Fat girls need love

(Part 1 from 1)

By NastyOldSlob.

Peggy stuck her fingers in her pussy and fucked herself until she climaxed. She wanted a man but she was fat and no one ever ask her for a date. She turned twenty one last week and she decided to go to a bar and meet men. Peggy loved beer and often drank too much. Her mom said that if she didn't stop drinking she would become an alcoholic. Peggy took a taxi to a bar on the edge of town. She sat at a table and ordered a beer. It was Saturday and the place was filled with men! She hoped that one of them would try to pick her up. Peggy drank beer after beer until she was drunk. A tall older man sat at her table.

"My name is Fred" he said.

"I'm Peggy" she smiled.

They talked for a while and she found he was divorced. Peggy liked him even if he was old enough to be her father. "Are you married?" he ask.

"No" she replied.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

She said no. She wondered why he was so inquisitive. Most men didn't care if the women they were trying to pick up were married. They both drank a lot of beer and when Peggy got up to go to the ladies room she fell on her ass. Fred helped her up and said.

"You're too drunk to drive, do you want to come home with me?"

She told Fred she came in a taxi but would love to go home with him. Maybe now she would get what she came for. A man to have sex with. Fred helped her to the toilet before she peed her panties.


It was a nice big house. Fred must have a lot of money. He sat beside her on the couch and unbuttoned her blouse and Peggy took off her bra. Fred sucked her big tits and she was in heaven. She knew they were both drunk and that was what made it exciting. Tomorrow he would probably kick her out when he sobered up and found out he had sex with a heavy woman. Fred led her to his bedroom. She undressed and lay on the bed spreading her fat legs. When Fred took his clothes off she saw his huge prick. It was nine inches long! Fred didn't waste time. He jumped on top of her and rammed it in her hole breaking her cherry. Peggy gasp when it touched her womb. Fred fucked her for twenty minutes and she had climax after climax. Finally he squirted his cum in her pussy and lay beside her. Peggy snuggled up to him and they slept until morning.


Peggy woke up when Fred kissed her.

"Hi sweetheart" he smiled.

Peggy spread her legs and ask.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"I'm going to eat your pussy first" he replied.

"It's full of cum" she giggled.

She let him lick her cunt and when his tongue touched her clit she trembled and climaxed.

"OOOOhhh god" she gasp.

Then Fred fucked her for at least twenty minutes. For an older man he certainly had endurance. When Fred was done filling her hole with sperm she smothered him with kisses.

"I have to go lover, mom and dad will be worried" she cooed.

Fred got her phone number before he drove her home.


"Where in the hell have you been?" scolded her mom.

"With a man"

"What man?" ask her mother.

"His name is Fred and I met him at a bar"

"Is he nice?"

"Yes" she replied.

Cathy was glad that her daughter fond someone. Maybe someday the girl would get married and have children. Cathy wanted to be a grandmother.

"Did you have sex?"

"Yes" she giggled.

Cathy smiled to herself. It wouldn't be long before her daughter was pregnant. Jake was out of town on a business trip. He was a good husband. He worked long hours and sometimes he didn't come home for days. Peggy helped her mom clean the house. That night she lay in bed thinking about Fred. She put her hand in her panties and played with her wet pussy until she got herself off. Then she fell asleep. The next morning the phone rang and Peggy answered it. It was Fred! He ask her if she wanted to go to a bar with him. She said yes. She was ready in an hour. Peggy didn't put on a bra or panties. She wanted to look sexy. Her huge breasts pushed against the fabric of her blouse and her nipples were erect.

"My god, you look like a whore!" gasp her mom.

When Fred Johnson knocked on the door Cathy answered it. She was shocked to see how old he was.

"Come in, Peggy is brushing her hair and will be ready in a minute"

Fred sat on the couch and said.

"Peggy didn't tell me how beautiful you are"

Cathy knew that was a lie but she was happy to get the compliment.

"What do you do for a living Mr. Johnson?"

"Nothing, my parents left me a lot of money when they died"

Cathy smiled at him. He would make a good husband for her little girl even if he was old enough to be her father. When Peggy came into the room she said.

"I'm ready to go now"

"When will you be back?" ask her mom.

"Tomorrow sometime" she replied.

Cathy watched them drive away. Peggy was a big girl now and it was alright with her if she stayed out all night. She hoped Fred fucked the shit out of her fat cunt and made her pregnant.


Peggy was surprised when Fred took her to a lesbian bar. They sat at a table drinking beer and watched the women dancing with each other.

"Have you ever have sex with a woman?" ask Fred.

"No, but I will if you want me too" she whispered.

Fred kissed her and unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breasts. A tall skinny blond sat at their table and introduced herself. She said her name was Linda.

"Do you want to come home with us Linda?" smiled Fred.

"I like threesomes" she giggled.

Linda felt Peggy's breasts and trembled with excitement. When Linda got in the car she sat next to Peggy and kissed her. She stuck her hand under the girl's dress and played with her cunt. Peggy had a climax when Linda finger fucked her.

"Do you like my bitch?" ask Fred.

"God yes, thank you for sharing her with me"

Peggy was glad to get in the house. Linda tore Peggy's dress off and sucked her breasts.They went to the bedroom and Peggy lay on the bed and spread her legs. Linda dived on the girl and ate her hairy cunt. Peggy squirmed and wiggled with delight.

"That feels wonderful" she cooed.

Fred lay next to the women and jacked off. He waited until Peggy climaxed and grabbed Linda and fucked her. Linda squealed with delight. Peggy was jealous but watching her boyfriend's prick ramming in and out of the lesbians hole was exciting. Fred finally emptied his ball in the slut and Peggy licked the cum out of her hole.

"Piss on me Fred!" begged Linda.

Fred put his limp prick in her mouth and pissed a gusher. She gulped it down and ask Peggy.

"Now I want your pee"

Peggy squatted over the girl and did what she wanted. Then she snuggled up to Linda and kissed her. They lay on the wet bed and slept until morning. Fred was the first to wake. He mounted Peggy and fucked her. Linda woke up and smiled.

"I want to suck your cum out of her hole when you are done"

When Peggy heard that she climaxed. Linda ate Peggy's fat pussy until she was tired. Then Peggy ate Linda's cunt. She could see why women became lesbians. Woman on woman sex was the best.


Cathy looked at her daughter. She had cum in her hair and her dress was torn.

"Go take a shower you look like a two dollar whore" laughed her mom.

"Really?" giggled the girl.

After Peggy cleaned up she went downstairs. Her father was there.

"Your mom tells me you have a boyfriend" said Larry.

"Yes daddy" she replied sweetly.

"Are you going to marry him?" ask her dad.

"I hope so" replied Peggy.

The next morning Peggy woke up and played with her cunt. She got tired of using her fingers and got her hair brush and stuck the handle in her pussy. Then she got a candle and shoved it up her asshole. Peggy fucked her cunt with the brush and then her butt hole with the candle. Cathy opened the door to her daughter's room and caught Peggy abusing herself.

"You should be in a porn movie" laughed her mom.

Peggy was embarrassed and pulled the sheet over her head.

"Mom, please knock first"

"Breakfast is ready" said Cathy.

After breakfast Peggy sipped coffee and talked with her mom.

"I can't seem to get enough sex, do you think I am a slut?" sighed Peggy.

"I was like that when I was young" sighed her mother.

"You were?"

"Hell yes, I fucked every horny boy in high school"

"Does dad know that?"

"He was one of those horny boys" she giggled.

Peggy felt closer to her mother than ever before. At least they had something in common.

"Did you ever have sex with a girl?"


"Did you like it?"

"Loved it" she replied.

Peggy told her mother about the three way with Linda.

"I wish your dad would let me do that"

"I'll call Linda, she will love to do it with you"

"When your dad goes to work call Fred and ask him to bring Linda over so we can drink beer together"

That evening when her father went to work Peggy did as her mother ask. Cathy dressed in a short skirt and a white blouse. She didn't wear panties or a bra. She wanted to look as sexy as she could.

"Do you think Linda will like me dressed this way?"

"She will eat you up" giggled her daughter.

"Oh god I hope so" laughed Cathy.

Linda was happy when Fred called her. She missed Peggy. Now she was going to meet the girl's mother and have drinks. Linda was surprised to see that Peggy's mother was thin. She didn't look like her daughter at all. They drank beer until they were drunk.

"Take Peggy to her bedroom Fred and fuck the hell out of her" said Cathy.

As soon as they left Cathy sat next to Linda and kissed her.

"Oh shit that makes me hot!" gasp Linda.

"I hope so" laughed Cathy.

Cathy unbuttoned her blouse and stuck a tit in the girl's mouth and said.

"Suck it bitch"

Linda sucked both of the woman's breasts. Cathy moaned with appreciation and led the girl to her bedroom. The women undressed and jumped in bed groping each other with drunken lust. Linda spread her legs so Cathy could eat her cunt. Cathy tongue brought Linda to climax again and again. Then she sucked Cathy's hairy slit and finger fucked her.

"I want a prick in me" groaned Cathy.

"Go fuck Fred and send Peggy to me" coxed Linda.

Cathy went to her daughter's bedroom just in time. She got to watch Fred fuck her for the last time before he rested.

"Linda is waiting for you honey"

When her daughter left the room she climbed in bed with the exhausted man and grabbed his prick

"Can you get it hard again?" she ask.

"In a minute, I have to rest first" he panted.

Fred's prick got hard again and he mounted the woman and sunk his prick deep in her hole.

"Oh god I love it" she gasp.

Peggy kissed Linda and ask.

"Did my mother's pussy taste good?"

"Not as good as yours" whispered Linda.

"But I'm fat" sighed Peggy.

"I like fat cunts" giggled Linda.

Linda and Peggy made love to each other until they fell asleep. The next morning Peggy and Linda heard Cathy scream in climax.

"Mom's getting the shit fucked out of her" giggled Peggy.

"Do you remember what I like?" whispered Linda.


"Pee on me"

Peggy remembered how last time they were together she emptied her bladder on Linda's face. Now she wanted her to do it again. Peggy was so excited when she pissed she had a climax. Linda swallowed the pee and licked the girl's pussy.

"I love you" whispered Peggy.

"I thought you loved Fred" she replied.

"I do but I love you the most"

Linda snuggled up to Peggy and kissed her. They lay there for a while and went to see what Fred and Cathy were doing. Peggy watched her mom give him a blow job.

"Can Linda live with us if we get married?"

"Yes" he groaned as he filled Cathy's mouth with sperm.

Fred married Peggy and Linda lived with them. Cathy went to their house every time her husband went to work. What her husband didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

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