First Nudist Resort: Part II (Martha's Story)

(Part 1 from 1)

I am Martha. I have dirty blonde hair that goes down to my shoulders. I have 36C breasts a perfect "bubble butt." I am 5'8'' and I shave my cunt. I weigh 110 pouds. I also have blue eyes.

Remember I first left because I first did not want my parents to see me naked. Second I did not want to see them naked (that would have been horrible.)Well, anyways I had a day to remember.

Well I already became a nudist when I was sixteen (that's a whole different story). Well after I left I went to the pool since I overheard my parents wanting to go to the beach. I then went down and found this chair that was in a position so everyone in the pool area and the balcony's above could see. I sat down and started getting lotion all over my body and applying more lotion to my cunt and boobs. I spread my legs really wide so I can get all of my pussy soaked in lotion. Then I push up my boobs so everyone can see me rubbing lotion on my boobies.

I then go for a long swim in the pool for about an hour. I then tan my vagina and breast for two hours so everyone can get a good look. I then turn around and push my ass in the air so everyone can get a good view of my ass. I then go for another swim for an hour. I than tan the first part of my body again for an hour and the back for an hour. I then go for another swim.

By the time I dry off ths OMG man walks up to me and ask me if I will accept his beer. I accept mainly because he was hotter than... He was 6'5'' had the the biggest arms I have ever seen. He had an eight pack which was amazing, and had a oil over it. Oh and boy was he hung, you know ladies what I am talking about. 8'' long and 6'' round, all just flaccid. Then he had the perfect ass, oh god was his ass amazing. He had short brown hair, green eyes and a perfect smile.

I accepted the beer. He then ask me, if I will go the club with him. I go and we are dancing and his member grows. I then spread my legs and I feel his monster enter my ass and I love getting it in my ass. He starts out fast and then goes really slow. Then this woman comes up to me and starts to finger me.

She first inserts 1 finger and slowly is putting it in and out of my vagina. I moan softly. She then inserts another finger and goes a little faster and I am moan a little louder and then the guy in my ass starts going faster and the girl fingering me inserts another finger. She has three fingers in me and a cock in my ass. Another girl comes up to me and starts to make out with me. I than yell for a drink and a waiter comes over and gives me a drink that tasted funny. The girl going down on me soon just starts licking my cunt like it is a fucking lollie pop. I am moaning like crazy "OOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, OOOOH, GOD!!!"

I then wanting everyone to touch me and I want to touch everyone. I then jizz in the girls mouth. I then go down on her and it is the first time I licked a cunt. I loved the taste of her juices. I am licking her then a dick comes into my face and I soon am licking her cunt and sucking a strangers dick (tell me that has never happened to you before). After I am the woman cums a dick enters me and I have a dick up my ass, cunt, and cum filled mouth. I AM IN HEAVEN.

The man in my vagina starts out slow and I can feel his dick jump. Don't you just love that feeling when he is in you and you feel his dick pulse and jump and your vagina just closes in on it. Well he then goes fast and he cums in my vagina. That causes me to cum which the guy fucking my face. Which I love I love when a man just takes my head and is bobbing it for me on his dick. causes him to cum because I am moaning rather loudly on his dick.

Then the guy in my ass then jizzes because I back all the way into his dick base. All the guys leave me. Then all these girls come over to me and start licking my asshole, my vagina, and start making out with me. I am filled with come everywhere. I am moaning like a wild horse "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOH, PLEASE, PLEASE, DON'T, DON'T, STOP, PLEAAAAAAAASE, DON'T STOP"

By the time all the girls suck all the cum out of me the club is already closing at 2 AM in the morning. I then am in a hurry to get to my room before my parents catch me with all the juices running down my ass and legs.


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