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First Time and a Little More : Part 4 Cum reviews

Posted by Galaxy
Thanks for the feedback QP ... hope your bro enjoys and benefits. I try to add a little entertainment, education, and empathy into the stories to show we are all pretty much alike.
Posted by Ramona
One of my favorite decks in the world. I like to look arunod every now and then. I remember all your humming birds. Living in Ft. Worth again but remember this a beautiful view. Nice job on the website Robert.
Posted by RIC CARTER
I wish I had started sucking and fucking with men when I was younger. I'm 66 now, and have sucked a lot of cocks, and been fucked by a lot of men, but think of the lost opportunites I missed over the years. I'm fortunate to have three men who come to get sucked or to fuck me every week.
Posted by Elizabeth
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Posted by Support86
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