than Sean, but Sean was aggressive and innovative. He was the leader in trying different methods. Michael, who was three years older than we were, moved into the neighborhood a year later, and Sean asked Michael to suck dicks. All three of us ended up sucking each other for the next two years until I moved away.

Part two provides more details of the three years that Sean, Michael, and I were together. It is filled with true episodes of three naive friends experimenting and enjoying their time together.

Part three continues after I moved away from Sean and Michael. My parents bought a farm, and no one my age lived near. I had great friends at high school, but wasnít aggressive enough to find a relationship with any of them. While in the hospital recovering from appendicitis, an orderly named Lee tapped my dick casually and acted like it was a mistake. I smiled and cued him that I didnít mind. He sucked my dick for a few minutes which was the first time I had been sucked since I moved away from Sean and Michael two years before. The story provides details of my first time being fucked. It was also the first time a guy acted affectionate toward me. My feelings were not mature enough and my desire was not great enough for this relationship to be my first love. That would occur many years later.

Now Part 4. From the last story, I met with Lee on Wednesdayís after my piano lesson. Since I was living with my parents and used their car, I couldnít drive 30 miles to Leeís without a cover. My piano lessons were in the city where Lee lived, so I was able to meet him once a week after the lessons without any need for explanations to my parents. Lee was older and had an apartment. I was a regular from the fall until summer. Since I only saw him once a week, it was inevitable that he had other relationships. When the summer came, I found a job as a waiter and stopped seeing Lee. Several ďfirstsĒ happened that magical summer.

It had been over 6 years since my friend Sean and I first sucked each otherís dicks and my first introduction to sex. It was summer, and it was nearly three years since I moved away from Sean and Michael. After taking a waiterís job at a local restaurant, I stopped going to Leeís. The restaurant was a family type where people hung out after they ate. The local cops and state troopers got free coffee and half price on their meals, so there were many local people mingling together. Everyone new each other. My parents bought me a car at the end of the school year, so now I was more independent. I worked until close and with my new independence, I stayed out later. One of the state troopers, Robert, was at the restaurant at least three times during his shift. He sat at the bar where he could ask for his free coffee without waiting. When I passed by, he made a point to ask me for coffee. We got to know each other well.

After we closed one night, Robert, asked if I wanted to ride in a cop car. I really didnít. I wasnít ten anymore and didnít get a thrill out of the thought of riding in a cop car, but I accepted his offer. Geez, he got on the interstate and was doing 120 mph. The speed scared me, and he laughed. He wasnít trying to impress me. He was genuinely trying to give me an experience that the average kid would not have. He slowed down after I protested. He asked if I wanted to stop by his place for a while. That first night I didnít take the offer because I was tired. He dropped me off at the restaurant, and I drove home.

Well, if you have read about me previously, you understand that I am a bit naive and until things happen, and I donít read other peopleís intentions that well. Robert stopped by at closing the next night and asked if I wanted to go to his house for drinks. I was underage, and I had never had a drink in my life. I was brought up to go to church every time it was open and brought up to believe drinking was a sin. Thank gawd, my piano lessons were on Wednesday night because I was exempt from going to church on that night. Thank gawd I didnít think everything was a sin either.

I followed Robert to his house. Robert was tall and 30 years old, quite a bit older than Lee. We sat on his couch and talked. Robert had one of those refrigerators that dispensed beer. He gave me a mug of beer. I sipped it, but was scared of getting drunk. Off one beer, I was afraid of getting drunk! I just had no idea what alcohol would do to me. I drank only a little and felt the effects. I was scared that I would lose control or something.

We talked about lots of things. The subject came up about girls. I said I had never been on a date and naively stated that I wasnít interested. Robert laughed. He was Sean all over again. He simply told me to stand up which I did. He said, ďCome on,Ē and briskly walked into his bedroom. I followed. I wasnít sure if he was going to show me guns or deer antlers mounted on the wall or wanted posters. Believe me, the last thing I thought is that a cop would want to have sex with anyone but a girl. He didnít even ask. He just stared unzipping my pants. I knew then to get undressed. Next, we were lying on his bed naked and sucking each other while doing sixty-nine. Iím not into the size of dicks, but Robert was small for his over-6-foot height. My dick was larger than his dick which really surprised me.

Sucking dicks was not new to me, and although I didnít prefer sixty-nine, I enjoyed this first contact with a state trooper who was many years older than I was. Soon it was time for me to cum. I had never got a climax while doing sixty-nine. In fact, sixty-nine was not in my repertoire. I cautioned Robert that I was about to cum expecting him to pull his mouth off of my dick. At that point I stopped sucking him and just lay there waiting to climax. He continued sucking me while gently beating me with his hand.

He didnít say a word, but kept sucking me in the greatest way I could image using his tongue to go round and round my dick.

I was trying to hold off cumming thinking he would pull away, but then I came in his mouth! Oh my gosh. That was a dream coming true. It was a fantasy that I didnít think would or could ever play out. Remember, with Sean, Michael, and myself, we never, ever thought about letting someone cum in our mouths. We just didnít think it was sanitary or something. When I was with Lee, he only fucked me and if he sucked me, he ended up doing the reach-around method jerking me off while he fucked me. I didnít know that people would actually let you cum in their mouths! After I finished, I know that Robert had a mouth full because I was in my prime adolescence and had gushers of cum. Robert got up. He hadnít swallowed it. He went to the bathroom and spit out.

He came back to the bed and laid on his back, pulled my head to his dick, and I started sucking him again. He held the back of my head, and I knew what I was supposed to do. Wow, not knowing what to expect was scary, and I wasnít sure if I could hold it in my mouth or if I would gag or throw up. I prepared myself. Then I felt that pulsing, warm cum spewing inside my mouth for the first time. I donít know why I thought it would be so bad because it wasnít. It was nowhere near the excruciating pain of being fucked for the first time.

I held completely still until he finished cumming in my mouth hoping that I would not swallow any of it. I could not keep moving my tongue around his dick while he was cumming the way he had done me, so I just held my lips tightly on his dick so none would drip out and moved my head up and down while my mouth filled up with cum. Luckily, although he came a lot, it wasnít enough to make me gag while trying to hold it in my mouth. I followed Robertís lead and spit it out in the bathroom. Unlike Robert, I used his mouthwash to rinse my mouth.

When I got back to his bed, he French kissed me! I had never kissed a guy before and now was being French kissed by someone who had just had my cum in his mouth. I let him kiss me, and I acted like I responded. We touched out tongues together, and I just followed along. I didnít like kissing at all. It wasnít the thought of the cum, but rather it was the thought of kissing. I was not romantic. I just liked having sex.

Robert didnít want to be obvious, so he didnít hang around at night at closing anymore. He had made his conquest, and I simply met him at his house after the restaurant closed. In my whole life up to now, I thought I lived in a closed system where no one knew about my relationships or suspected that I was different. In fact, I didnít even know if many people did what I did. After a couple of weeks with Robert, a cook asked if I was enjoying being with Robert. I thought I would die of embarrassment. All of this time my sex life was supposed to be secret, and I was absolutely mortified when the cook asked. On top of that the cook snickered when he asked.

Again, I was so naive that I didnít know that other people could pick up cues and subtle clues about my actions. I didnít think that probably a lot of people knew where Robert lived and could see whoeverís car was parked in his driveway. I just never considered it. Consequently, I shrugged off the question with something like, ďwhat do you mean?Ē I walked away before he could tell me what he meant because I was afraid of what he would say. He knew though. I avoided him as much as I could from then on.

The rest of the day and days afterward, I worried about the cookís question. If he knew, how many others knew? I didnít want to think about it. I should have known that a state trooper who was 30 and who didnít date was pretty obvious when he hung out with younger guys. Looking back, it was probably common knowledge that Robert was gay, and anyone who hung out with him was sucking his dick. On the other hand, I also thought that most people were like me and just didnít think of things like that unless something was completely spelled out to them.

If you have been following this true story, you may think that I was destined for a life of being completely gay. Remember, I grew into male relationships in a naive and somewhat natural way. I had nothing against women and in fact I wanted to experience fucking a girl. Being from a religious area and from very religion parents, I was taught that you didnít have sex until marriage, so I didnít give my parents any worries about having sex with girls. I even thought that I would eventually meet a girl and get married. Thatís what the average person in our community does. In the mean time, I just like sucking dicks. It all seemed logical to me.

Well, in the restaurant there was girl my age who was a waiter also. She was average looking. We bantered back and forth every day. This is foggy, but somehow we arranged to see each other after work one night. She talked about her former boyfriend candidly and over time she told me that they had had sex. Wow, I was so secretive about what I did that when she told me about this intimate detail, I was aroused.

I bought a condom. I knew she wanted to fuck me, and I wanted to fuck her too. There was no date. She left her car at the restaurant, and we drove to a secluded spot that she knew about. As soon as we stopped, she pulled off her panty hose. I pulled down my pants and tried to put the condom on. I should have practiced beforehand. It was so tight that it was not fun to wear at all. I didnít know exactly what to do but faked it until she guided my dick into her pussy. My pants were pulled down to my ankles and she simply pulled up her dress so that we could fuck. I envisioned the process as being easy, but in a car with a tight fitting condom and doing it the first time, I was a bit like a virgin.

Well, the condom broke immediately, but I kept fucking her. Before I came, I stopped. I didnít pull out, but rather, I simply stopped. I was so scared she might get pregnant that I didnít even want cum anywhere near her pussy, so I just pulled out and didnít try to cum. That was my first time fucking a girl. We worked together the rest of the summer, but I didnít fuck her again. After the awkward fucking I gave her and the staff probably telling her that I was one of Robertís boys, we didnít bring up the subject about fucking each other again. Fucking her satisfied my curiosity, and but mentally it was very strenuous thinking about the possibility of her getting pregnant.

Toward the end of the summer, I got with Robert infrequently after school started. One day a guy at school saw me talking to Robert. He asked me the next day if Robert had tried anything with me. I acted stupid and said, ďTry what?Ē The guy said that Robert had try to come on to him. I told him that he came in the restaurant a lot, and I didnít know anything else about him. Geez, Robert had a reputation. I never made plans to meet or stop to talk to Robert again. I only met him at his house.

During the fall, Robert and I were riding around at night which was safer since people wouldnít see who he was with. We rode downtown and Robert mentioned that there were ďqueer baitersĒ on a certain street as we rode in the downtown area. He said it was common practice for young kids to hang out and get picked up. I never heard of such a thing. Robert drove down a familiar street, and I saw a guy here and there and then two or three in a group. I must have seen about 10 or more on that street. Since I was kind of craving to be with guys that were more my age, remember Lee was in his mid 20ís and Robert was 30, I got the idea to try to meet some of these guys.

One night I decided to go to the street where the guys got picked up. I was really nervous. I parked my car several blocks away and walked up the street to three kids waiting to be picked up. We started talking. I didnít know how to approach them to be friends. After a while talking, it was apparent that they only wanted to be picked up and be paid to have their dicks sucked or to be fucked. They seemed a bit strange. I could tell there were not interested in making friends. I was wondering how they got there and what they told there parents when they werenít at home at night.

I gave up quickly and started walking back to my car when a car drove by slowly. I didnít look up because I wasnít there to get picked up. The guy drove by again as I was walking. He rolled down his window and asked if I wanted to get in. It was a completely spontaneous action. I got in his car. Looking back, I know how dangerous this was. I was fortunate. He was a nice guy and just wanted to have sex. He wasnít the age I was looking for, and I found out later that this ďcruising routineĒ was mainly for middle-aged guys with money. I didnít have money, and I wasnít going to pick up guys that were about the same age as me. He circled the block and stopped to pick up one of the guys I was talking with earlier. That freaked me out. I almost got out, but I resisted my caution and remained in the car.

I was in the middle of both of them. He drove us to a secluded area. The other guy was very talkative while I sat quietly in the middle not knowing what I was getting into. The guy who picked us up said he hadnít seen me before and the pick-up kid told him that was new. Wow, I didnít know if I was being targeted for abuse or going to be fucked for hours or what. I really was extremely frightened and sorry I had gotten into the car.

After stopping, the driver said to the other pick-up guy that we were going to give the new kid a treat to remember. I had a plan to bolt out of the car if I suspected anything threatening. Instead of being a victim, I was asked to take my pants off and bend over the seat the back of the seat. I thought I was going to get fucked. Instead, the driver made the other kid suck my anus. At first he said no until the driver said he would take care of him later. I found meant he would really pay him a lot more than normal. Well, that kid used his tongue in a way that I can still feel it. It was grand. I was very clean, but he had no idea if I was or not before he started. Maybe after he found that I was clean, he really got into his job. After a few minutes, the driver told me to turn over. Next, he and the pick-up guy sucked my dick up and down on each side of my shaft. They went up and down together. Gosh that was good. Too bad that Sean hadnít thought of that one since it was something that three people could do.

They stopped before I came. He told me to fuck the other kid. The kid said no. Even with the promise of extra money, the kid wouldnít budge. Finally the driver made the kid bend over the seat and he put his finger up his ass without any lubricant. He kid was wincing in pain. He fingered him for several minutes. Finally, he turned the kid over and told me to suck him which I did. I felt sorry for him and gave him the best that I could. Then he fucked the kid. This time he used a lubricant. The kid stopped protesting and just lay over the seat. He didnít fuck him long, but I knew he came because I saw the cum when he pulled out. When he finished, the driver took us back to the street. He offered to pay me, but I refused. I got out first. He kept the other kid in the car, and it looked like he was paying him when I left. That was my first and last pick-up experience. I figured those pick-up guys may have come from foster homes or whatever and were used to some type of abuse. I didnít like it at all. Over the next few years, I would drive on that street at night looking at those kids and wondering what all they got into each night.

My story, ďFirst Time and a little More, part 5, continues with my going to a state university.

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