Sex Ed. in Miss Kinny's Class - Chpt. III

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

“Good morning class” said Miss Kinny, the sex goddess teacher.

“Good morning Miss Kinny!” said the class, hopeful that her promise of actual sex would hold true.

“Today, were going to be having sex, I hope you all brought condoms” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I had brought a condom with me and me and Miranda had talked the day before about the possibility of us having sex in the next day’s class, and she had wanted to do it for several months with me, but had never asked. When I saw her this morning, my jaw dropped to the ground, SHE WAS GEORGEOUS! She had a black and pink top with matching pants, and from the looks of her nipples through the shirt, no bra. My cock was standing at attention the second I saw her, and that morning, she had blown me at the back of the school before class.

“Excellent class” said Miss Kinny when we all showed her the condoms “as you may have guessed by my question, we will be having sexual intercourse today. I see you are already in pairs, excellent”

“Are you ready for this Adam, cause, god, I sure am” whispered Miranda in my ear “I’ve been ready for this for so long” she smiled seductively.
“I think so, but I don’t know how good I’m gonna be, I’ve never done this before” I replied.

“God, Adam, why are you so self conscious? By your previous days performance, I would rate you ‘excellent sexual abilities’, so why cant you accept that” she demanded “I will probably be leaving soon, my Dad got a job in Ontario, and my family is moving, I don’t know if we should have sex though”
“WHAT, you leaving?” I said, not wanting to believe, I had loved her, with all my heat, and now she was leaving me.
“Yes, I’m sorry Adam, and I have another boyfriend, I’m sorry for the last two days. Miss Kinny?”
“Yes, dear” replied Miss Kinny
“My mom will be here soon, and I’ll have to leave. May I be excused?”
“Of course, it has been fun teaching you”

Oh my God was all I could think, now I don’t have a girlfriend, and consequently, no partner for today’s class. Shit, it thought, today was going to be great, now what I’m what am I gonna do. All of a sudden, a wave of inspiration came to me. THERISA! Ya, ok, she was a nerd and kept to herself in the back of the class, and didn’t participate in the previous two days activities, but maybe I could entice her to be my partner. I didn’t know what kind of body she had, since she always wore loose fitting clothing, but she had a pretty face, and from the looks of her blouse, bigger tits than Miranda’s. I walked over to her as Miss Kinny was talking to another student before the bell rung to start class.

“Um, Therisa? Hi, I’m Adam. I was wondering, if you’d like too, of course, um, maybe be my partner in todays class?” I asked.
“Um, me Adam, you want me to be your partner?” she asked, apparently not believing her ears.
“Ya, if you would care to, I mean, only if you want……”
“Yes, oh god, of course I will. Adam, I have had a crush on you for 2 years. I know I love you” she replied.
“Well, to tell you the truth, so have I. I had always thought Miranda was meant for me, but lately, she had been demanding sex, and I wasn’t ready. But, the day we were going to do it, she leaves. I think I love you too” I replied

Therisa stood up very slowly, and kissed me. Not hard, like Miranda always did, with force, but softly, like the wind kissing the flowers in the meadow, and we stood locked in each others arm until the bell rung.

“Ahhh, class, good morning officially. If you hadn’t already noticed, Miranda has left, and is not coming back, but, on the lighter side, Adam is up for grabs” said Miss Kinny
“No he’s not, not anymore” said Therisa, from the back. I had always liked the sound of her voice, almost like the sound of bells, and often dreamed of making the voice rasp with pleasure.

When Therisa said that, all of the people in the class turned around, and Rob, if you remember him from my previous memoir, said “Ha-ha, Adam got chosen by looser girl, what a nerd” laughed he.

“Shut up Rob, or I’ll pound you face in, you prick” I said. Wow, I thought, I must really love this girl. Rob was several inches taller and about 30 pounds heavier. I was doubtful I could make good on my threat, but luckily enough, he didn’t pursue.

Everyone in the class laughed, but I looked over a Therisa, and I saw a gleam of admiration in her eyes, she looked beautiful, not sexy, no, not like a whore, but classically beautiful. With light, slightly wavy chestnut hair and a perfectly molded face, she was a classic picture of beauty, but she wore thick glasses, and loose, baggy clothing, no one recognized her for the woman she was, only the clothes that she wore.

“Very well, Therisa, Adam is taken by you. I believe we now have an even amount of people in the class? Good. Over the next few days, we will be trying out various sexual positions. One per class. Todays position is ‘missionary’. I’m sure most have you have heard about it, or seen it. I’m not going to demonstrate it for you, since that would take one man away from the class, so we will watch a movie.” said Miss Kinny, and popped a tape into the VCR.

For the next few minuets, the class watched a porno, in which a brunette was being fucked hard by a man in the missionary position. The man eventually came on her tits.
“Ok class, you think you got it?” said Miss Kinny
“Yes, Miss Kinny” replied the class
“Very good, split into your pairs, two desks for each pair, and one pair on each table, we should have enough room”
“Adam, Therisa, please come her quickly” said Miss Kinny.

Therisa lead me by the hand to her Miss Kinny’s desk, and waited while Miss Kinny disrobed, god, Miss Kinny was truly beautiful.
“Now, you two will be having sex in my office. Since Therisa is a complete virgin, and with Adams rather large penis, there may be some pain for you Therisa, but it will be well worth it. Please come with me” Said Miss Kinny.


We followed Miss Kinny to her office, and told us to disrobe. I did so promptly, but Therisa waited until Miss Kinny left the room, and spoke to me
“Adam, I don’t know how mush you’ll like my body, I mean, I’m no porn star or anything……” 
“Therisa, I just realized I love you, I won’t care what you look like” and I meant it too.
“Ok then” she said

She proceeded to sit me down in the chair, and did a lap dance for me. Jeezus this girl could dance! She started by taking off her shirt and pants, and was in her bra and panties, and, yes, I was right, she had magnificent tits. Like WOW! Easily DD-cup, and by the looks of things, firm. And I was not sure about her saying she did not having a good body. She was PERFECT, in every way. With a perfectly flat stomach, slim waist, shaved pussy, and an ass to die for, she was the Canadian Aphrodite, the perfect goddess of love, and rivaled, or surpassed Miss Kinny. I couldn’t believe it, wow, she might be my new girlfriend? She was finally nude, and was perfect. She came to my lap, and we just sat there. She was lightly stroking my cock, and I was gently playing with her pussy and tits. Not enough to give each other orgasms, but we were in love, and we just enjoyed each others company. 

Just then, Miss Kinny entered the room.

“Ahhh, good, you two are getting acquainted I see? Now, I was Therisa to lie down, on her back on the edge of my desk. Good, now, Adam, walk in between her legs, good. This parts tricky, since he’s a bit big for you Therisa. Ease your cock so it is just touching her pussy lips, good. Now, Therisa, do you want to be over quick, but with a little more pain, or slow, but less painful?” said Miss Kinny

I could see, and feel Therisa shaking, and a sort of fear in her eyes, but then we locked eye-contact, she smiled, and said, “Fast, oh god, fast and hard”
“Very well Therisa, now Adam, on the count of three, shove your hips forward and fast as you can, ok?” asked Miss Kinny
“I get it Miss Kinny, and, oh god Therisa, I love you!”
“I love you too!”
I thrust forward with all of my strength, with all of my feeling for Therisa, hidden until now, and I felt her cherry pop, and blood, I saw blood.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Therisa; tears were rolling sown her face, sweat breaking out over her body “OH GOD, IT HURTS SO BADLY”
“Now, Adam, start pumping in and out of her quickly, lets turn this pain into ecstasy” said Miss Kinny.

And I did so, and, my god, it felt good, a warm mouth on my cock felt good, but lord almighty, this was heaven. As I pumped in and out of her, she began to moan, not in pain, but in pleasure, and while playing with one tit, sucked on the other. For several minuets, we rocked, in rhythm with each other. She had cum at least twice before I felt the familiar feeling in my cock.

“God, I’m about to cum!” I said
“God baby! Cum on my tits” cried Therisa
And I did so. Spurt after spurt of stick, white cum spilt from my cock, and on to her tits. She massaged her tits and lick some of the cum off them. I bent down and kissed her gently on the forehead, then on the lips.

“I love you Therisa, I love you with al my heart” I said soothingly
“I love you too Adam, more than anything, I want to be together”
“So do I Therisa, so do I”
“Boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“You bet”

“Ahhh, excellent job you too, and I must say you make a good couple. I have got to get back to the class, feel free to fuck some more before your next class, and, after you done, clean the blood up from my desk, and wipe yourselves up please” said Miss Kinny
“Yes, Miss Kinny” we both said, in perfect unison.

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